Saturday, July 11, 2009


Author Lori Handeland
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN 0-312-94716-X
Genre: Urban Fantasy

From the back cover:
SHE CAN SEE EVIL COMING FROM ALL DIRECTIONS...It took the near annihilation of humanity for Liz Phoenix to understand the true meaning of her premonitions. Liz is one of the sacred few on earth who has the psychic powers to fight the malevolent forces that have tried to wipe out the human race since the beginning of time. She battled these beings once, thwarting Doomsday but losing most of her soldiers in the massacre. Now she must replenish her troops quickly-because the supernatural war isn't over yet.

Doomsday Can Wait continues Lori Handeland’s Phoenix series. In this second book, Liz Phoenix, the former ex-cop turned bartender turned world savior, faces difficult choices as she battles evil of Biblical proportions. Faced with yet another series of impossible choices, Liz must manage to survive, to save the world, and to save the man she loves.

Handeland’s Phoenix Series has been compared unfavorably with Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, but I disagree with the reviewers who make this comparison. The overall premise is different, the worlds are too dissimilar, and Handeland’s voice is unique. The only possible similarity seems to lie in the sexual exploits of Hamilton’s Blake and Handeland’s Phoenix.

Doomsday Can Wait kept me turning pages just as rapidly as the first in this series. Lori Handeland again avoided the easy choices for her characters and continued developing a unique world that I can’t wait to visit again.

Reviewed By: Debbie Kaufman
Ratings: 5 Petit Fours & 4 Hot Tamales

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Tami Brothers said...

Wow!!! I am definitely finding some new stories to read from these reviews.

Again, thanks for sharing this, Debbie! I will have to check this author out!