Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Sicilian’s Baby Bargain

Author: Penny Jordan
Harlequin Presents
ISBN: 0373128274
Genre: Contemporary Series

Annie only wants to keep her baby safe.
With the father of Oliver dead, and her brother encouraging her to give Oliver up for adoption, Annie is more than willing to accept the safety of Falcon Leopardi’s home and name.

As the step-brother of Oliver’s father and head of the Leopardi family, Falcon feels responsible for the young woman and baby his brother has left behind. Falcon never expected to find himself attracted to the quiet English woman, and Annie is surprise by the passion that Falcon creates in her.

Want a hot, Latin lover? Falcon will meet your needs. He is a man with a strong family ties but stands out on his own.

Rating: 3 Petit Fours and 3 Hot Tamales
Reviewer: Susan May


Sandy Elzie said...


Thanks for the great review. Sounds like a great book that I'll have to check out.


Tami Brothers said...

Ohhhh. This sounds very sexy. I haven't read a Latin Lover book in quite a while...

Definitely need to check this out!


Nicki Salcedo said...

Penny Jordan is my all time favorite Harlequin author. I love all of her books. Thanks, Susan (and Darcy for posting!)