Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tammy's 2009 Goals

Generally speaking, I am not too fond of New Year’s resolutions. Goals are set too high because of the excitement about starting fresh. At the end of the year, many of us look back and reflect on unrealized aspirations, which create feelings of disappointment and, in some cases, feelings of self-loathing. Not a good way to end a year.

This year I am trying something new. I am going to follow my own advice and set SMART goals to avoid the disappointment. I wrote an article about it once that you are all welcome to read. It’s on the Craft of Writing Page of my Web site:

So here we go, my SMART goals for 2009 are as follows:


  • Lose the 20 lbs I put on in 2008
  • Obtain my blue belt in karate and get on the black belt track
  • Handle graduate school successfully like I did in 2008. Basically, this means getting A/B grades and building my portfolio.


  • Maintain the tech tip column I write for The Galley, a Georgia Romance Writer publication. (The tips are all on my Web site, too.)
  • Create more content for my Web site
  • Update my Web site at least once a month
  • Fulfill my obligations to this blog
  • Write two pages of fresh material each day, five days a week (10 pages a week)
  • Western historical romances:
    -- Revise/Edit/Submit Hired Dove (short story)
    -- Write the first draft of Savage Trust
    -- Revise/Edit Savage Trust
    -- Write the first draft of Dante’s Proposal (short story)
    -- Revise/Edit/Submit Dante’s Proposal


Tami Brothers said...

Great goals, Tammy. Very smart to keep them doable. I like the idea of creating SMART goals. I'll keep that in mind each year when I'm looking over what I have accomplished and what I was not able to do.

Ana Aragón said...

Great, achievable goals! I'm still thinking about mine...I accomplished my writing goals last year and am thinking I need to up my goals for this year.


Cinthia Hamer said...

Tammy, just wanted you to know that over the years I've really appreciated the Big Hairy Beast columns in the Galley. You really should turn them into a book. You'd clean up and all the technically challenged writers out there would love you forever!

Dana Schuster said...

Hi Tammy
It is so funny that I just read this blog and had just finished my goals just a few days ago. I dont do the New Years thing..I try and set little small attainable goals and long term goals all year around. But what I do create at this time of year is some good time to reflect on what I did accomplish from my past set goals. It is amazing how sometimes we just go go go and never take the time to pat ourselves on the back.
And..I am on the loose 20 pounds right there with you :)