Friday, May 15, 2009

We Welcome NY Times Bestselling Author Dianna Love

Dianna, thanks so much for being with us today. It’s got to be a very busy week for you with the release of your newest BAD Agency novel, WHISPERED LIES, with Sherrilyn Kenyon. Tell us about WHISPERED LIES.

Thank you Petit Fours and Hot Tamales for inviting me. Yes, it’s a crazy week, but that’s the good news. Sherri and I are excited about this story that takes place all over the world, starting with a HAHO – High Altitude, High Opening – jump over the French Alps in a blizzard then the story travels all over the world to the United States, France again, Italy and South America. When Carlos Delgado captures the Mirage – a mysterious female informant finally identified as Gabrielle Saxe – he leads the team and a reluctant Mirage on an international Black Ops mission that uncovers a plot that threatens economic chaos in the US and an international conflict. Saving lives and protecting national security puts Gabrielle’s life on the line and may expose a secret Carlos has vowed to keep safe even at the cost of his life.

I must confess to our readers that I had the opportunity to read a galley of WHISPERED LIES already. It’s my favorite one in the series so far. But, I’m curious. How did your writing collaboration with Sherrilyn Kenyon on this series come about?

I’m glad you enjoyed Whispered Lies – we had a blast writing that story, but spending months with Carlos was not a hardship. ;) This collaboration came about by accident. Sherri and I have been friends for over four years. Neither of us ever planned to collaborate, which seems funny now that I’m collaborating with more than one author. I was on tour with Sherri for one of her hard back Dark-Hunter® releases when we started talking about all her series late one night after a book signing. The short story is that Sherri wanted to do more with the BAD Agency suspense stories, she wanted to create bigger plots that were edgier. When she told me the initial idea for her next story I immediately did what comes natural to me – I started brainstorming off the cuff and took it to a high concept level in the first ten minutes. Sherri loved the ideas and could see the potential in us combining our voices on the story so she asked me to co-write the series with her.

My answer? Well, my mama drowned the dumb kids.

But, we made a deal up front to write one book to see if we could do this without harming our friendship, which was by far more important to both of us than anything else. We’re working on the third book and still speaking so I think it’s working out.

Of course, WHISPERED LIES and the BAD agency series isn’t your only collaborative effort in the writing world. Please tell our readers about those fabulous BREAK INTO FICTION Character-Driven plotting workshops and retreats that you do with Mary Buckham.

Yes, as I said, I’m surprised to be working on more than one collaboration. Mary and I met years back when we were invited to speak on the same panel. We quickly realized we had the same approach to analyzing a story. We were both teaching workshops – and Mary was the original template sl…er, queen  – and started working on a program that would help both Plotters and Pantsers. We never understood the debate on plotting verses pantsing (writing by the seat of your pants) since no two writers will approach crafting a book the same way. And never listen to anyone who tells you to do it one way over the other. There are just as many NYT best selling plotters as there are NYT best selling pantsers. You’re either a plotter or pantser by nature so ignore the rhetoric and know that whatever way your write is correct. That’s one reason behind the development of the Break Into Fiction® Program – Mary and I believed there had to be a simple way to help both plotters AND pantsers.

Also, having been fairly new authors ourselves when we started developing Break Into Fiction®, Mary and I believed there had to be a better way to learn how to build a strong story without first reading a wall of reference books then sitting down later to try to apply what you might remember. Our central thought while developing this program was – Why couldn’t a writer work on THEIR OWN story while learning so they could apply what they learn immediately? We’ve taught classes across the country comprised everyone from brand new writers to multi-published mass market fiction authors to Jon Franklin, a two-time Pulitzer prize winner who was so impressed he gave us a cover quote.

But our fiction writing schedule has gotten much busier so we don’t have the time to offer as many live classes now, which is why we are publishing the program in a book from Adams Media called Break Into Fiction®: 11 Steps to Building a Story that Sells on June 18, 2009 (tip – if you’re interested in acquiring the book, preorder to get the discount ).

Are there any workshops or retreats coming up that our writing readers can attend?

