Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15. Monday - Media Bits: ONLINE: Is it essential in today’s world?

How many people get out of bed, rub their eyes, and on the way to breakfast, stop for a quick look on the internet? Some to check email, some to see if the world is still turning. It can be addictive.
I know I can hardly start cooking without carrying my laptop to the kitchen and typing in recipezaar to find yet another way to cook chicken.
Just being two adults living under one roof, two computers were essential at my house. “Well, what if I need to get online and you’re on the computer?!”
Computers have gone the way of televisions and telephones. Once upon a time there was one telephone and one television to a house, and years later, one computer to a house. Now, every member of the household has a cell phone; in many families, each person has his or her own television set, and yes, there are separate computers. Personally, I think all these are helping destroy the concept of family time, but that’s another post. But, at the same time, there is the good argument that we stay in touch with each other. People many states and many miles away can be in touch with family and friends in a matter of moments. With the cameras and sound attached to computers, we can even hear and see each other in the “present.”
I used to tell my students, “Just read. There are books on every subject imaginable! Just read something.” Today, have you got a subject and no way to the library? Look it up online. There is information on everything and eBooks available for a small fee and some are even free.

Want to let the world hear your opinion on a subject? There are blogs on every subject and in every country.

If you want to talk to someone, you do not even have to know each other. You can meet online, date online, marry online (not legal), marry on line by proxy (legal), and divorce online.

Since this is June, I wondered about weddings, so I looked ONLINE. In a matter of minutes, I could find the longest marriage and the shortest marriage:

For those who are curious, the longest marriage: A couple from Taiwan successfully recorded the world's longest marriage with Guinness after marking 85 years of matrimony. Now that is love – or perhaps no access to online computers.Short marriages: A newspaper in London printed that Scott McKie and Victoria Anderson would like to announce that their 90-minute marriage is now over. It seems the happy couple thought themselves ideally suited as they exchanged vows in Manchester. They then went for drinks with friends. After several drinks, the groom toasted the bridesmaids; the bride hit him over the head with an ashtray. He then picked up a hat stand and hurled it “like a javelin” at the bar. Well, you get the picture.

There are people who do not own a computer nor want one, but for most of us: Online is a word that is feared, revered, and essential. Now, excuse me, The Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog awaits.


Sandy Elzie said...

Ah, Maxine, Well Done! You are soooo right. There is only the two of us now, yet we have a phone in almost every room, (don't want to have to run) a couple TVs, and, brace yourselves, 5 computers. Yes, we each have our tower & monitor and we each have a laptop and then one computer runs the movies in the theatre.

My husband & I used to share an office...we loved it! Now his is on the 2nd story...but as often as not, he brings his laptop to my office and sits with me. Or there was the day my printer started printing while I was writing and it was a message that said "I Love You". Yes, whether it's hubby upstairs or our grandson in Afphanistan, it's great to be able to communicate in "real" time. Good job.


Anna Steffl said...

You are so right about the computer.

I love it for some things and hate it for others. I like being able to find out info when I need it. I hate how it can suck me in and I waste an hour on trivia.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Morning Maxine:
First dogs get fed because they're so insistent and then I open email and this blog! Addicted? Oh yeah!

Sally Kilpatrick said...


You are right about on-line. I am amazed by how quickly we adapt to new technology, or don't adapt. In my case, I think to look online for things my parents don't--but I couldn't text my way out of a paper bag.


CiCi Barnes said...

Ah, computers. It's a love-hate relationship. I went to the doctor last month. Spent 5 minutes in his office. Spent 30 minutes at the desk as the receptionist dealt with computer problems. Arrrgh.

But at home, I think I'd morph to a vegetative state if I didn't have my computer. The online world is now a way of life.

I often told my students to think about what their children might have that doesn't exist for them at the time. My parents didn't have tv or microwave ovens growing up. I didn't have a calculator in high school (yes, I'm that old), my kids didn't have a laptop.

Now, all of that is standard fair.

Ah, progress.

Great post, Maxine.


