Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mission #7: Pages 20-26

Mission #7: Pages 20-26

Nose to the grindstone - - Mission #7: Pages 20-26. Ugghhh!!! Am I not there yet???

Aren’t those flowers pretty? The grass is turning a lovely shade of green. The sun is baking the chill from my bones. Spring is in the air and with it comes Spring Fever! Spring Fever is not really a baaaaddddd thing. After a long winter of being cooped up inside, it’s nice to get out and breathe in the fresh air. But with that comes the bugs. You know what kind of bugs I mean. Specifically, those darn procrastination bugs. Yes. I have truly been bitten. Not only has the bite effected my ability to stay seated, but it’s has enhanced my attraction to dirt. More specifically the digging, planting and growing that revolves around dirt.

I know. All excuses. I’ll do and say anything to get away from the computer; especially when my mind is as blank as the Word document that is currently home to my manuscript. But this is exactly when we need to focus more on planting our butts in the seat and gluing our fingers to the keys. The Maggie contest is now open for submissions. The closing deadline of June 1st is fast approaching and our goal of submitting our manuscripts is looming over our heads like one of those cartoon pointers.

Mine is currently flashing orange neon and screaming, “Here she is, not writing again!”


But I have a carrot at the end of my stick (see the pervious challenge post regarding this reference). The Maggies are a prestigious writing contest in the world of romance writing. Seriously, it is. When someone mentions to an agent or editor that they have finaled in the Maggies, there is reason for that editor/agent to sit up and take notice. GRW has definitely made a name for themselves. Each Maggie submission is judged by TWO published authors and our final round judging is by an editor in that genre. Not only is this a golden opportunity for those who final, but it is also a golden opportunity for those who don’t. One of the key items GRW’s Maggies are known for is the critique give by our published authors. This in itself is a prize.

Is there any more motivation than that to get us writing today??? (besides the actual publishing thing)

Check out Margie Lawson’s homepage. Click on “Margie’s POV’s.” Then click on “DUH Your Way to Success.” This is an awesome article targeted towards those of us who easily lose control of our writing goals and our self-discipline. I so needed this today!!! ….grin….

Click on the below links for some other neat writing tips and ideas.

The Maggie contest is my carrot. The critique is my payoff. To final would be icing on my cake. Now, I just need that whip cracking behind me as I drag myself out of the flower beds and chain myself to the computer.

I WILL get my submission ready!!! Will you???


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Carol Burnside said...

I'm having one of those blah weeks where everything seems designed to keep me from writing. Today I'm keeping my butt in the chair until I have pages (<--note the 's' on the end) as in plural or many. :)

Okay, I'm going back to it.

Linsey Lanier said...

Wow, Tami. That article by Margie Lawson is powerful. I love her. Thanks for sharing it!


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Everyone,

I hope the Write Away went well (or is still going well). I'm so bummed I missed it. I hope you guys post some info on how things went. That would be the next best thing to actually being there.

My writing is still slow. I'm still focused on that deadline though. So that's a bonus.

Keep up the great work and I hope to see all your names on the list when they post the Maggie Finalists....

Tami Brothers

Sally Kilpatrick said...

I went to the Write-Away yesterday and added a few more pages. I'm up to 33, but we'll see what happens when I pass them off to be critiqued. ; )

Maxine Davis said...

Your timely posts about the Maggie's keep me going! Honest. I need them. I am on page 25, but I was on page 25 last week! Seeing this new post will get me rolling.

I missed the write-away too. High school reunion, but was so much fun.

Keep up the good work!