Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making Memories

Funny enough, I attended a wedding this past weekend. This is funny because I haven’t been to a wedding for 3 years and before that it was something like 10 years. Suddenly, I have to come up with a blog post on weddings and viola, I have material!!!

Talk about timing…grin…

I’m glad the weekend is over because my friend was really getting stressed out over the smallest things (like when her fiancé suggested a different first song after she had already sent the request to the DJ and how her wedding cake was going to taste since it was made a week in advance). I can’t really complain or chastise her, though, because I remember doing the same type of things for mine. I remember poring over ever little detail and stressing about losing weight (heaven forbid!) and my dress not fitting right. I remember staying the night before the big day at my Maid of Honor’s house and crashing at 9 pm while she and my Bride’s Maid soaked in the hot tub. I also remember wishing I had been a LOT more vocal about wanting bubbles after some “pain-in-the-neck” wedding guest dumped a bucket of bird seed over the top of my head as we were leaving the church. Have you ever noticed how much that stuff itches? Try wearing it with a 20 pound satin dress…

But these are all memories that I can now look back on and smile without wanting to break the leg of the guy with the bucket. I can flip through the pages of my wedding album and remember each of those sweet milestones as the day progressed. The stress and frustration I endured during those weeks before “the big day” are reduced to fond blips that make the memories that much more fun to talk about now.

Of course, every wedding has to begin with that first meeting. The first time your eyes met his when you were bussing tables at the local restaurant. The first time you over-filled his dad’s coffee and then looked on in mortification as everyone jumped up to avoid the hot liquid quickly making its way to the edge of the table. Ahhhh. Memories… I really wish my husband would quit bringing this one up…

Those first impressions are hard to forget. I’ll share one from one of my manuscripts with you.

“Elizabeth? Elizabeth Andrews?”

Jessie’s stomach plummeted as the familiar voice reached her ears. Her fingers tightened involuntarily on the glass she held in her hand.

The rough southern drawl dredged up memories long ago buried. Just the thought of graduation night had the heat rising between her legs. A night of teenage indulgence that she’d tried to walk away from without looking back.

Lifting the water-filled glass to her lips; she downed the liquid. Staying in character, she scrunched her face, but couldn’t help wishing it had been a real shot of tequila. She was definitely going to need it.

Jessie! Get rid him. He’ll blow your cover.”

Her partner’s voice blared at her from the tiny speaker hidden inside her ear. Yeah right. He talks as if that would be an easy task.

Jessie signaled the bartender for a refill. The undercover cop sauntered over and pulled out the decoy bottle. With a nod of his head toward the man Jessie didn’t want to acknowledge, he said, “You’ve got company, doll.”

Jessie groaned inwardly at what she was about to do, but a year perfecting this sting was not going to be ruined because of her. Pasting a sickening sweet smile on her lips, she turned.

Holy cow! The smile wavered as she took in the Greek God standing before her. Alexander Handley had turned into one smoking hot specimen. Of its own accord, her gaze ran down the hard length of the “man” standing well over six-foot tall.

Gone was the lean lanky teenager and in his place stood the God, Atlas, himself. Jet black hair, bottle green eyes, smooth tan skin. The black t-shirt he wore molded perfectly to the hard pumped up biceps and a smooth flat stomach. Like his Greek counterpart, Alex looked like he could hold the weight of the world on those shoulders. If it weren’t for his green eyes and that sexy voice, she’d think she had the wrong guy.

Great! Take it easy Jessie. If she didn’t get her tongue back in her mouth, she’d never get rid of him. The thought of what she had to do made her stomach twist into a knot, but already she could feel several suspicious eyes looking their way.

Keeping in character, she raised an eyebrow and let her lecherous gaze wonder slowly back up his thick thighs. She titled her head to the side and with the whisky-roughened voice perfected over the past year, purred, “You lookin’ for a date, sugar?”

Fun, huh? Talk about a memorable moment. So, tell me about your first meeting with your significant other. Was it as exciting (or mortifying) as my heroine’s or mine? 10 points to anyone who can top scalding their future father-in-law…grin…


Nicki Salcedo said...

Oh, Tami. You had me at fake tequila! I really started paying then. Thanks for sharing.

I met my what's-his-name in college. We both worked with the football team. I always wore a baseball cap and was a tad bit serious. Always. He jogged by me one day and said something like, "Good morning, sunshine." Later, introduced himself to me and saved me a seat at lunch. He never acted like we were strangers! The rest is history. :)

Debbie Kaufman said...

Great snippet, Tami. I actually met my darling at a Bible Study held in a basement of a friend's house. He was into an Eastern Indian Meditation and attended for a year before he saw the differences between his meditation and a true relationship with Christ. I fell in love over Romans, Chapter 8, which he was reading outloud 3 days after he became a Christian.

Dianna Love said...

Tami - I'm smiling over your seeds and bubbles.

