Monday, May 18, 2009

The Phenomenon that is Twilight – Comment for a chance to win the Soundtrack

The contest is now closed. Major congrats to commenter #9 Penny!!! You have won the Twilight Soundtrack. Send me your name and snail mail address to and I'll get that mailed out to you ASAP!!! Thank you all for visiting with me and I hope everyone keeps coming back for other awesome prizes given out on this blog. Have a great day!!!

Before I get started with my post for today, I want to divert your attention to the VERY busy weekend we had. If you haven’t already seen the previous posts, definitely take a moment and scroll down.

On Sunday, we posted the third chapter to our group novel, Aspen Expose’. Don’t forget to answer the question in the comments section to be eligible to win a very cool prize at the end of our 9 chapters. Also, take a moment and read a fabulous article written by Jill Vejnoska for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution featuring writers going on-line to build an audience. The Petit Fours and Hot Tamales were featured in her article along with our group novel, Aspen Expose’. Check out this link to read the article.

On Saturday, I posted our 9th Mission for the Operation: Maggie Readiness Challenge. This section features editing our pages as we get them ready to send off for GRW’s writing contest, The Maggies. With a deadline of June 1st, we don’t have much time left.

Saturday was also the first day of our book review posts. This is a new feature here at PF&HTs. Check out the three reviews we have posted and tell us what you think. Let us know if you’ve read these books and if you agree with our ratings. Or if you have any suggestions you would like to add to our reading lists.

Okay. Now on to Twilight!!!

The Phenomenon that is Twilight

by Tami Brothers

Does anyone out there like the Twilight Series books? How about the movie? What about the soundtrack?

A few months ago I was perusing the bookstore shelves looking for something to read. I was getting ready to have a medical procedure done and needed to find something to keep me busy while sitting on the couch recovering. When I walked by the Twilight display, I thought “What the heck. Why not.” I’d heard good things about the series but never had the time to sit down and read them. Now was as good a time as any. Good thing I bought all four books because if I hadn’t, my poor husband would’ve been driving back to the bookstore.

I plowed through the first book, Twilight, on the second day out of the hospital. The remaining three books quickly followed. Four day and four thick books. Talk about immersion! I LOVED this series. I LOVED this world. And I LOVED this couple. Bella and Edward were two people I would really like to meet, no matter what their unusual diet happens to be. Stephenie Meyers did an excellent job of creating a likeable world that EVERYONE wants to be a part of. Don’t believe me? Just Google Twilight. There are TONS of sites dedicated to this phenomenon; from debates over whether Jacob was a better match for Bella to pictures of the various cars the Cullen family drives. Check out my favorite. The Aston Martin V12. This is the car Jacob tries to wreck in the fourth book, Breaking Dawn.

After I finished the final book, I was chomping at the bit to see the movie. Unfortunately, I had to wait for the doctor to clear me before I could make that trip. But when I did, WOW!!! I LOVED it just as much as I did the books. Edward and Bella were oh so real. I felt like I was right there with them living their story and I was thrilled the producers kept most everything true to the book.

Now the wait begins for the second movie. New Moon is due out November 20, 2009 and I can’t wait. Check out some of the pictures they’ve released to wet our appetites. Talk about teasers. (the guys are from Jabob's "pack.")

Until the release, I’ve been listening to the songs on the Twilight soundtrack. This has been a neat experience because I’ve never heard of most of these artists, but I’ve had fun picking out where each song appeared in the movie.

Do you like this little teaser?

Want a chance to win your very own copy of the Twilight Soundtrack? Leave a comment letting me know if you’ve read the books, watched the movie or listened to the soundtrack. If you have, do you have a favorite scene? Leave a comment and I’ll randomly choose a winner and post the name at the top of this post tomorrow morning. Good luck!!!


Marilyn Baron said...


I read the last book in the series first. I had heard all the "buzz" and wanted to know what it was all about. I did like the book a lot but I haven't been back to read the earlier books in the series and haven't yet seen the movie, but my daughter has and she loves it. Now that I know the outcome of the series, I'm not sure I would enjoy the earlier books as much but I probably will read them at some point. I liked them but didn't go as wild over them as I did for the Outlander series, for example.

