Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Royal Wedding

by Linsey Lanier

I love weddings. Just the sound of an organ about to play "Here Comes the Bride" gives me goose bumps. I love paging through Brides' Magazine, oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous gowns and veils and flowers. I adore silk and lace and satin and pearls. It all brings out my inner girly-girl. Sigh.

I especially love wedding scenes in a romance. And a wedding scene with princes and kings, well that's just the pinnacle of ecstasy for me.

This was my mood when I wrote the first scene of a category romance called "Only for the King," a story about a bubbly young woman from a horse farm in Kentucky who wants to go to Los Angeles to become a recording artist, but who stops on the way there to visit the country of Prasala for her sister's wedding.

By the way, I named the heroine after one of my blog sisters . . . . even though her personality isn't quite the same.

Church bells rang out from St. Bartholomew’s lofty towers to announce the arrival of the princess bride. When a gilded, rose-covered carriage appeared at the end of the street, a cheer went up from the excited throng who had stood for hours in the warm afternoon sun waiting for a glimpse of her.

The ebony stallion and chestnut filly, who were tame enough to pull a coach together, came to a halt along the curb and the lady stepped from the carriage in her white satin gown and long train, waving graciously. The people of Prasala shouted well wishes while she made her way to the cathedral’s massive entrance.

Inside the church, her heart beating with excitement, Darcy Matthews began the slow procession down the long aisle. Second in line, she was followed by seven bridesmaids, three flower girls, and a young ring bearer.

She focused on keeping her fashion-model-like steps in time to the strains of Handel from the colossal pipe organ, but her jaw wanted to drop at the sight of dignitaries and nobility from all over the world who were crowded together in the pews beneath the high, solemn arches, like dozens of eggs in a huge tray.

Goose bumps prickled on her arms. Was she really here in Prasala? Was she really in a royal wedding? Was she really walking down the aisle of this gorgeous cathedral, wearing a mermaid-cut charmeuse gown of blackberry and tea-rose, created by the incomparable Valsois, Europe's top fashion designer?

She wanted to pinch herself as she reached the alabaster stairs before the huge, elaborate altar and grinned at the dark, handsome groom awaiting his bride. Dressed in full Prasalian uniform, the man was absolutely gorgeous. And to think, her own sister was about to marry this Prince.

For the moment, she wished with all her heart that she could stay in this magical land more than a few days. But her new career was awaiting her in Los Angeles. Her new life.

As she pivoted carefully, Darcy caught sight of the dark, mysterious man standing next to the groom. Taller and infinitely more handsome in her opinion, he, too, was girded with sash and golden epaulets at the shoulders. In his regal dress with the shining medallions against his broad chest, he exuded strength and power.

"Who's that?" Darcy whispered to the bridesmaid beside her.

"Don't you know? That's the groom's brother."

"Really?" She hadn't been introduced to him.

"Yes. Leopold de Chambonay, the King of Prasala."

He was the King? Okay, Darcy could see that. But what she couldn't understand, what she couldn't imagine for the life of her, was why that wickedly handsome king was gazing at her like that. With a dark, penetrating stare that sent uninvited shivers dancing down her spine. Right down to her very toes. Right down to her very pinkies.

Why in the world would the King of Prasala be looking at her like that?


Sandy Elzie said...


Thanks for sharing a snippet of your story. Just when it was starting to get yummy......

Okay, so I'll show my geography ineptness. Is that a real country?

Regardless, I can't wait for you to get this finished (if it isn't) and get it published. I want to know how the king woos her. (g)


Marilyn Baron said...

This was a great "snippet." I want to read more.

Marilyn Baron

Debbie Kaufman said...

Morning Linsey:
OOH, and just when I thought the sister had the lock on the major royalty!

Anna Steffl said...

Very nice surprise twist at the end! I hope she gets to kiss King Leo and he gets to kiss that pinky toe of hers.

Thanks for sharing.

Linsey Lanier said...

Thanks, Sandy. Prasala is a made up country that I imagined in Europe. I sort of combined "Prague" and "Chicken Marsala" for its name. LOL. I haven't quite finished this book. Maybe I'll get back to it soon.

Thanks, Marilyn, Debbie, and Anna. This is my first snippet to share on PFHT and I was a little nervous. Glad you liked it.

I do have a nice hot tub scene later on in the book, but hadn't thought of the pinky thing, Anna. Maybe I'll throw that in.


Dianna Love said...

Wonderful peek into your story, Linsey. I think at the heart of all weddings is the fantasy of a Cinderella event. Nicely done.

CiCi Barnes said...

Great job! And get back to that computer and finish, girl. We all want more.

Thanks for sharing.


Carol Burnside said...

Linsey, your snippet has a wonderfully magical, Cinderella feel. Nicely done!

Darcy Crowder said...

Great excerpt! I love tall, dark and handsome.

Umm, are you implying I'm NOT bubbly?? LOL.

Thanks for sharing!


Linsey Lanier said...

I'm blushing from all the nice things everyone has said!

Thanks, Dianna. I appreciate the compliment. Yes, I love a Cinderella fantasy.

Cici, Glad to hear that. I need to finish my current wip, first, though. LOL.

Carol, thanks. I'm happy that I got that feeling across.

Thanks, Darcy. You bubbly? Hmm. You are much more serious and mature than my heroine. She has a few things to learn about life and love. I mean that as a compliment. :)


Sally Kilpatrick said...


I really enjoyed your WIP--to make it more fun, the kids and I were just watching Enchanted so I was thinking of King Leo as Patrick Dempsey. *sigh*

This is a really nice set up for a story, and I like Prague meets Chicken Marsala! I'll remember that when I make up a place (city + foreign delicacy)


Tami Brothers said...

This is great, Linsey! I honestly want to know more. You did a great job of making me wonder how she will be able to give up that new career and new life or give up the "Kind" of Chicken Marsala....grin.... Well done and definitely get crackin on the rest of it!!!


Pamela-reader said...

Oooh, yeah. I love the pinkie toe kiss idea.... I can see it now... They are in the hot tub shooting sparks... after some "steamy" conversation, Kingy starts crossing the hot tub toward our heroine. Quickly, she lifts her leg & puts her foot on his chest to keep him from getting too close. He caresses her foot... you can imagine the rest! (Yes, Linsey, you have my permission to use any part of that sequence in any of your books.) (wink)

Susan May said...

I liked it. I sure hope I get to read more. Ilove a good royal wedding. I got up early in the morning to see Di and Charles. I hope your story has a better ending than theirs.

Barbara Monajem said...

This was great, Linsey! I loved how the shivers went down to her pinkies. I was shivering right along with her. What happens next??? Please do finish it so we can all read it.

Linsey Lanier said...

Sally, Glad you liked it. Patrick Dempsey, hmm? Yes, he'd work. When I wrote it my model was Johnny Depp, though.

Thanks so much, Tami. That is the heart of the story. Glad it came across.

Pam, I will definitely keep that pinkie kiss in mind.

Thanks, Susan. Yes, the wedding of Di and Charles was another model I had in mind when I wrote this.

Thanks, Barbara. I'm shivering knowing that I made you shiver!

Guess I'll have to get busy on this one.

Thanks again, everyone, for all your wonderful words of encouragement!


Ana Aragón said...


Lovely! And the King? Yummy! I can't wait to read this...get working on it, girl!


Sally Kilpatrick said...

As a side note, Johnny Depp would always work better. : )

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I hope this gets finished and published soon. It sounds delicious. :)

Melody Locey