Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heartbreak River

Author Tricia Mills

Publisher: Razorbill

ISBN-10: 1595142568 ISBN-13: 978-1595142566

Genre: Young Adult

Alex has no idea what the summer is about to throw at her. This is the last summer she has to spend in Golden Bend, Colorado before graduation and then she will leave the small town in the dust. Until then, she has to face her new fear of her beloved Grayton River while running her family’s river rafting company. Where once she couldn’t get enough of the force of nature, now she can’t look at the raging rapids without remembering the bone crushing pain of losing her father to them. When her old flame enters the picture, life suddenly gets more complicated. Can Alex overcome these obstacles thrown in her path?

I LOVED this book. Not only was I drooling over the cover, but the story line instantly jumped out and grabbed my attention. I’ve wanted to try my hand at river rafting for YEARS now and Heartbreak River gave me a little taste of that life. Tricia Mills did an AWESOME job of portraying teenage life in today’s world. She tastefully covered the drinking issues, as well as the sexual issues. Ms. Mills ended the story on a very positive note and I’m now anticipating her next young adult release, Winter Longing, summer of 2010. Great job, Tricia!!!

Reviewed By: Tami Brothers
Rating: 5 Petit Fours & 1.5 Hot Tamales (lead up to but no details)


Maxine Davis said...

Your review makes me want to read it! Great job.

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks, Maxine! This was a very fun story and Trish did an awesome job of making me feel young again...grin...


Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

Carol Burnside said...

This one's on my buy list, but I definitely gotta hurry up and get it. Love the cover, too.