Saturday, June 27, 2009


Author Stephanie Bond
MIRA Books, paperback
ISBN 978-0-7783-27073
Genre: Romantic Suspense

From the back cover:
A killer remains at large...

Carlotta Wren's world is crumbling beneath her well-shod feet. One of her closest friends has been arrested as the Charmed Killer, but Carlotta refuses to believe it. And to prove her friend's innocence, Carlotta goes against her boyfriend Peter's wishes and resumes her after-hours body-moving duties.
And then...
Her troubled brother Wesley goes missing...
And the madman stalking the city strikes again, this time a little too close to home.

6 KILLER BODIES is a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy contained within Stephanie Bond’s Body Movers series. The trilogy runs through books 4, 5, and 6 in this series and introduces us to the Charmed Killer, a mysterious figure who leaves a charm bracelet piece in the mouths of his victims. In 6 Killer Bodies, the identity of the killer stalking Atlanta is finally revealed.

Oh, but don’t go thinking that things are over for our heroine, Carlotta Wren. 6 Killer Bodies may resolve the mystery of the Charmed Killer, but it by no means wraps up all the questions raised in this series. Loyal Stephanie Bond fans still want to know which of the three hunks Carlotta will choose.

For those of you who are new to the series, I strongly recommend starting at the beginning to get the full benefit of Stephanie Bond’s humor and skillful character development. For the rest of us, one can only hope (beg, plead, give offerings) that the publisher will decide to continue this fantastic series.

Reviewed By: Debbie Kaufman
Ratings: 5 Petit Fours & 2 Hot Tamales


Maxine Davis said...

You convinced me! I'm starting at the beginning and reading . . .

Tami Brothers said...

These are awesome!! I've read the first 3 and have been waiting for school to finish before grabbing the other 3.

I'm just going to have to break down and grab them! You guys are wrecking my GPA!!!!!

(but I love to read, so I'll just have to stay up a tad bit later studying...grin....)

Linsey Lanier said...

Sounds like Stephanie has a hit series. What a talented lady.

I bought my beta reader the sixth book in this series, knowing she has to read a series from book one. Bet she'll be a Bond girl soon. :)


Mary Marvella said...

Well, I guess I need this one , too! No fair. Which man will win in the end? Hmmm.