Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cynthia’s Goals

Let me preface this by saying how much I dislike New Year resolutions. Too often, we set our goals too high and wind up feeling like @#$% when we fail. That said, I sat down, thought a while, wrote several drafts and came up with what I felt were goals that I could have a reasonable chance of achieving in 2009.

Writing Goals:

1. Write--even when I'd rather dive back under the covers and snooze on my days off. And even when I'm whining that I'm "too tired".

2. Stay off the rabbit trails. I need to learn to acknowledge the plot bunnies when they entice me to play and then ignore them until my current WIP is finished.

3. I need to avoid energy vampires and time succubi. It's very easy for me to get distracted by some prolonged tale of woe or cute videos on U-Tube.

4. I need to send requested proposals out in a timely fashion. This neatly ties into Personal Goals #1 and 2:

Personal Goals:

1. Be brave. In writing several drafts of this post, I've realized I have a lot of fear inside me. Fear of rejection, fear of criticism...blah, blah. It's time for me to "man up".

2. Be a better correspondent. I tend to avoid the Post Office like other people avoid the dentist and the "send" button makes my hands sweat.

3. I need to eat my vegetables. They just don't taste as good as freshly baked bread or Godiva chocolate.

4. Learn to conquer my fear of creepy-crawlies and monkeys. Remember that scene in Under The Tuscan Sun where a scorpion falls down the front of Frances's shirt? That is so ME. And monkeys are just creepy.

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Tami Brothers said...

I love these Cynthia. Very cute. I can tell you have to be a funny writer. I never would have come up with some of these names.

And that scene in Under the Tuscan Sun. I just about jumped out of my skin with that. I pray it never happens to me.