Our workshop schedule is listed on Plus any writer out there – and readers who are curious about what authors have to say – should stop by for a free tutorial Mary and I are hosting in June for one week only. Twenty-five top authors are participating. For five days that week we’ll have five authors each day from different genres share their thoughts and tips on Character, Conflict, Dialogue, Plotting and Point of View. Everyone from major NYT best sellers like Tess Gerritsen, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lisa Gardner and Suzanne Brockmann to newer authors such as Tina Ferraro (RITA finaling YA author) and Ed Gaffney (Edgar nominated legal thriller author) and Hank Phillippi Ryan (Agatha award winner). The author pages will ONLY be up that week so mark your calendar for the week of June 8-12, 2009 - The 5 for 5 Writer Extravaganza. [*Pages will come down as of end of day June 13th.]

Well Dianna, it’s obvious that your kindergarten report card must have said, “Plays well with others!” So, tell us a little bit about how the mechanics of writing collaboratively works for you and your advice to others considering collaborating.

I think the key is to have a partner you respect greatly who returns that respect. Sherri and I had NO plan when we started collaborating. We just jumped in with both feet since we had a very short timeline for turning in that first book (Phantom In The Night – originally released as tradepaper but coming out May 19th in mass market/paperback format), which was probably a good thing since it didn’t give us time to worry about if we were doing it right. . I like to start the story, especially since we open on Black Ops pretty often, and Sherri was fine with that. You have to be creatively generous to work together on fiction, which she is, plus we had one rule – the story was most important. Her words, my words, everything was open to editing. We both wrote throughout the book, sometime taking over from each other in the middle of scenes. We did not divide up characters or scenes, because we wanted a singular ‘feel’ to the story, which I’m thrilled to say we’ve been told by the editor and fans we accomplished. We edited each other’s writing so both of us touched every line and blended our words and voices throughout. That totally unplanned attack worked fine the first time so we’re continuing in our usual chaotic way.

Any advice for writers who are considering collaboration?

Just like with Sherri, I have a huge respect for Mary Buckham’s talent and expertise. Mary and I think as one when we’re working on a writing program. We both think way outside the box when it comes to brainstorming. My advice to anyone considering collaboration is to first develop a relationship, a very honest relationship where neither of you tiptoe around any subject. If you can’t be completely honest in your writing and brainstorming, it won’t work. Next, be willing to hear ANY idea from your partner. Doesn’t mean you’re always going to agree, but Mary knows when I’m quiet on the phone after she makes a suggestion it means I’m visualizing that idea. My first reaction is to consider the possibility – same as Mary’s reaction to my suggestions. We work through the ideas, analyzing the pluses and minuses to do with writing craft. Sherri and I do the same, discussing if something is properly motivated and ups the stakes.

DON’T think just because you are good friends a collaboration will work. It has destroyed many good friendships. Talk about all the possible “bad” things that can happen and how you would deal with it, talk about how you plan to handle agents, contracts, money. Meet with a literary attorney to discuss what will happen to the series if one of you dies or becomes incapacitated (want to be in business with your writing partner’s family?). Talk about how you’re going to handle it if one of you need to back out of the writing partnership (this could be because one gets a singlular writing opportunity or has a major personal issue that changes things or just gets tired of writing). Doing anything is easy when it works. Think of all the possible “divorce” situations and address those before you get started to avoid the “what if” syndrome later when you’re neck deep in a project.

Your biography says that you “always liked to do things big.” Can you expound on that a little for us and tell us how it applies now in your writing career?

Interesting. I think you’re the first to ask that specific question. I gravitated to painting huge murals (50 foot long paintings were normal and many were over 80 feet wide) and portraits as a teenager. Most master artists are not comfortable painting so large – you either like it and can work on that scale naturally or you can’t. Along the way, I started having to constantly “fix” three-dimensional (3D) projects that were combined with my paintings for outdoor advertising. The 3Ds were designed and fabricated by convention groups so they were often under-engineered for being outside in the wind and weather. I got tired of repairing so many and developed my own people to fabricate the pieces that I designed so I could engineer the structural integrity from the start. I often sculpt the large pieces by hand myself and am a photo-realistic painter who enjoyed working on odd shapes, which added an extra dimension to the finished look. Where other artists found painting on a 3D intimidating, I found it intriguing. But then I’ve always been the oddball artist who enjoyed math and business, very right/left brain.

I always liked complicated projects – even when I took HomeEc (do they have that anymore?) in school. The first thing I sewed was a man’s sport coat, because everything else was too boring. So when I write a story I go after a bigger premise from the start or I’ll be bored – seeing a pattern? That’s why a story has to entertain me first. I literally stop typing if it slows down or feels like I hit a ho-hum spot. I want a story with action-adventure, deep emotion and constant twists. My favorite type of movie is a “who’s zooming who,” like the ITALIAN JOB.

