Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tami's Goals

I'm the opposite of Nicki. I have to make it a big production if I'm going to be able to accomplish something. I NEED a certain *date* that is all important and looming out there for me to either start or finish a goal. Sounds silly, but it works for me... So, goal setting is kind of a big thing in my life. It's my big push to get something accomplished.

I do have big plans for 2009. Most of my 2008 goals got put on hold so they've been revamped and will be the kick off for my 2009 list. I also re-evaluated what I have going on this year (school, GRW stuff and the new job - those things I know of anyway) and have adjusted my hopes and dreams to coordinate with those distractions as best I can.

Personal Goals

  • I'm going to follow Nicki's lead here and go with the weight loss thing. Maybe we can encourage each other. I know I certainly need the extra push from someone working towards the same end result... What do you say, Nicki? Anyone else have the same idea???
  • Try to stay organized. This is extremely tough with school, work and family. But I WILL DO THIS!!!
  • Spend more time with my family. Okay, this means putting down the book I might be reading at that moment or shutting down the computer and actually watching the television show they are watching. I know this is going to take away from my other life (the writing one), but I have to find a working balance...

Writing Goals

  • Keep my website updated.
  • Keep my bog updated.
  • Finish the rewrites on my current book (and get it to Ana).
  • Get going on my YA story.
  • Complete my current Blaze WIP.

That's me. Not as ambitious as last year, but maybe I can actually complete some of them in 2009. How about all of you???

Tami Brothers


Nicki Salcedo said...

I love having a deadline! I just don't like having a start date. I can finish a book in a month, but I can never finish a book in the NaNo month. :)

We will encourage each other all year!

Tami Brothers said...

Sounds like a plan!!! I'm all for the encouragement. Both with writing and that dreaded weight thingy... Blehhhhh...

--thinking possitive thoughts--

It will all work out great. I just know it!!!

Tami Brothers said...
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Ana Aragón said...


I really like writing goal number 4...so send me that manuscript!

I also think it's a great idea to keep track of our collective weight lost...maybe one of those tickertapes?

Hope you have a great New Year!

Ana Aragón

Cinthia Hamer said...

Okay, so do we need to start a weight loss support group???

I stepped on the scale the day after Christmas (BIG MISTAKE, BTW) and was so horrified that I'm considering bariatric surgery.

I have to make my final (I hope) appearance as Mother Of The Bride in September and I don't want to do it looking like the Michelin Woman.

Tami Brothers said...

Okay Ladies. We are so on with this weightloss thing. If we encourage each other, then it should go great. Right??? This will work!!!

Tami Brothers said...
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Scarlet Pumpernickel said...

I like the format of your blog! And it's already live! Hehehe, hope y'all knew that! There are so many familiar faces on this blog, if feel like a meeting of GRW!

Scarlet Pumpernickel