I met my husband the day I walked into a large outdoor company to get the operations manager out of a jam. I'd known the old guy for years and he was in a tight spot because his painters were so far behind. This guy was also good friends with a much younger manager in their real estate acquisitions dept - my future hubby. The operations guy sent out a general office memo - just one - that day to my my future hubby with "Do not go near the new painter. I need her."

The real estate manager came back after work while I was painting late to meet and bring me dinner. (Is it any surprise I write about men who break the rules?) We dated for months with no one knowing since this big company had rules against X & Y dating. What did the pirates say about rules? Their mostly guidelines? "g"

We showed up at a company picnic three months later hand in hand and the operations manager just chuckled then later attended our wedding with everyone else from the company.

Fun stories about meeting. I'm going to try to come back later to read more.

Marilyn Baron said...

Can't top your coffee story but I enjoyed your post.

My husband and I were fixed up to go to the "Spring Fling" my freshman year in college by mutual friends when his date got sick at the last minute and my date's girlfriend came into town and surprised him. I also had a boyfriend attending college in Maryland.

We went out and had fun (although I fell asleep on our first date).
But since I had a serious boyfriend it wasn't love at first sight. But he kept asking me out and eventually I broke up with my boyfriend and my husband and I got together. And we've been married 35years this week.

I enjoyed reading all the stories about how everyone else met.
Marilyn Baron

Sally Kilpatrick said...

Thanks for the story, Tami. Kinda like Marilyn, mine's not really exciting--not even as exciting as my husband's side of the story.

I was attending the Wesley Foundation and engaged at the time, and I remember seeing my future husband around, but the first time I really SAW him he was painting the window for the Homecoming contest.

He tells the story something like this: he went to the Wesley Foundation for the first time as the result of a bargain with God. If God would guide him safely through the wrong side of town, he would take his happy self to church. He met several people including me--and another girl he had a serious crush on--and told a friend he had met the girl he was going to marry. He was talking about her because he'd written me off thanks to my engagement ring, but we're the ones who eventually got together. It's like Melrose Place with a Methodist twinge!


jeanettec said...
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jeanettec said...

Hi Tammy. I enjoyed that first meeting from your ms. Now, I want to know what happens. :)

I met my husband in college.
Between classes I would sit in my car under the trees and this guy would walk by. He’d smile and wave at me and I’d wave back, checking out him arms. Did I mention I have a thing for biceps? Nicely shaped, muscled biceps? Oh yeah! Anyway, after a few days of waving and smiling, I got my butt out of the car and on top of the hood pretending to be studying – actually posing in an alluring position. LOL - What we women do to meet men.

Nothing more happened because I was dating someone at the time. But a year later, I saw him in a Greek step show outside my dorm. First I got the deets from his fraternity brother. What’s his name, where’s he from, is he dating anyone? Then I approached him. He was involved with someone (things were rocky), but I wanted him and set out to get him. A couple of weeks later, he was mine!

I should put that much determination in my writing. Hmm. I could be on to something there.:)

Sandy Elzie said...

Ah, memories. Hubby & I were working at the same place. I had just started, hired by hubby's assistant. (Dick is 5 years older than I am) He was the boss and someone hung a sign over his desk on April 1st showing Snoopy behind a roadside stand with a sign: Kisses $1.00...the kisser is "in". All of us girls lined up with our Monopoly dollars (I cheated and had a $500 bill so he'd remember me from the others) When he kissed me, I got so flustered that I accidently knocked a box of donuts off his desk. (Why the donuts were there is another post someday (g)

Anyway, that was way over 40 years ago and the rest is history.


Linsey Lanier said...


Cool excerpt. Sounds like a really good story. Good luck with it!

I'm enjoying learning how everyone met their spouses, too. Happy anniversary, Marilyn!

I met my husband at a church gathering and we always talk about the homemade peach ice cream that was served (we've never had any so delicious since). And also that he made a point to meet me and get my phone number. I like to think he's been chasing me ever since. :)


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by today and sharing your stories. I LOVE to these little peaks into everyone's worlds.

I'm headed to class right now but I will definitely check back later and respond more.

Have a great day!


Maxine Davis said...

Tami, I just loved your post. Your father-in-law must have thought you were worth it!

Now, you've got me hooked. I want to read that book!!

Me and Lanny? Blind Date. Only I thought she said he was short and dark headed, when this tall guy with light brown/red hair appeared, I was trying to shut the door in his face explaining that I was getting ready for my date. He stopped the door from slaming and introduced himself. I just blinked and looked at him and said, "I thought you were short and had black hair." There was a moment of silence followed by a direct, "No." He thought I was a little strange, but sweet . . .

Tami Brothers said...

Too funny, Nicki! Tequila is definitely my favorite “adult beverage.” I love your “meet” story. That is really cool. I remember you saying you never intended to get married (from another post/comment). Funny how fate has her own ideas!!!

Hi, Debbie. Thanks for the kind words. I had fun writing this part and am really looking forward to getting back to it. Talk about an interesting “meet” story. Very unique. I can totally see this about you!!!

Hey, Dianna! Thanks a ton for stopping by. We LOVE having you over here at PF&HT!!! I love your “meet” story. Like I said to Nicki, it’s amazing how fate steps in and decides for us. Aren’t you glad you took that job?...wink, wink….