I know these are typical questions, but a lot of us never get tired of hearing the answers from different writers. What’s a “typical” writing day like for you? Any rituals? How do you balance writing with the demands of the rest of your life?

Ha! Typical. I’m sitting in a room in Pacific Grove, California (next to Monterey) typing (keep in mind I’m doing this last week so I can get it to Debbie in time). I’ll finish this interview and go back to work on the current BAD Agency story. I’ll take a break this afternoon to answer emails (usually 50-100 hit every day that are not junk, some of which take one hour plus to answer if it’s business or from a publisher) that are from fans, booksellers, my editor, requests for interviews, clients like Coca-Cola who have projects for me to review and quote, emails from my awesome husband who is handling several things while I’m on the road for two weeks, the publisher’s PR person who is arranging our book tour the week of May 12th for Whispered Lies, authors who are sending me info for a program booklet I’m creating and printing for Lori Foster’s event, questions about the workshops for BEA that Mary and I are presenting in New York at the end of the month and so on.

I am happy to answer all these, because I appreciate the support and interest in my writing so it’s not a nuisance to reply to emails, but it does take time. Once I’ve gotten through the critical ones for today, I’ll go back to writing. This weekend (which will actually be “last weekend” by the time you read this), my schedule will switch to interacting all day with everyone attending a one-day retreat Mary and I are teaching for an RWA chapter then I’ll be on an airplane Sunday, getting home that night. I’m home a day to catch up everything I can then I fly back out Tuesday, May 12th to go on book tour with Sherrilyn for Whispered Lies and with any luck will be home by Friday (today!) so I can make the GRW meeting. I write in airports and on planes, anywhere and everywhere.

Simply – I have no set schedule and, truthfully, I like it that way. I get up between 4-5am everyday, even on Sunday, and work unless I’ve taken a day to spend with my husband. And if I need the time to write – he understands when I sometimes don’t take a day off for months.

I know that you and Sherrilyn Kenyon are busy promoting the release of WHISPERED LIES. What types of things do you do for promotion and what, in your opinion, are some effective methods of promotion that our fellow writers should consider?

I will be perfectly honest and say that we are fortunate to get significant backing from the publisher, which happens when you reach Sherri’s level. That being said, I’ll tell you what I did as a new author I think worked and what I see today that are good opportunities. I did not buy a lot of “promo” things with my first book. Instead, I spent my money on excerpts, because I bought books off excerpts. Everyone knows about building a website, but what you must keep in mind is that no one will go to that site unless you drive them there. You must include your website on every piece of promo and advertising.

I offered workshops that were picked up by some conferences back then, but I also made a point of visiting smaller chapters even when I didn’t have a book to promote. I enjoy the smaller chapters who are wonderful hosts – they appreciate the chance to fill their program with speakers from other cities. I always included a half-page sheet with promo on one side and tips on the back side – something the attendees would hold onto. I attended reader events (again, I did not always have a book coming out so the decision to speak somewhere was not driven by a book release).

The reason I make a point of telling you to consider offering workshops and attending reader events even when you don’t have a book to promote is to remind you this becomes “your business.” You are building a name – not selling ONE book. I did what I enjoyed – speaking to writers and readers. Choose what you like to do the best and explore those options. I have never had a blog and have no plans of ever having a personal blog for several reasons – I don’t have the time to keep one up, I think it takes too much work to grow the reader base for a one person blog and I prefer to support a handful of favorite blogs (like this one) then guest blog when asked. Keep in mind, that is just my opinion and I can’t justify adding one more thing to my list. If you enjoy blogging and do not feel like a slave to promoting it – then blog. Internet promoting is terrific if you find a venue that works for you.

I find my time is more effectively invested when I support others – like the Brenda Novak auction (– rather than creating new endeavors on top of what I already do. The last suggestion I have is to give away books. I get books from my publishers now, but I bought the extras (left over at a signing) of my first book and would always carry one or two with me that I gave away on a trip. When I’d meet someone who read what I wrote I’d give them a book. What better advertisement is there than to put your book in the hands of a reader? Plus, my first book – a category romance – sold out at the warehouse in under a month so I was pretty happy to end up with a couple boxes of books that would never get printed again.

One of your promotion methods on this book has been a book video. Tell us about that.

