Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Accidental Bestseller

The Accidental Bestseller

Author Wendy Wax

Berkley, Published by the Penguin Group in trade paperback
ISBN 978-0-425-22767-1
Genre: Women’s Fiction

The Accidental Bestseller is a must-read for any aspiring or experienced author. It reveals everything you ever wanted to know or never wanted to know about the publishing industry and the harsh realities, as well as the joys, of the writing life.

At the beginning of the book, the main POV character, author Kendall Aims, takes a downhill slide after she loses the Zelda award (aka the RITA) at a national writer’s conference. The “book within a book” tells the story of four friends who collaborate to help one of their “peeps” fulfill a book contract and help save her writing career from ending up in the toilet and the resulting havoc the book’s ultimate success wreaks on all of their lives and their friendship.

The novel has all the right ingredients: An evil editor, a fairy godmother editorial assistant, a publishing house that wants to dump Kendall, a cheating husband who also wants to dump Kendall for his young, blonde Realtor girlfriend, a ball-squeezing divorce attorney, comedy, budding romances, a hot love affair, secrets, shocks and confessions and a dangerous power tool obsession, 101 ways to avoid writing and big-time payback.

Life lesson: You can survive anything life throws at you if you’ve got your “peeps.”

The Accidental Bestseller was hard to put down and I couldn’t imagine how Wendy was going to pull out a happy ending for all of the characters, but, lucky for us, she managed it. Actually, luck had nothing to do with it because writing that good is no accident!

Reviewed By: Marilyn Baron
Ratings: 5 Petit Fours & 3 Hot Tamales


Darcy Crowder said...


This sounds like a fabulous read! Thanks for recommending it.


Linsey Lanier said...

This sounds like a great read. Like a craft and fiction book in one. I'll have to check it out.


Marilyn Baron said...

Thanks. It really was a good read and I learned a lot about the business. Her characters seemed to be composites of some GRW authors and it was interesting to try to figure out who they were.

Marilyn Baron

Sandy Elzie said...

I can't wait to get this book and read it. It sounds great!

Thanks for sharing it.


Mary Marvella said...

That sounds like a "must-have" book, especially if Wendy wrote it.

Nicki Salcedo said...

Wendy's is so very funny. I can't wait to read her stuff. Thanks, Marilyn for keeping us informed.

Tami Brothers said...

Wow! I've been looking forward to reading more stories by Wendy Wax. I loved her previous books.

This one definitely sounds like a must have. Thanks for the review. I'll be adding that one my List!!!


Marilyn Baron said...

Great. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I know you'll like the book.


Ana Aragón said...

Thanks, Marilyn,

Wendy is one of my favorite GRW authors. I loved her previous books, and it looks like this is a must-have, too!