Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mission #5: Pages 11-15

Sorry this post is going up late. I (and several of our other PFandHT blog sisters) had a busy weekend. We all attended a fabulous workshop presented by the Georgia Romance Writers of America. Our guest speaker was Deb Dixon and her topics were Goal, Motivation and Conflict and the Hero’s Journey. What awesome topics and an especially great lesson (or refresher) for those of us in the middle of this Mission!!!

This week we will be working on pages 11 through 15 of our manuscripts. Some of you are there. Some of us are pretty far behind. And then there are others who are way ahead. No matter where you fall, I remind you not to give up. We are down to the wire. We can start sending in our Maggie submissions in just a couple of weeks. That doesn’t leave much time to get those words down on paper.

With that in mind, I leave you with a few words from Ms. Dixon’s workshop

The character’s goal is something they hope to attain or achieve. Their motivation is something that drives them to obtain their goals. The conflicts are moments that matter.

She also gave us a quick way to line out a GMC on a graph. My character wants ________ because ______ but _______.

This little peak into the workshop isn’t even a drop in the bucket compared to the pages of notes I took during that workshop. If this is a subject you might need help with, I highly suggest attending one of Deb Dixon’s workshops or at the very least, finding her book; Goal, Motivation and Conflict.

So, how is the challenge going for you???


Tami Brothers said...

Hi. My name is Tami Brothers and I am a terrible challenge participant. I am WAY behind. I'm still working on my synopsis (although Deb did give us an awesome tip on creating one of those!!!) and I am only on page 3 of my ms. BUT, I had great news from GRW's VP and one of our fabulous blog sisters that I can submit my story in the Maggies (it's a tad bit out of the ordinary so I wasn't sure).

So, there is my motiviation!!! I am going to do this!!!

How about you?


Nicki Salcedo said...

I'm working on synopsis and revisions this week. I think I'll always be behind! I'm looking forward to the Maggies and using my new knowledge from Deb Dixon to improve my story.

What at great weekend!

Debbie Kaufman said...

My pages are in order, but I'll probably run through them one more time to be sure. As to my synopsis, I'm in revision. Hope to finish by Monday. Plan to submit on May 1st.

Sandy Elzie said...

Ladies, My hat is off to all of you for getting down in the trench and getting mucky. Writing is work...sometimes just finding the TIME to write is work, but I will be sitting on the sidelines cheering for you all. You can do it, so write, write, write! (g)

Sandy Elzie

CiCi Barnes said...

I've already run over the first chapter a million times and wind up tweaking it just a little each time. Tomorrow I'll do it one last time. Enough! But, with that said, I now move back to the synopsis for more work. Ugh! But with Deb's WS yesterday, I think I can, I think I can. No, wait! I KNOW I can....I think.

Synopsis, here I come.

Good luck to all in these last weeks. I hope we take the Maggies by storm.


Sally Kilpatrick said...

Ah, so much for success. I have 28 pages of a paranormal that I may abandon. Not usually my style, but I'm not sure my heart's in the story--and that's bad news. I feel like a marine that tripped in the tires. Oh, well. I'll catch up with you ladies, you wait and see!


Linsey Lanier said...

Here's a tip - write a book one year, submit it the next. Somehow I managed to do that this year, so mine is done. Except for those ever-present revisions. I'm submitting the second in my romantic suspense mystery series and I'm *still* working on revisions of the first book. LOL.

Good luck to everyone!


Linsey Lanier said...

Forgot to say what a great time I had at Deb's workshop this weekend. I learned sooo much! I can use every bit of it!

What a magnificent lady she is.


Anonymous said...

Deb Dixon's workshop was wonderful and I learned a lot and will have to go back to my manuscript to make changes. My daugher attended with me and she was so excited she has already started a book!

I'm still making changes I got from my Gin Ellis Workshop Critique but over the weekend my sister and I came up with a great idea for a new novel that we will write together.

Marilyn Baron

Carol Burnside said...

Dang, I wish I could've been there! The writing did not go well last week, but today is another week entirely and I'll keep plugging away.

As for the Maggie, the WIP I'm working on isn't eligible. It's an historical Western novella. :(