We have a terrific video created by Matt Ziebarth. He’s an amazing talent that surprised us in a good way. Matt read Whispered Lies then pulled together elements of this international intrigue in a fascinating way and he came up with the perfect soundtrack. He’s just starting to expand into book trailers so if you’re considering one or know someone who is looking for this, go to

Working with Matt was a joy. I love dealing with an artist who is very business and understands the “vision” for a project. When we discussed the video, I told him I like to turn an artist loose to see what they do. I love being surprised by creative people. He was quick and kept me up-to-date about everything he did then handed us a video that rocks!

With your busy life, Dianna, how can readers keep up with you?

I have an Appearance and News page on and if you sign up for my newsletter you’ll get all the latest information plus you’ll be entered in my monthly contest drawing for my signature embroidered book bag full of books and goodies, plus several people win signed books each time. Hang on to the end of this post to see what I'm giving away today!

If you’re a writer – stop by – to see where Mary and I have workshops, plus we give away critiques and other beneficial things for writers (like a phone conversation to answer questions on writing and the industry). Definitely sign up for our June Giveaway that is listed on the Break Into Fiction® bookpage (info on the homepage). And if you’re in Atlanta, I try to make as many of the Georgia Romance Writers meetings as possible – please come up to say hello or introduce yourself anytime you see me.
Okay readers, Dianna is giving away a signed copy of Whispered Lies to one lucky reader and a copy of the paperback edition of Phantom In The Night to another lucky reader. (extra goodies sent in each package :->) To be entered in the contest, leave Dianna a comment or a question before midnight EST tonight.


Cyrano said...

Thanks so very much for taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule to blog with us today. It's amazing all of the things you do, writing, teaching, art, travel! Jeesh, you're Wonder Woman! And I've always loved that gal.
I truly enjoyed your interview and really liked your take on plotters VS pansters. I'm a panster, can't help it.
I also loved your ideas on promotion, like including website addresses on promo and advertising and offering workshops. I hope to be able to do those things one day soon.
I also thought your mention of a book trailer is a great marketing tool and Matt sounds like he's got all the angles covered. Music in a book trailer, how cool is that?
I jotted down the websites you offered and intend on signing up for your Break Into Fiction newsletter and I'll definitely be visiting your author website too!
Great interview Dianna. Loved hearing from you.
Have a safe trip and a wonderful Friday,

Debbie Kaufman said...

Morning Dianna: Hope you aren't too exhausted from the tour! I really enjoyed the whole interview, and want to especially comment on the collaboration and promotion parts.

I really liked your emphasis on the business side of collaboration. In life, so much can be ruined in a friendship by not spelling things out. Contracts, etc. are not a sign of distrust, but a sign of respect. I think it says, "I respect you too much to ruin our friendship over untended business details.

Your promotion ideas are right on. I guess what I like about you and your ideas is the emphasis on giving back. (Okay, admit it, you thought I was going to say Matt's video :))

Kelly L Stone said...

Hi Dianna,

Great to see you here and great post! You are an inspiration on so many levels. I love your ideas about promotion especially for new authors. Thank you for those!

I am really excited to read this next book in the series, I enjoyed the first one so much and what I like about your writing is how clean and crisp it is without losing details that are important for the reader to know. Can't wait to see what you and Sherri have planned in this next installment.

For anyone who has NOT taken the BIF retreat, all I can say is you don't know what you're missing! Dianna and Mary are awesome teachers and I learned more from that one program than all my years of workshops, conferences, and reading books on my own combined. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level.

Safe travels!


Nancy said...

Hi, Dianna--

I enjoyed Phantom In the Night and am looking forward to Whispered Lies.

I've occasionally collaborated with friends on projcts, and your comment about friendship not being the determinant is so true. I have friends with whom I just can't work on creative materials. We don't approach things the same way. However, an acquaintance of mine became a very good friend because we collaborated. I guess you never know until you try, huh?

And I second Kelly's opinion of the BIF workshop. It was mind-blowing in the best possible way!

Cinthia Hamer said...

Dianna, having watched you grow from aspiring author to published author to best selling author over the years, I'm very proud to have you as a sister GRW member. :)

While suspense/thriller/paranormal really isn't my thing, I love getting your books, Sherrilyn's books, etc...and presenting them to my eager husband. He's not ashamed to say he's a voracious reader of romance and romantic suspense. Gotta love a man like that, huh?

Thanks so much for taking time out of your incredibly busy life to visit with us today, and for popping in and chatting with us the way you do.

Can't wait to get my Break Into Fiction book!