Hi, Marilyn! Fix up stories are one of my favorites. I was always the one trying to fix people up but I always wondered what it would have been like to be on the receiving end of that. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking that would be.

Hey, Sally! This is a GREAT story!!! My hubby and I have the same type of he said/she said stories about how we met. He says I stood him up for our first “real” date and I tell him that I told him I was sick before he went to the dance. The fact that I had to go back to the dance and pick up my sister (honestly, my mom made me!) had nothing to do with me and him…grin… He certainly doesn’t see it that way. He ended up helping me find my sister then walked me to my car. What a gentleman.

Hey, Jeanette!!! Thanks for stopping over here!!! I can totally see this about you, girl! You give off that larger than life vibe and are one of those people that others are drawn to. I can easily see you setting your mind to something and going for it. I can also see that you will definitely get that call. I can’t see you settling for anything else!!!

This is a great story, Sandy!!! No wonder you have such awesome stories. What a guy… You will definitely have to tell us the donut story one day…

Hey, Linsey! I agree. I’m such a voyeur. I’m too nervous to watch people at the mall or restaurants (and afraid to get beat up) so this is the best venue for peaking into other people’s lives…grin… Terrific “meet.” You will definitely remember it every time you eat peach ice cream.

Hey, Maxine!!! How was Alaska??? I’m so jealous. This is a very funny “meet.” AND one I can totally see you doing. It’s a good think he stopped that door!

Thanks guys. This was a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


Anna Steffl said...

Bottle green eyes? What a terrific line! I so want to steal it.

My story about meeting my husband is really awful if I tell it truthfully. Good thing its the end of the day and no one is going to read it! I was in the death-grip of a live-in relationship. My boyfriend went to NY to see musicals (hum, assume whatever stereotypical thing you what about that, it might not be far off). So, a couple girlfriends came from out of town to spend the night. When we went out bar-hopping, I wanted to be naughty. So, I got into a staring match with a cute young guy. He won. Came over to my pool table. I got my hand all full of cue chalk and wiped it on his rear jeans pocket. He told me he was a philosophy major (a lie) because he thought I'd like him more. We talk...and he's from the same dinky town as my boyfriend! He went to school with boyfriend's brother. When he got to my apartment, he said he'd been there before. Oh no. A long discussion about it out in the rain turned into a wonderful kiss and him telling me that I was going to have his children (yes, he really said that). I moved out, did some high-tech stalking to find out his last name (I only knew I began with the letter S and that he was from the dinky town). I sent a letter and 16 years and two kids later...

Ana Aragón said...

Oh, my gosh, were really naughty!

Great excerpt, Tami...I really want to read it!

You know how I'm so into baseball? Well, I met a cute catcher at a nightclub and he asked me see him play softball..went to the game, saw my hubby (the hunky shortstop), and called my mom..."Mom, you won't believe this...I've met the guy I'm going to marry!" She replied that I'd made this phone call many times before and that I wasn't getting any younger. I replied, "Mom. This is for real. He doesn't drink. I have a designated driver for life!"

True story. I chased him for several months before he caught me. Been together 34 years, married 32.

And he's my designated driver for life!


ECSpurlock said...

What great stories, everyone!

I actually knew of my hubby before I knew him, as we traveled in a lot of the same fandom circles when we were both in SF. We first met face to face at World Fantasy Con Ottawa; he was with a mutual friend who was also an artist and we all got together to look through each others' portfolios. But I was going seriously with someone else and he was going through a bad divorce, and I just didn't want to get involved in that, so we each went our separate ways. Until...

About a year later our respective best friends ended up getting married, Bill's divorce was over and done with and I had just broken up with the guy I had been going with when we first met. So our friends decided to throw us together for their entire wedding week by naming us their best man and maid of honor. They even went so far as to handcuff us together as a gag! It actually took us several months to get together, partly because we were both still smarting from our respective breakups plus living in two different states at the time, but we finally had to acknowledge that our friends knew us both pretty well, and were right on with their matchmaking in the end!

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Ladies,

Thanks a ton for sharing your stories. I LOVE them all.

Anna, you are nauthy!!! I can so see that about you. Great story though!

Hi, Ana. Now why did I not see that coming? I can tell that baseball is definitely a huge part of your life and rightly so. That's how it all started....grin....

Hi, EC. Again, it's FATE!!! I love the idea of the handcuffs. Even if you guys weren't ready, your friends KNEW!!!

Thanks again for sharing your stories everyone! This was a lot of fun. If anyone else posts a comment, I won't be back until Saturday night. But I will definitely read them when I return!!!

Have a great weekend!

Carol Burnside said...

Enjoyed your snippit, Tami!

Ack! I hate to admit it, but I don't remember the first time I saw my hubby. I know it was at church, but that's about it. I was a freshman, he a senior (high school) and I liked him right away. I worked hard to get his attention (he says it didn't take much), but there was never any doubt in my mind that he was THE ONE!