Sunday, August 16, 2009

Winner for Marcia James's Blog!!

Congratulations to Lynn Raye Harris who is the winner for Marcia James's romantic suspense, At Her Command.

Of course, we're all winners if we head to Marcia's website and ask for her free author promotion options. Check it out at

Lynn, please email me with your address at


Sandy Elzie said...

Way to go Lynn! Congratulations!


Marcia James said...

Congratulations, Lynn! I look forward to emailing you my e-book!
-- Marcia James ;-)

Tami Brothers said...

Yeah, Lynn!!!!!
This is awesome! I can't wait to read this one myself!!!

If you guys haven't alrady, definitely check out Lynn's website at

She's running a really cook contest on her blog so definitely don't miss that!!!


Tami Brothers said...

Uhhh. Just read my own comment...grrrr....

Lynn is running a really "cool" contest. She may be cooking, too, but didn't mention it on her blog...grin...