Mary Marvella said...

Hey, Dianna! I can't believe how busy you are. You amaze me with your energy. You have come a long way, lady, and I'm so not surprised! Great post and so generous with the information.

Good job Debbie

Dianna Love said...

Hi Tamara -

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad when I can share anything I've learned with other writers. I appreciate the ones who have shared with me in the past and still do. And I constantly learn from all of you.

I don't know about Wonder Woman. My husband might say "crazy woman" somedays. "g"

I think it's great you're a pantser!

Glad you watched the video. Matt is an amazing talent authors need to tap before he gets so busy you have to wait just to get on his schedule. I see big things down the road for him.

thanks for coming out to visit!

Dianna Love said...

Debbie -

You are a good woman to pull all that together for this blog. I didn't realize how long winded I got.

I think you should plug Matt all the time. I'm thrilled you introduced me to him. Simon and Schuster (Pocket) was very excited over the video and should have it up on their site by today (maybe already).

Promo is such a personal thing - I always suggest keeping track of what you try to see what works. I experiment all the time then watch to see what the end result is.

thanks again to all of you on PFHT for inviting me and to Debbie for wading through all those answers.

Dianna Love said...

Kelly -
Thanks for your feedback on our Plotting retreats. We had terrific writers at both the Atlanta and the st. Louis retreats - that really keeps the energy high and we love seeing great stories develop.

Aren't you speaking at an event in the Atlanta area in June? Something like the 13th comes to mind, but I'm crammed near a wall plug at the airport right now so I can dig through my notes to find it. Make sure you tell everyone.

Can't wait for your nonfiction book on Thinking Write with the relaxation discs to come out in Sept.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Nancy -

Got your message that you're coming to the meeting this Sat. Yay. I haven't seen you in forever.

I'm so thrilled the plotting retreat has been helpful. Mary and I would love to do more, but our schedules are crammed. Thus, the reason for the book, which I just saw is already shipping! My husband sent a note that Amazon said there were 5 left. I'm emailing the publisher to see if they are going back to print before our release date.

thanks so much for the support you and everyone else here has given us. You'll probably see Mary out here later on (she's in SEattle).

Dianna Love said...

Oh, Cynthia, careful or you'll make me go girly on you. Thanks for the sweet words. I don't know that I'll ever "feel" like I'm published. I know that sounds strange, but I am always most at home around readers and not-yet-published writers (because I'm going to stay in behind ALL of you until you get that contract!).

Thanks for sharing our books with your hubby. We had a lot of men attend our signings. One soldier said Sherri's book had gotten him through 4 tours of duty in Iraq and he left with our BAD agency books. Those are the ones that make your heart leap an extra beat and motivate you to push harder on every book.

And I love to stop by here to visit as often as I can. If I'd had internet access the whole time I was on the road the past 3 weeks I'd have been by more often. I only visit a couple of blogs that I have saved in my favorites - yours and Barbara Vey's are on top.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Mary -

I'm always happy to share (be careful what you ask for or you'll get a long winded answer... "g").

I do get kidded about being the energizer bunny. I only have two speeds - on and off. When I'm awake I don't know how to go slow. My husband says I'm a shark that has to keep moving or I'll die.

thanks for stopping by today!

Amanda said...

I'm new to this blog, but I must say your interview painted a lovely picture of your passion for writing and meeting your readers. Thank you for taking the time to interview. PS The trailer has my curiosity beyond peaked. Can't wait to read Whispered Lies now! Good job to Matt!

Amanda Slade

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Hey Dianna! Hey PF and HT!

What a fascinating interview--Dianna,you're even more amazing than I already knew. And the questions were terrific.

The Writer Extravaganza--what a fantastic idea. And I can't wait to see how it all comes together. We are such a community of readers and writers, and I am completely thrilled to be part of it. Hope see you all there. (And I'm givng away books--more on that later!)

And now, I'm off to re-read the inteview. I know I should be working, but It was so packed with with valuable info..

And I'll see you at Moonlight and Magnolias in October. Cannot wait!

Debbie Kaufman said...

To all readers:
Dianna is temporarily off-line while she wings her way home from her book tour for Whispered Lies. Hopefully we'll have her co-conspirator, er... collaborator, Mary Buckham in here soon. In the meantime, leave those comments and give Dianna a bit to get home!

Mary Buckham said...