There are so many books out there and many of them are piled on the table in my foyer waiting for me to read, in between writing and working and living.

I haven't heard the sound track but thanks for posting it.

I really enjoyed your post.

Marilyn Baron

Margay said...

I absolutely ADORED this series. My younger daughter read Twilight first (her first real book since discovering manga a couple of years ago) and enjoyed it so much that I knew I had to read it, too. But then my older daughter got to it first, so I had to wait until she was done to read it for myself. Let's just say that I enjoyed it so much, I have my own copies of all the books - but my older daughter still managed to read all of the books before me!

I have seen the movie - multiple times - and just love the tone of it, the look. My favorite scene is the vampire baseball scene. Coupled with the Muse song, Super Massive Black Hole, it is just a really neat scene. And I love the music! It's just the full package.


Debbie Kaufman said...

My oldest daughter and I couldn't buy the books fast enough once we read the first one! I've seen online editor blogs complain about Meyer as a "poor writer." However, that seems to belie the fact that the woman can tell a story! Her commercial success says it all.

Sally Kilpatrick said...

I must be the only one out there who still hasn't read this book! And I won't let myself see the movies until I read the book. Okay, okay, Tami you've convinced me. I have book one and I will get started on vacation this week. : )

Sandy Elzie said...


Am I living under a mushroom or something? I hadn't even heard of Twilight. Well, that has changed. I will now HAVE to read the books...and will see the movie when it's out on DVD, and the snippets of music...well, that's sold me on the CD.

Thanks for sharing this! I look forward to reading about all the great characters you talked about...and I agree, I won't see the movie until I've read the books. I like to set my own visuals before Hollywood does it for me.

Sandy Elzie

Sutton Fox said...

I really enjoyed this series. So much angst! Ahh, Edward. I ended up going right back to the store for each book as they came out.

I've read some of the comments in other places about Meyer's writing. Poor thing is probably (not)crying all the way to the bank. I don't care what *they* say. Each book stood on it's own merit.

The movie was good too, although it moved a bit slow for me at times. The baseball scene was my favorite. So much power. Very entertaining.

Love the soundtrack!

CiCi Barnes said...

I haven't read the books, either, but it looks like I'm going to. You make it sound so interesting, Tami. I'm headed to the bookstore now. Gotta have something to read while I'm sitting on the beach.

Thanks for recapping the PFHT weekend and mentioning our article in the AJC.


Maxine Davis said...

I make 4 of us that haven't read the books. From what I hear, we are the only 4 in the world, well, THIS world. But, I think I will. I saw a mention of Outlander. May have to read those too.

Great post Tami!! and thanks for the AJC info at the beginning. You are just great.

penney said...

I read all of them and so has my daughter we loved it.

Cyrano said...

Years ago at a RWA national conference 04, can't remember where it was held, I was perusing the goody room with Pam Varnado. They always have free books in the GR so we picked a bunch up and stuffed them in our bags. We finished the conference, went home and went about our lives. A few weeks later Pam, at one of our critique meetings, said, "Have you guys read that book Twilight?
I didn't even recall picking it up, but she assured me I had a copy. She raved over it. So I went home, waded through the conference freebies and found the (Not for sale, advanced reading copy that had a disclaimer announcing it was an uncorrected advance proof for editor review)
I read the first page, was sucked in and the rest is history. I still have that paper back proof. It's very cool. I've passed it to a bunch of my non-writer friends and they all loved it as much as I do. My 12 yr old daughter caught onto it too and has a huge poster in her room, Edward, with his brooding good looks and purposely caotic, sky high hair. Sometimes I wish I could have his poster in my room too, but alas I'm no longer a teenager and must consider my husband's feelings.
Loved the post Tami.
And I loved the AJC article too!
Have a lovely morning,

Tammy Schubert said...

