Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letters From Home
Author: Rhonda Nelson

ISBN-10: 0373794797
ISBN-13: 978-0373794799
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Genre: Romance

X-rated letters from home have Army Ranger, Levi McPherson, tied up in knots. The hardest part is not knowing who the author is. He has a particular person in mind, but his brother’s conservative best friend, Natalie Rowland, is most definitely off-limits and couldn’t possibly be the one. When he’s given the chance to return home for a week after his brother is hurt by a roadside bomb, he’s bound and determined to find out the woman’s identity. And when he does, he plans to act upon those highly charged sexual fantasies that have been leaving him aching in all the right spots.

Natalie has had a crush on Levi for years but never had the courage to act on them. Now that he’s fighting the war in Iraq, she realizes how very short life can be and puts her deepest fantasies in writing. When she sends them anonymously to the object of her obsession, she feels completely safe getting her feelings out like this. But what would happen if he ever found out? When her assistant accidently puts her return address label on one of the letters, Natalie knows the game is up. So when Levi returns home for a short visit and starts acting out some of those x-rated fantasies, she decides it couldn’t hurt to have a few good memories before he heads back to the front line.

Letters From Home is a fast paced story that is easy and fun to read. Rhonda Nelson made this story come alive and the characters jump right off the page. I immediately felt a kinship with them and was rooting for Levi and Natalie right from the start. Letters From Home had an exciting premise and was something I could actually see happening. Ms. Nelson also fueled my interest in Levi’s brother, Adam, and his book, The Soldier. I can’t wait to dive into this next installment in Rhonda Nelson’s “Uniformly Hot” series. I predict that both books will definitely be added to my keeper shelf.

Reviewer: Tami Brothers
Rating(s): 5 Petit Fours and 4 Hot Tamales


Sandy Elzie said...


Great review. I saw this one and started to buy it. (I love military stories) Darn it, I didn't get it. (@#$%^) or "Bad Words" as my critique partner is in the habit of saying. (g)



Maxine Davis said...


Sounds like a book I will buy.

Tami Brothers said...

If you can't find it, I will be more than happy to lend you mine! AND you can't miss his brother's story in The Soldier. I won this book in a blog contest and it is sitting on my night stand begging me to read it. I think I might have to do just that!


Carol Burnside said...

This sounds great. I have it, but haven't read it yet. Guess I'll move it farther up the TBR pile now. ;)