Sunday, August 9, 2009


by: Sandra Elzie

Several months ago when I was encouraged to check out Brenda Novak’s website: and the auction she puts on each year to benefit Diabetes, I truly didn’t know what I was getting in to.

I got sucked in and ended up bidding on numerous things from editor critiques to trips, from watches and jewelry to a lunch for 10 with Georgia Romance Writer’s very own Dianna Love. Not only is Dianna a fellow GRW member, but she has been a great friend of Petit Fours and Hot Tamales, stopping in when she has an extra few minutes to leave comments and even being our Guest Chef one week.

The “prize” I was bidding on was a lunch for 10 with Dianna as our hostess and a Dianna Love bag of goodies for each of us to take home. We never expected that the “goodie bag” would be a very nice black canvas bag with not only Dianna’s logo on one side, but the PF&HT banner on the other side. What a fabulous and thoughtful gift! Then inside there was a copy of her latest release, Whispered Lies, a couple other books and other “goodies”, including a girl’s best friend…chocolate!

She arranged for our lunch at the Blue Ridge Grill in Atlanta and we feasted on excellent food and enjoyed fabulous company. No one wanted to leave when the restaurant ended their lunch service at 2:30, so we continued to visit until we felt compelled to move outside to get some pictures and let the staff clear the tables.

Everyone had a great time and we’d like to thank Dianna for being such a gracious and generous hostess.

Be sure to check out her awsome website:


Jessica Lee said...

Wow! What a fabulous time you must have had! I love Brenda Novak's auction and have bid on some wonderful items the last couple of years.
In addition, would also like to pass on the "One Lovely Blog" award to you, petitfours and hottamales for keeping it classy and sassy with wonderful blogs that cross the genre boundaries. We hope you'll stop by and pick up your award. Just please remember to pass it on to other well-deserving blogs of your choice.

Sandy Elzie said...


Thank you for dropping by and thank you and the Trampyvamps Blog Group for the "One Lovely Blog" award. We accept the award and will pass it along to deserving blogs.

Yes, I think Brenda Novak does a fantastic job for such a worthy cause. I found her this year, bought several things and will definitely be back to visit her blog through the year and her auction next year.

Again, thank you for visiting our blog in the past and we look forward to entertaining you with insightful blogs in the future.


Dianna Love said...

HI Sandy and ladies -
I had a wonderful time with all of you at lunch. So glad you enjoyed the bags - I couldn't wait to give them to you. Thanks for supporting the auction and giving me wonderful day with you.

Brenda Novak has given us all a wonderful gift with her auction. She touches the lives of so many people every year it's amazing. The auction takes a huge amount of time, but it's a labor of love since her child has Diabetes.

I'm thrilled to be a part of it and thankful for wonderful people like all the lovely ladies in PFHT who support this auction.

Congratulations on receiving the One Lovely Blog award - very deserved. It's always a pleasure to stop by here.


Tami Brothers said...

Thank you, Jessica!!! That is very cool!

AND THANK YOU, DIANNA!!! You are always a light to those of us on our journey to publication and we LOVE that you are there for us.

You totally rock!


Carol Burnside said...

Aw, man, it sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I hate that I'm so far away and can't participate in things like this. Still, I'm glad some of you were able to enjoy it. I'm envious about those bags!

Brenda Novak said...

The lunch sounds like it was tons of fun. Wish I could've tagged along! :-))

Thanks for sharing. It's wonderful to get such positive feedback on the items won in the auction. Did you fill out the survey I recently sent out? The information we're gathering should help us build the auction bigger and better next year.

Dianna ALWAYS goes above and beyond the call when it comes to fulfilling her commitments. She's a class act, truly. My heartfelt gratitude goes to her and to all of those who supported the auction by bidding. I want a cure for this disease so badly. There are way too many people suffering from it.

Thanks again for help me spread the word about the auction, and for making me feel good about what we've accomplished together so far!

And congrats on the award!

Linsey Lanier said...

Sassy and classy? I've got goosebumps. Thanks, Jessica.

Wish I could have been at that luncheon. It sounds fabulous. And what great goodie bags! I can't say enough good things about Dianna. She's a generous lady.


Jessica Lee said...

I'm so glad you've accepted and thanks for the very nice comments on the Trampy Vamps site. You have a beautiful blog here. Great job!

And I can't wait to see what Brenda Novak has in store for us next year. :)

Cyrano said...

I was one of the lucky ladies to have the honor of lunching with Diana Love. Even though I was i=under the weather, I had a fabulous time, ate delicious food and most importantly shared a lovely Sunday afternoon with some good friends.
Thanks so much for the bid and win Sandy.
We should all get together more often.
Have a nice evning,

Marilyn Baron said...

I was also one of the lucky ones to attend Dianna's luncheon. It was wonderful and for such a great cause. I love the bags we got and the books and the company was great. It was memorable.

Marilyn Baron

Ana Aragón said...

I so wish I could've been there! I was lucky this weekend, though...I got an autographed copy of Breaking Into Fiction and can't wait to devour the book!

Diana is a class act...but we all know that!