I read the first book and enjoyed it. Although I didn't go wild over it, I did enjoy the story. My plan is to get the rest of the books in the near future.

JuJu said...

My daughter's read all the books. I tried one...but gosh, I'm a hard sell. There's no accounting for my taste.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Marilyn. I honestly think that the first 3 books are way different than the first one. So you may like them and you may not. I definitely did. I can totally relate to the large pile of TBR books. I have a whole bookshelf like that. If you decide to read them, let me know what you think!!!

Hey Margay. I agree about the Muse song. I did find a YouTube video with just that one song on it and the baseball scene and really debated about using that one instead. That is definitely my all time favorite. Thanks for stopping over here!

HI Debbie. I am SOOOO glad I didn’t start reading them until they were all out. My niece and mother-in-law had both read them and kept at me to start the series. But I kept putting it off until after one class or another. I’m honestly glad I waited until they were all out, but I really missed the anticipation of each release like I did when I read the Harry Potter books. That was definitely an experience in itself.

Hey Sally. As you can see by some of the following comments, you aren’t the only one. BUT I highly recommend them. The story grabs you and doesn’t let go until you’ve read The End. I LOVED it!!! I’m afraid if I started reading it on vacation, I’d be pushing the hubby and kids aside saying, “just a few more pages…”. So consider yourself warned….grin….

Hi Sandy. Maybe a mushroom, but I’m guessing you’ve gotten more writing done that I have…grin… Definitely check them out when you get the chance. The movie follows the first book pretty close, so you might want to read it first. But you can watch the movie right after reading the first book and be okay. Oh, and the movie is out on DVD now. So you can rent that at the movie store…

Hi Sutton. I’ve read those reports, also. But I have to say, I didn’t see that and even if it was true, well, I’m sure she isn’t hurting any because of it…grin… Thanks a ton for stopping by PF&HT!!!

Hey Cici. I’m jealous about that beach trip, but I can understand you not wanting any of us tagging along with you and your hubby….grin… Definitely grab at least the first book (maybe the second if you are like me and can’t wait to jump into the next one immediately after reading a series book). Have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen…

Hey DR. Maxine!!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. You’ll hate having told me that…. I’m sure you guys aren’t the only 4, but I will tell you, you are in the minority…grin… Thanks for stopping by today!!!

Hi Penny. Thanks for stopping by today. I love the idea that you and your daughter read them together. That is very touching. I’m trying to get my son to watch the movie with me, but someone told him it was a love story and now I can’t get him to sit down and watch it. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to watch it myself. Again… Have a great day!!!

Hey Tamara! I remember you telling me that story. Talk about a diamond in the rough. Can you imagine? One of these days that is going to be us!!! Someone will grab a copy of one of our books at a conference and then realize what a gem they found… I can’t wait!!! Funny thing about that poster… I’ve been visiting back and forth with a co-worker (she’s 25 and single). She has posters and screen savers and magazines with Rob Patterson. I bought a magazine and ended up giving it to her because (even though loved the pictures) I felt kind of goofy and didn’t know what I was going to do with it after I’d read the article. I gave it to her and she later joked that everyone thought she was weird because she had it lying on her desk. I just grinned and reminded her that I was XX years old (wink) and married and had a kid and was the one who bought it. She didn’t feel so bad after that…

Hey Tammy. I would definitely check out the second book. It is very different from the first one. Where the first book is Edward and Bell. The second book is Jacob and Bella. Talk about a huge switch and one that had people all over the world speculating about who she would end up with. There was major controversy over this. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Hey Juju. I knew they wouldn’t fly for everyone. Did you the soundtrack, though??? There was a bunch of different songs I’d never heard before and that really opened my eyes to some cool new artists. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and visiting with us!!!

I think I got everyone!!! I’ll stop back by later tonight to see if I missed anyone, then draw for the soundtrack tomorrow. Thanks for coming by and listening to me rave on and on and on…grin

Belinda Peterson said...