Dianna ~~

You sewed a sport coat? I knew all the other amazing things about you - passionate, the energizer bunny on speed, focused and so bloody talented that if I didn't adore you I'd have to hate you - huge grin! but a sport coat? That's like hearing Napoleon knew how to sew - or Julius Ceaser - it's mind twisting. But then that's what you do best in Whispered Lies -- an impossible book to put down!!! I caught myself leaning forward as I read to see what happened next. Thank you!

Cheers ~~ Mary B :-)

Walt M said...



Loved Phantom in the Night and am looking forward to Whispered Lies.

Great post! I especially loved hearing about your painting. I had heard that you were a talented painter, but had never heard you talk about it before.

Walt M

jessi said...

An inspiring interview for those of us who are mere mortals :)
I love the concept of Break Into Fiction and was thrilled when I heard you and Mary had written the book, as I'd never had a chance to attend a workshop. I'm extremely bummed about the Writer's Extravaganza, however. I'll be on vacation those days, with no internet access.
Take care.

Brenda Novak said...

Hello Dianna! I'm SO sad I wasn't in town when you came to visit, but I wanted you to know that my entire chapter is raving about your presentation. You and Mary are amazing! You really helped my assistant, Anna.

And thanks so much for your fabulous donations to my auction. We're at $130,000 so far--not as far as I'd hoped to be at this point, but not bad for a recession. We should at least break last year's total of $252,300.

By the way, because today's my birthday I'm hiding lots of Easter Eggs over at the auction. These are items folks can buy for $1 (or very close to $1) that are worth a lot more. They can be in any category. The first person to find them gets to take them home. So check it out when you have the chance ( I've already given away lots of fun stuff this morning.

Brenda Novak

Carol Burnside said...

Hey, Dianna!

It's great to have you here with us. Wonderful interview. So much to absorb that I'll have to re-read. We appreciate your mentoring attitude and support of PFHT.

Here's hoping you had a good trip and a safe flight!

Nicki Salcedo said...

Dianna, I wish I had your energy and focus. I can't wait to participate in one of you workshops in the future. Take care!

Linsey Lanier said...

Thanks so much for joining us today on PFHT.

WHISPERED LIES sounds like the kind of fast-paced action thriller I love. Will it be available on CD? I like to listen to books in my car.


JuJu said...

Please, please donate 1/100th of your energy and talent to me!

Thanks for visiting PFHT. I always get so much out of your interviews.

Maxine Davis said...

Thank you for visiting PF&HT. I found some good information in your post AND I've signed up for the Break-Into-Fiction E News.

A sport coat? Did you finish it or burn it? Now it's called Family and Consumer Sciences and they took out sewing!! broke my heart.

I look forward to your books.

Marilyn Baron said...


Thanks for blogging with us. You are truly a marvel. I don't know how you do everything you do. But we are glad you do it. I can't wait to read "Whispered Lies" and "Break Into Fiction."

I was fortunate enough to have you critique my manuscript for the Virginia Ellis Critique Workshop. You were so helpful and had great plot ideas. I really appreciate your feedback and everything you do for the chapter as well as your support of our blog.

I enjoyed your advice about writing partnerships. I am about to collaborate on a novel with my sister and my daughter is collaborating with her friend on a YA book. She came to the Deb Dixon workshop and was so inspired that she starting writing a book the next day. She's coming to the GRW meeting tomorrow so I hope you get to meet her.

Have a safe trip back.

Marilyn Baron

CiCi Barnes said...

Dianna, thanks for blogging with us today and hope to see you tomorrow at GRW. Love your writing.

We do share one thing in common besides the love of writing: we both love motorcycles. Do you ever have any time to ride anymore?


Dianna Love said...

Hi Amanda -

Welcome to the blog if this is your first time. This is a wonderful place to visit every week.

We are soooo enjoying the video Matt made and I'll pass along your comments. thanks for sharing that and for stopping by today.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Hank -

So nice of you to stop by and thanks again for participating in our 5 for 5 Writers Extravaganza in June at the Break Into Fiction site.

BTW - for those of you who don't know Hank, she's not just a mega Emmy-award winning television journalist in Boston, MA, her first book won an Agatha Award and she has two releases this year. She's a wonderful author and just a pleasure to know.

And - she'll be speaking at Moonlight & Magnolias conference this Oct 2-4th. If you're a writer you have to go to to check out the conference and if you're a reader don't miss the huge author signing on Sat during the conference.

Waving at you Hank - thanks for stopping by.

Dianna Love said...

