Friday, June 19, 2009

Please Welcome Back Inspirational Author Missy Tippens

Two-time Maggie winner and 2006 Golden Heart finalist Missy Tippens had her dream come true on January 30, 2007, when she got The Call. Her second book for Steeple Hill Love Inspired, HIS FOREVER LOVE, is on shelves now! The next, A Forever Christmas, will be out in November.

Ahhhh…The Happy Ending
By Missy Tippens

I see that your theme this month is brides and weddings. Just like a lot of you, I’m a June bride. (Oh my gosh, I’ve got to remember our anniversary!!) And oh boy, I love weddings. They make me cry no matter who’s getting married.

And talking of weddings made me think about the fact that I’ve never shown a wedding in any of my books. I think maybe it’s time to add a good epilogue with a wedding. I know I will boo hoo through the whole thing. Maybe others would, too. So, as I work on my proposal, I’m going to consider adding it.

And speaking of epilogues, do you like having one? I seem to always want to add one. I like when I read a book and get to see the happy ending. Or rather, a little bit beyond the happy ending. I have a last one-scene chapter at the end of my November Love Inspired book, A Forever Christmas. I guess I could have called it an epilogue. But it actually takes place only a few hours after the big climax, so I just decided to do a new chapter.

In my first book, Her Unlikely Family, I have an epilogue that takes place a while later, after the couple is married. In my June book (on shelves now!),HIS FOREVER LOVE, I also have an epilogue. It takes place a week after the climax.

So I guess I’m the Epilogue Queen! But you know, something strange about me is that I don’t really like to read the same characters in the next book in a series. I don’t mind hearing a bit about how they’re doing now, but I don’t really like to read much more about them. I think I just like to end on the happy note from the previous book. I know they got their happy ending, and I like to leave it at that.

What about you? Do you like epilogues? Do you like to read about a hero and heroine in the next book in a series (where they’re secondary characters)?

Leave a comment today for a chance to win a copy of !),HIS FOREVER LOVE. And be sure to include contact information. Or you can just email me at missytippens [at] and put “Petit fours” in the subject line.


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Missy,

Thanks a ton for blogging with us today. We LOVE having you over here.

And on the subject of upilogues. I LOVE them. I always want more and these usually fit the bill!!!

Debbie Kaufman said...

I like the epilogues too. However, I think an author has to handle them carefully or they can come off as too cliche/trite. Love yours!

Marilyn Baron said...

Thanks for blogging with us today.
There seems to be a lot of controversy swirling around prologues but I've never heard anyone discuss the pros and cons of epilogues. Personally, I like epilogues. In fact, I'm working on a women's fiction right now and I already have the epilogue in mind. It's a perfect fit for the book. I like when the author ties up all the loose endings, whether in the last chapter of the book or in an epilogue. It makes no difference to me. And if I like the characters I would like to read more about them in another book.

I like the way Nora Roberts handles it when she has 6 characters in her first book of a series and then features each couple in her next book but we also get to find out what's happening with the original couples since we've already fallen in love with their story.

Marilyn Baron

Sandy Elzie said...

Hi Missy,

Thanks for joining us today. Yes, I like epilogues...I don't even mind Prologues if by telling me a short scene it get's me ready for the story and makes the story better.

I love how Nora Roberts features a general group of people and then focuses on one of them in each book. I'm doing the same in the current series I'm yet unsold, but I have a publisher interested in seeing it...The Harrington's of Rockford Point. Four books and each will feature a different sibling.

Again, thanks for a great, thought provoking blog.


Sally Kilpatrick said...


Thanks for dropping by. I hadn't thought about it too much, but I like a good epilogue myself. I'm thinking of a Regency I read several years back where the hero was so damaged that the epilogue seemed a necessity to show he was truly healed.

Great thoughts for today.


Anna Steffl said...

I like epilogues, especially those that show one more challenge, even a small one, that the heroine and hero face together and solve in a new way because they have a different level of comfort with each other (I guess that means showing companionate love).

I do think it's a tough sell to feature the same characters in another book if you've reached HEA.

Maxine Davis said...

Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed it. Count me in as liking epilogues. Have already done a prologue - felt I had to; haven't felt the need for an epilogue yet.

I liked JKRowling's epilogue at the end of HP & the Deathly Hallows. Kind of thought that is what happened, but she settled it.

Missy Tippens said...

Hi, everyone! Those of you around Atlanta, are you having trouble with your DSL?? I"m going crazy! But I'm finally here and look forward to the comments.

Missy Tippens said...

It looks like most of you like epilogues.

Debbie mentioned making sure they're not trite or cliched. What I like to do in my epilogues is make sure the story comes full circle. I like to maybe flash back to something in the beginning and resolve it. Or show the character in a new, better place. I like that circular feel when I read a story.

Missy Tippens said...

Tami, thank you!

Marilyn and Sandy, you both mentioned Nora. She does do that very well. She does just about everything well! :)

As for prologues, I've heard all the controversy about them. I happen to like them if they're not too long. The proposal I'm sending now has a 9-pager! Which is a little long. But I like how it sets up the story. I guess I'll have to let you know what the editor says! :)

Missy Tippens said...

Sally, that's a great observation. In a really damaged hero, we might NEED to see a scene from a while later.

Missy Tippens said...

Anna, that's so interesting what you said that about the couple facing one more challenge. I hadn't thought to do that!

Missy Tippens said...

Maxine, I hate to admit I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books! My kids have them all and have been begging me to. But I've just never gotten around to it. When I finally do, I'll be sure to keep my eye out for that.

Susan May said...

Missy,always glad to have you here. Some stories just beg for an epilogue. I like them but I don't always have to have one. I look forward to reading your new book.

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks, Susan!


Linsey Lanier said...

I like epilogs, too, especially at the end of a series. Most of the time, they're real tear-jerkers and I love that at the end.

In the three-book Prasala series I wrote, I planned an epilog with all three royal couples in the nursery, wistfully watching their children play together and wondering what their futures will hold. It could be the lead-in to stories about them as well.

I like mystery series, in which the norm is to feature the same detective in each book. I think it depends on the genre. Nora (again) does that well in the "In Death" series.

Thanks for being with us, Missy!


Missy Tippens said...

Linsey, you epilogue sounds great!


Missy Tippens said...

Joy I. (who entered by email), you're the winner of my book! Thanks for entering. I'll mail the book in the next week. :)


Missy Tippens said...

Joy, I tried sending you an email, but it says your box is full. Could you please email me your mailing address to missytippens [at] and I'll send your book to you!


Mary Marvella said...

I do like epilogues when they don't sound like an afterthought. Not one of my books has one. Odd! I do have prologues, though and I like them.