Ana Aragón said...


This is great and so timely. Being away from the family for almost three weeks didn't seem so long because we "skyped" the entire time. I saw my son signing his MLB contract with the Phillies and even carried on a conversation with them. My family got to see all their relatives at a family gathering yesterday. And I even propped my mini-laptop at the hairdresser's station and the kids watched me as he cut my hair!

This morning, I've checked e-mails, gotten my news for the morning, and read and answered your post...all before breakfast.

Addicted? Oh, yeah.

Great post!


Maxine Davis said...

Thanks! And I love those emails that pop up and say: Hi beautiful (so his eyesight isn't perfect) want to go to dinner tonight?

Everyone is so right! I've done email - twice, looked up the weather at my sister's, looked to see if the world is turning and been to PF&HT twice.

Help! I'm online and I can't get off.

Anna Steffl said...

"Help! I'm online and I can't get off."

I want that on a t-shirt. So funny.

Marilyn Baron said...

You are so right about technology. I have a computer and my husband and daughter each have laptops. I get upset when my husband is on my computer but I don't like using the laptop. Sometimes we each watch a different TV program and of course we each have cellphones and numerous phones around the house. I don't think of myself as a big technology proponent, but I guess I've become addicted without realizing it.


J Perry Stone said...

I have to limit myself as I sit down to troll romancelandia online, and 3 hours have gone by.

I'm not a moderate person.

That's hilarious about the shortest marriage. There should be a pre-marriage survey people take before I do. First question: How does your anger manifest itself? Second: How do you handle money? Third: What is your personal child-rearing philosophy? etc...

Linsey Lanier said...

Fourth: Have you been out in public for drinks together yet? :)

Cool post, Maxine. We have two desktops each and my hubby is constantly bringing home old systems to refurbish. I also now have three laptops, though one doesn't work -- it's one of the systems hubby brought home. LOL.

For my part, I could not live without the Internet. I use it for quick research for almost every chapter I write. Not to mention my daily PFHT fix.

It is sooo easy to get distracted and let time slip by. Yes, I am an addict, too.


Cyrano said...

I agree with all of the comments above. The computer is great for so many things, internet being one of them.
There's been too many times when I turned on the computer to write, thought oh I'll just check my emails real quick and then two hours later realized I'm on the Dooney and Bourke website ordering a handbag I don't need.
Thanks for the post Maxine.
Have a great afternoon,

Susan May said...

You are so right. I am the last person in the world to put up and run with tech stuff, but I can't function without my lap top now. And some days it makes me mad at me and the lap top. I've had tech problems the last month or so and it can home to me how dependant I am on it.

J Perry Stone said...

Ha, Linsey.

Fifth: How many times a week do you expect whoopie?

Sixth: How many times a year do you expect to visit your parents?

Nicki Salcedo said...

Something must be wrong with me. It is 7:30pm and this is my first trip online. I see that 18 emails await me in one of my four personal email accounts... Do I have a problem? Yes. Hello, my name is Nicki and I'm addicted to the internet. Don't send me to rehab yet.

JP: Whoopie? How many days in a week are there!

Tami Brothers said...

I LOVE IT!!! Great post, Maxine. I can totally relate.

I got home from class around 6:30 and we have been struggling trying to get the computer on-line. Our whole world stopped!!! Just so I could get on-line and check my e-mail.....

As you can tell, we got it running but dinner was a tad late...grin... I guess you can see what rates where...


Mary Marvella said...

Funny, all my older books needed updating and some still need more, with more computers, cell phones and caller ID, as well as phone cameras, digital cameras and voice mail. Oh, and texting.

My mom insisted I needed to learn to use a computer 15 years ago when she learned as part of her job working in a university library. Now I've made my way through 5 Macs of my own in the past 10 years.

Carol Burnside said...

Interesting post, Maxine.

I remember the first home computer we had. Huge! Nowadays, you can tuck the mini-laptops in a purse. Amazing.

Also amazing are those facts about the longest and shortest marriages. Nice research. :)