Sunday, March 29, 2009

Writing Challenge - Mission #2: Writing the Dreaded Synopsis

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Mission #2: Writing your synopsis

During week one, we started out by getting to know our characters. If you took this challenge serious, you should have at least two new friends (maybe more depending upon your story).

With week two, we are going to attack that dreaded synopsis. Because this is my writing nemesis, I’m adding a few links that I’ve found useful (see links at end of post). Just because the synopsis is listed as week two, doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with writing a synopsis before writing the book. If you are one of those people, feel free to re-arrange the schedule to fit your writing style. For me, I’ve found that if I don’t create some type of outline, I end up going in far too many different directions. I use my synopsis as a rough outline and then find myself tweaking the synopsis when I’m finished.

Of course, a synopsis is one of the requirements for GRW’s Maggies, so for this Mission we will get that nasty little deed out of the way right from the start.

Check out the links, put on your thinking caps and get started. Time is ticking away and we have a mission to complete.

Don’t forget to post a comment to let us know how your first Mission went. Did you get those Character Profiles finished? Or are you madly playing catch-up?


Nicki Salcedo said...

Tami, I'm feeling a little under the weather, but your post is an inspiration to me. I'm going to grab some medicine and work on my synopsis today!

Last week, I randomly met two people who helped me define/redefine two characters in my book. I've been really thinking about my characters.

Thanks for the nudge!

Debbie Kaufman said...

Thanks for the links and the inspiration Tami. Now what I really want is someone to hold my hand and say things like "Now type this, next type this..." :>))

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Ladies,

GREAT JOB!!!! I'm thrilled this is helpful...

I actual am one of those procrastinators who madly finished mine yesterday (right after I typed this post....grin....).

I'm NOT going to do that again this time. Too much stress and too much work.

I met my two characters for my romance (Blaze type) story and even went on to start a character profile for the YA story I'm pushing around in my brain.

Keep up the great work and GET THOSE SYNOPSIS DONE!!!!!


Susan May said...

I know my character but need to get to know them better. I will make an effort to do the synopsis this week. Behind-one everthing, but slowly working my way back.

Sandy Elzie said...

Thank you! I've got the characters and have just written the synopsis, but I'll visit these sites and try to gleen some gems that will improve my efforts.

You're fantastic for searching these out and sharing.


CiCi Barnes said...

Good morning. A day late it seems.

I have fashioned my characters, but I still need to work on some of their background info that will never be known by the reader, but that I need to know. (Whew! Too long sentence.) I've filled out my character charts, but not completely.

Now on to Snidely Synopsis. I hate that guy. Whip in one hand and chair in the other, I'm ready to tame the beast.

Thanks for the links for helpful info.


Carol Burnside said...

Oops! I forgot to check in. Saw the post yesterday and got distracted by pretty things. LOL

As you know, I'm already into a couple WIP's. My progress report is that I got almost 14 pgs written last week despite catching a stomach bug. That put me out of commission for a couple days, but I'm back in the BICHOK mode.


Kelly Lee said...

Actually got through the many-paged character chart and wrote a summary for my heroine - amazingly enough, several plot ideas came to life from this exercise. :)

Now on to the dreaded outline and synopsis...

Tami Brothers said...

This is awesome, ladies!!!

I'm glad it is helping. I know having this deadline hanging over my head really motivated me...grin...

Keep it up and I think I might have to borrow that whip from you, Cici. For me, the synopsis is the thing I put off as long as I can....


Maxine Davis said...

I loved your post!! You are really good.

You are so generous to list all of the links. Thanks so much