Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't miss out on all the fun!

Hello! Anybody out there?

I know we still have a few followers on Blogger (gotta love those stat recorders…grin…) and we really don’t want anyone missing out on all the fun we’re having over at the blog. We’ve set up a nifty little follow us spot on the right sidebar to make it easy. We’d love have a few more people friend us…


In the meantime, come on over and check out the third round of the first ever Petit Fours and Hot Tamales Recipe for Success Write-Off Contest. We are open for up to 100 entries today from 6 a.m. EST until 9 p.m. EST. Please read the complete rules by clicking the link below. The contest started March 2nd, 2nd round was March 9th, and today is the last chance to enter! Again, please read the rules at the following link before entering.

Grand prize is a critique from agent
Chelsea Gilmore with the Maria Carvainis Agency of the first 20 pages of your manuscript and a two page synopsis. Four runners-up will receive a PFHT cookbook.

In the comments box below today’s post at, put your entry of the first paragraph or up to 100 words of your story. The first 100 entries posted AT or AFTER 6 a.m. Eastern Standard time will be accepted. No entries posted after 9 p.m. will be accepted EVEN if we do not reach a full 100 entries by the deadline. You are not required to post 100 words. You may post less. Instead of just saying the first paragraph, we give you the 100 word option because you may have started with dialogue

And as a disclaimer, remember: By posting an entry, entrants agree to hold all members of PFHT, Chelsea Gilmore, and the Maria Carvainis Agency harmless for any comments or criticisms including those posted on the blog by guests or others. Winning is not a guarantee of representation.

Come on over and enter or stop by and read some of the awesome entries we’ve been getting.

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We miss you!

Is it lonely over here without us?

Our stats show we have a good number of readers still coming to the Blogger site each week and that is fine. We don’t mind. But if you’d like to see some of our newer blog posts (with some new blog members!!!), great book reviews, fabulous Guest Chefs, a unique writing resource with our Travel page, and a brand new free read (coming soon!); then hop on over to our new Web site. We’d love to see you there!

Monday, January 25, 2010

We are moving!!!!

moving truck Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow. Can you believe it’s been a whole year since the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales started blogging? During that time, we’ve grown far beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Because of that, we are packing up and moving to a brand new space – one where we can spread our wings to match our imaginations.

In times when other blogs are folding, we are going strong. That’s because we’ve expanded our menu and changed our recipe. We will continue to offer free reads, The Saturday Review (books, movies, TV), weekly Guest Chefs and of course, daily posts by our own bloggers. This year, in addition to these successful offerings, the blog will feature Atlanta Exposé, the long-awaited sequel to its popular first blog novel, Aspen Exposé; a Sunday Travel section Travel the World in Words – a new research tool for writers that highlights cities around the globe to help them set the scene (It’s the next best thing to being there); the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales twist on popular fairy tales (February); a special Gift Ideas page; and much, much more.

To find out what’s on the menu and be eligible to win some great prizes during our Grand Opening Blog Party, you’re invited to join in the celebration and see what’s cooking at the new location for the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Saturday Review

Bet Me

ISBN 0—375-43356-2
Random House

I’ve read a couple of Jennifer Crusie’s books and wasn’t impressed. I mention this to a friend and she suggested that I read Bet Me. So I found a copy, read it and I loved it. I’m glad that I tried Crusie again. This is an older book, written in 2004, but it is good story telling and a good story is worth reading at any age.

Bet Me opens in a bar where women are looking for men and men are looking for women. Cal Morrisey, a successful man, who always gets his way with women, is bet by Min Dobbs, ex-boyfriend that he can’t get her in bed within a month. Cal doesn’t take the bet but does agree that he can get her to go to dinner with him. Min agrees to the dinner only because she has over heard the original bet suggestion and wants to prove that she can’t be had. Dinner is a battle of wills between Min and Cal and they agree to go their own ways. As hard as Min and Cal try to stay away from each other, they continue to be drawn together.

Min is smart and accomplished but has spent years with a mother telling her she is overweight. Cal sees Min for who she really is and embraces that person. Min is nothing like the regular women Cal dates, and he finds her fascinating. Their relationship isn’t an easy one but discovering that they each fill a needed in the other makes for a fun, heartwarming and sexy story. Without giving too much of the book away, they both win the bet.

This book is made up of great writing, funny moments, snappy dialogue and extremely likeable characters. The book is a keeper and I will also use it as a guide for my own writing.

Reviewed by: Susan May
5 Petit Fours 4 Hot Tamales

Leap Year

Amy Adams
Matthew Goode
Romantic Comedy PG

I’m going to say it right up front that I’m a fan of Matthew Goode. I’m a member of his fan club. He is my favorite up and coming actor, so this review will be biased because he is the romantic lead in this movie.

Amy Adams, cute in anything she does, plays the female lead to the handsome Matthew Goode. As Anna Brady, she is the in-control yuppie girl from New York that can’t get her boyfriend of four years to propose. With her boyfriend gone to Dublin to attend a medical meeting, Anna’s father reminds her of the leap year tradition in Ireland of the female proposing. Anna makes plans to be in Ireland to propose on leap year day.

Bad weather brings her plane down in England where she gets a boat to Ireland but still needs to make her way to Dublin, which is all the way across country. Enter Declan, (Matthew Goode) a pub owner that she pays to take her to Dublin. He doesn’t want to go because he thinks there is nothing good in Dublin, because his ex-girl is there. When Anna offers him enough money to save his pub, he agrees to take her. After many mishaps and adventures, the two make it to Dublin. Each has learned something new about themselves along the way. Anna returns to American with her husband-to-be but realizes that she has left what she really needs in Ireland.

She returns to Ireland to propose to Declan.

This is a sweet movie. There are beautiful pictures of Ireland and the scene where Amy Adams climbs a large hill over wet ground to a castle in four inch heels is impressive. This is not the best romance I’ve ever seen, but it is a good one. At the risk of repeating myself, Matthew Goode is worth the trouble. I will buy the CD on the day it comes out.

Reviewed by: Susan May
4 Petit Fours & 1 Hot Tamales