Debbie - thanks for letting them know I was a little detained getting back on line. So nice to be home again.

Margie Lawson said...

Dianna --

I loved igniting and fusing brain cells with you. :-))

I'm looking forward to reading WHISPERED LIES. It sounds as powerful as your personality. My kind of book, and my kind of friend.

Kudos to you and Sherri!

Plus -- Amazon notified me that I'll receive my copies of BREAK INTO FICTION on May 18th. Woohoo!

Kudos to you and Mary!

Debbie's right. You play exceptionally well with others.:-)

I'm looking forward to playing at National.

All smiles..........Margie

Dianna Love said...

Hi Mary -

Waving at you. That's my other co-conspirator. For those of you who don't know - Mary Buckham is a fabulous suspense author who is working on a really awesome project...that I can't say a word about yet. It's very unusual and huge, so the minute I can share I will.

You read how Mary and I teamed up to create Break Into Fiction, but there's no way to tell how many bazillion hours we've worked together on programs and books. She's also got a great husband, Jim, who I call TJ and she won't let me tell you why. "g"

So nice to know I can still surprise a few of my long time buddies.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Walt -

Thanks for the great comments on our two BAD books (what was Sherri thinking when she named it the BAD agency series... "g").

I'm looking forward to seeing your current project hit the editor's desk. See you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Jessi -

I just spent a WEEK without the internet about 2 weeks ago. Is that misery or what? However, I think we have it set up so that you can print the pages each day so ask a buddy to print them for you. As long as you print for your own reading and aren't making multiple copies there should be no problem with the copyright issues.

Have a great trip and thanks for stopping by.

Tammy Schubert said...


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to blog with us. I can't wait to start reading Whispered Lies.

I was one of the people who took the first Break Into Fiction workshop in Atlanta. Because I was so impressed with what you and Mary put together, I preorded a copy of the book. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Brenda -

I'm so glad you posted that information. I was just going through a ton of emails while the airplane was taxing (sp?) to the gate.

Tell Anna I said hello. Everyone from Sacramento was so much fun to spend the weekend with and very energetic about their stories - that makes it wonderful for us.

For those of you who don't know - Brenda Novak is the New York Times best selling suspense author of terrific stories that are both romantic and edgy/mainstream in tone. She also holds the most incredible online one-month auction every May that has become a godsend for so many in our business, because of all the great writing and publishing offers. But that's just a small part of this huge auction where you can bid anything from one book to baskets to jewelry to trips to...well, anything you can think of and the proceeds go to find a cure for Diabetes. Brenda's son is a diabetic so she took up the sword to help fight this battle.

Happy Birthday and I'll be over there looking for an egg - I love to hunt eggs, and color them, but hunting online sounds like big fun.

Hugs and thanks for stopping by.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Carol -

I miss seeing you at the meetings (what city are you in now, btw?). Thanks for visiting today. I do enjoy stopping by this blog all the time. You all manage to come up with interesting subjects that leave me pondering most times and I like that.

Hope you're doing well.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Waving back!

I'm so thrilled to come back to Georgia for M and M--I lived there for five wonderful years as a reporter /anchor for WSB-TV. (My hair was a different color then, okay? But who's counting...)

I'm hoping Dianna and Sherrilyn will show me the inside scoop. And the book sale should be fantastic.
oxox Hank

Dianna Love said...

Nicki -

Ha! I don't know that I have more energy than all of you with kids. I can't imagine coming in from one of these trips with all those little faces staring up at me. I love to kid watch in the airports - their parents are generally rushing and little stressed while the cherub is grinning and waving. I love that.

See you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Linsey -

I would love to have these books on cd but they won't do that until we come out in hardback. To be honest, Sherri and I have worked really hard to stay out of hardback to keep the cost down on the books so I don't know when that will happen.

I hope you have fun reading Whispered Lies. We had fun writing it...but then spending months with Carlos Delgado (our hero) wasn't really a hardship. :)

thanks for stopping by

Dianna Love said...

Ah JuJu - that's so nice. I think I'm a quart low on my energy from being on the road so much this week, but a night at home does a lot to recharge me. :)

thanks for coming out to visit.

Dianna Love said...

Maxine -
hahaha...I figured they changed the name of home ec by now. ;) Oh, no, I couldn't burn it. Material was too expensive for our family back then, which was one reason I sewed so much. That coat went to one of my brothers. Now...he may have wanted to burn it. :)

thanks for signing up for our e-newsletter and for stopping by today.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Marilyn -

I'm so glad my feedback on your story helped. It's a wonderful story I hope you finish and get on an editor's desk soon. (remember the part about me hounding all of you...?)