Like Tamara I got Twilight at a conference. But it was M&M. They gave away free copies. Missy got one and started reading and told me I HAD to get one. I ended up with two because I was in charge of the bookfair and someone was going to throw the last copy in the trash!! I grabbed it and said--we don't throw books awaY!!
Anyway, read it loved it and then all this time passed and I heard they were having Twilight Proms and such. So I've now read all 4 books, saw the movie and my daughter and I and a friend had a Twilight party a last weekend. It was a blast...people from 13 to 50 something came.
So, can you tell I really loved these books? Thanks for posting the You-Tube---my fav song is 7 the Tremble for my Beloved....
Love your blog!! and I read the article in the paper. You guys are rocking! Congrats!!

Lindi Peterson---GRW

Catherine Mann said...

Cool and timely blog! My 4 kids and I all read the Twilight books - enjoyed the characters and world building very much. I do have to say the first is still my fav though. :-) The movie was fun too. The neighborhood moms and I all took our teenage daughters to see it. A most excellent mother/daughter outting!

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Belinda. That is so amazing to me. But like I said to Tamara, that WILL one day be us!!! You in??? Wouldn’t that be cool to have people pick up our books not knowing how popular they will one day be? …grin…. The Twilight party sounds really cool. I’d love to have seen that. I took my son the last Harry Potter book release and we had a blast. He learned some neat magic tricks and won 3rd place in the costume contest (I actually made his robe) and we both now have a memory to share later in life. I LOVE it! Thanks for checking out the article, too. That was very cool to see. I can’t wait to get a paper copy of it to put in my files…

Hey Catherine!!! Thanks a ton for visiting us at PF&HTs. I LOVED your workshop on Saturday. I came home and told my husband the story about when you met your hubby and the sword incident. I LOVE the story and can only imagine how much fun the two of you must have. I envy you (Belinda, too) and getting to take your daughters with you to the movie. That sounds like a fun bonding experience. Since my son’s not too thrilled with the love story angle, I’ll settle for the June release of the next Harry Potter movie. Again, thanks for stopping by today. I can’t wait to get my copies of Defender and Hotshot from Amazon. Both covers are drool worthy and I can’t wait to read them.

See you guys tomorrow!!!

Amanda said...

Great Post! I loved the movie and the music and I can't wait to read all the books...Hopefully before the second movie comes out. My favorite song was the one that played during the baseball scene.

-Amanda Baron

Anonymous said...

Hey Tami!
I absolutely loved the Twilight series, but you knew that In fact I think I emailed you super excited and told you they were a MUST read!  Great blog, I enjoyed it and I of course love the soundtrack too! Especially Muse-Supermassive Black Hole and Linkin Park-Leave Out All The Rest and Mutemath-Spotlight (I've seen them in concert)!!!!! Honestly the whole cd is great...
I must say though, I pretty much HATED the movie!! I thought they did a horrible job in the class room scene...I mean seriously if you've read the book, Edward didn't grab his nose like someone just passed gas!!! I laughed out loud with over half of the audience in the theater :) I will give credit where credit is due though; I absolutely LOVED the baseball game scene! EXCELLENT job!!!!! I am probably just over critical and rather attached to the movie I created in my head while reading the series, but I was disappointed with several "hokey" scenes. Whelp what can you say? A movie will never live up to the beauty of a good book! :)
God Bless!!!

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Amanda. Thanks a ton for stopping by. Definitely read the books before the movie. I think it really adds to the experience. Also, FYI, I did add your number into the list when we drew. Sorry you didn't win...

Hey Sami (everyone wave to my neice!!). You did say to read these and your recommendation was exactly the push that had me buying them. I also noticed that one (maybe two) of the songs you recorded for T are on the Twilight CD. I told him that and he looked at me like I was crazy because you sent him the CDs before the movie came out. Kids....

Thanks a TON for stopping over here!!! And I loved the comment about Edward holding his nose. I never thought of that!!! Too, Too, Funny!!!!

(My favorite song and scene is the baseball one!!!) I actually have the one downloaded on my MP3 Player and listen to it all the time...