Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mission #4 - Writing pages 6-10

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Operation: Maggie Readiness
Mission #4: Writing Pages 6-10

With the holidays, it’s far to easy to let our writing fall to the way-side. Anyone else in the middle of spring break? How about all the extra that comes along with Easter?

Although it’s very easy to let our writing go as we fit in those other activities, now is not the time to start slacking. I’m not suggesting you give up your family time or even skip the beach. I am suggesting a little bit of extra planning to fit those 30 minute writing segments into your day. 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there will definitely add up. It may not seem like it, but there are far too many stories of published authors using these techniques and making them work. Why not give it a try?

For me, those first 5 pages are the hardest to write, but what is even harder is getting past them. I have a very BAD habit of going over them again and again and again. Sadly, I have several stories where I’ve gotten stuck on those first 5 pages and was never been able to move past them. I’m hopeful this won’t happen to any of you…grin….

To help you out, I’m attaching a couple of links for tips and encouragement on writing that first chapter.

Good luck to all of you!!! Happy Easter!


Debbie Kaufman said...

Hey Tami:
Great stuff. However, my first 100 pages are written! It's that **&%$# synopsis that is still eating my lunch :)

Tami Brothers said...

Too funny, Debbie. I'm acutally having troubles with mine, too. I ended up writing more of an outline than a synopsis. So I'm hoping to actually work on that through the next weeks to get it ready.

Okay, I'm going to be perfectly honest here. I DID NOT GET MY FIRST 5 PAGES FINISHED!!! There, I said it. I have 2 and a 1/4. I know. I know. Take my own advise. BUT I have to say, Spring Break got the best of me...grin... I vow to do better this next week!!!


Maxine Davis said...

This was a good post. - (blap!) I needed that!

I have 15 pages. But, I'm getting really slow at pumping out these next pages. I want them to just appear so I can move on. Anyone know the magic words? I'm on those links you posted. I'm sure they'll help.

Carol Burnside said...

I just looked back at our start date and checked my stats. I've added nearly 45 pages in the last three weeks. Excuse me while I...Squeeee! :)

Have a great day! I'm off to write.

Tami Brothers said...

Yeah, Maxine!!! 15 Pages!!!! Great job!!! Keep at it.

Wow, Carol! 45 pages... You guys are rocking!!! Keep it up and we will blow the Maggies out of the water...grin....


Nicki Salcedo said...

Tami, I'm still with you. I'm writing long hand so it is hard to keep track of my progress. I hope to get a lot of writing done this week!

CiCi Barnes said...

I have 61 pages written, but only ten that have been edited, revised, edited, revised, edited, revi--. Well, you get the picture.

I've written two decent pages of synopsis, but it's not nearly ready. Hey, Debbie. I'm with you on the synopsis.

Thanks Tami, for this great adventure. You're holding me to my work schedule and I appreciated it.

Now, to write!


Tami Brothers said...

Hi Nicki and Cici!!! Great job at the long hand stuff. I really need to do more of that. I might actually get more written. I keep using the excuse right now that I don't have my computer with me... sigh... It's amazing the excuses we use....

All of this is great, Cici... Even the editing and revising, editing and revising... Too fun. Keep it up with the synopsis. Mine is still in outline form, but getting longer. I figure the more I get out of my head the better. I can always delete...grin...