I heard Deb's workshop was great - no big surprise. I've always enjoyed her workshops. That's wonderful about your daughter. I can't wait to meet her tomorrow - please make sure we do (you know how crazy it gets when we're all chatting). Good luck with the collaborations (yours and hers).

Thanks for stopping by and sharing all that. I appreciate it.

Dianna Love said...

CiCi -

I do still ride my motorcycle. I had several Harleys, the last one being a Heritage Softtail, but now I ride a BMW 1150RT. In fact, I've marked out some days in June just to go ride - ready for the break.

So tickled to hear I have writing and riding sister. :)

thanks for stopping by today.

Dianna Love said...

Hi Margie -

We had fun playing up at almost 9000 feet during your retreat. For those who don't know,Margie Lawson is the creator of Deep Edits and she now has a Immersion Master Class (that I took and loved) she offers up in the mountains outside of Denver. We had a great group of writers who brainstormed together and shared ideas when we weren't absorbing new information from Margie.

Margie will be at the RWA national conference in DC so if you go make sure to attend her workshop. That reminds me - Mary and I will be at Thrillerfest the week of July 9th then at RWA national the next week.

We'll post about several workshops by friends such as Margie, Annie Oortman and others in our next BIF newsletter.

thanks for stopping by, Margie. :)

Dianna Love said...

Hi Tammy -

I remember our first Break Into Fiction retreat in Atlanta - it snowed! We had a great group and major brainstorming sessions.

I'm thrilled to be here today. I appreciate being invited. :)

Thanks for ordering the book and stopping by today. Hope to see you tomorrow.

I hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow at the GRW meeting - I miss all of you! And Cathy Mann is in town to speak at the meeting. Don't miss this one.

Dianna Love said...

Hank -
LOL - I can't imagine showing you the inside scoop on anything. But we will have fun at M&M. It's a great conference I was telling people about while I was on the road.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Dianna!!! You are fabulous!!! I want to be you when I grow up....grin....

"My answer? Well, my mama drowned the dumb kids." I LOVED this... I had to explain to my cube mate why I was choking on my drink, but after I told him, he thought it was pretty funny too!! I can't wait to read you Break Into Fiction book. And I hope I'm fortunate enough to get into one of your workshops. I have heard AWESOME comments about it...

Thanks a ton for blogging with us today. You totally rock!

Dianna Love said...

Hi Tami -

You are so sweet. LOL about explaining to your cube mate, but I didn't mean to make you choke. ;0

We'll definitely let you know when we plan another retreat and I did get your email about info for a private one. Mary and I are going to grab a minute this weekend so we can do the long distance phone catch up. We'll send you that page of info as soon as we do.

thanks for stopping in and I love being here today. :)

Cyrano said...

I just have to say thank you so much for replying to all of us over the course of this day.
You're so busy and still you found the time to answer each one of our comments and hit on points we made. You even acknowledged those who just said hi.
Please believe that I find that truly commendable and incredibly sweet.
I won't soon forget your kind words.
Thank you so much for visiting with us.
Hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow.
Have a beautiful evening,

Linsey Lanier said...

Piping in again to ditto what Tamara said.

Dianna, you are one amazing lady. And generous as well. Thanks for all the great tips on this post!

You sewed a man's coat? I'm truly in awe.


Dianna Love said...

Thank YOU PFHT group for inviting me. I hope it's okay if I do sign off now. I've only seen my husband one day in the past 3 weeks and he's cooking me a wonderful meal.

I really enjoyed this today and hope to see many of you tomorrow in person and the rest again in cyberspace.

thanks! Dianna :)

Darcy Crowder said...

Hey Dianna!

Great to see you here. I really enjoyed reading Phantom In The Night and am looking forward to reading Whispered Lies. You and Sherrilyn make a great writing team.

For those of you who haven't tried Dianna & Mary's Break Into Fiction - I highly recommend it!


Susan May said...

Glad to have you here, Dianna. I always learn something from you. Thanks for supporting our blog and your wisdom. Come again soon.

Sally Kilpatrick said...


I am a few days late (and even more dollars short), but I had to say thanks for dropping by. You totally rock, and I use BIF almost every day in some way, shape or another. I'm looking forward to seeing if my contest entries start improving!