Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Confession Time!!!

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Confession Time!!!

I bet you read that title and think I’m going to give up something juicy, don’t you? Well, it’s not really THAT kind of confession. It’s pretty tame in comparison to what some people could confess (no hot fantasies or affairs; not even a brush with the law), but it’s still something I’ve been hiding. Am I ashamed of it? Maybe, but only because of all the times I’ve failed (and yes there are many of them).

So what the heck is it, already!

Big Reveal!

Okay, okay. My confession is this . . . I’m trying to lose weight.

(Silence follows this revelation.)
(Also, a long pause as crickets chirp in the background.)

Lose weight? Why all the secrecy and drama just for a declaration of weight loss? After all, aren’t ALL women on a diet of some kind (evil twin asking this, not me)?? Didn’t Nicki write something about this very topic yesterday???

Hhhmmm, so this may not be as dramatic as I anticipated it being. Still I’ve been apprehensive about telling people because I know how many times I’ve failed in the past. By putting it out in the public eye, then I risk the chance of failing again, but this time everybody knows!!!

Coming out of the closet!

So, why in the h-e-double hockey sticks am I telling everybody in blogland now? With no one the wiser, I could easily go on struggling and then mentally beat myself up when I slip and eat that Sonic Banana Split with my family. No one knows and I’m not held accountable to anyone but myself. Of course, with this approach, I’m also 3 pounds heavier than when I started this crazy idea two months ago. Definitely not working!

Which is why I’m “outing” myself. Maybe if I have more than just me to account to, then I won’t keep falling off the wagon. Think it will work? Who knows, but I’m doing it anyway. With this brilliant idea came the reminder that I’m not the only one out there struggling with this. So why not share a few neat things I’ve found on my journey. What’s even better is that the sites I follow are penned by some of my fellow writers. How could I NOT share them with all of you!

Neat Tips and Tricks!

Nicki Salcedo over at 8 Headed Hydra
Yes, Nicki from yesterday’s post. I follow Nicki because I love her cheeky look on this subject and she gives out some very funny and easy-to-follow tips and tricks. My favorite part is her weird weight loss section.

Trish Milburn over at Healthy Writer
Trish also gives out some neat tips and tricks, as well as adding in some guest bloggers with tips of their own.

Michelle Newcome over at Urban Reality Romance
Michelle’s blog is very inspiring. Not only does she keep it “real” and “honest” when she talks about her weight, but she’s NEVER predictable and I love that about the blog.

Another site I found inspiring (one of many I was pointed to by the trio of ladies above) is a site over at Yahoo Health. This, along with Trish and Nicki’s examples of keeping a daily food log, has been a HUGE eye opener in helping me discover my biggest snacking times and the high calorie foods that are keeping my calorie intake so damn high.

Will it work???

Even with these great sites, I’m still struggling. Every day has some kind of obstacle I have to hurdle. With a family who is not so dedicated to this endeavor, it can be a bit hard to keep my resolve. But I’m trying. While my husband (who is doing most of the cooking while I’m busy with school) cruises the yummy recipes over at Rachel Ray’s site, I’m keeping an eye on the various flavors of Lean Cuisine. I’m working at cutting out most of my soda intake (my high calorie gremlin) and will continue to try to keep my daily calories under a certain number.

Will any of this work? Who knows. Now that all of you know my secret, I’d damn well better step up my game. I have a lot more people to answer to when I slip up…grin…

How about you? Do you have any tips, tricks or sites that help you? I’d love to hear from others who are struggling with this (you know, so I don’t feel so lonely out here all by myself).


Debbie Kaufman said... has forums that you don't have to pay to be a member of and use.

And I can symptathize with the gained 3 pounds after I started.

Tammy Schubert said...

Wish I had some pointers for everyone. Unfortunately, I'm one of the people who needs to start a weight loss program.

Good luck, Tami.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Debbie and Tammy!

Thanks a ton for stopping by. Debbie, I'll definitely check out the weightwaterchers site. I've never actually been over there (now that I think of it, I have no idea why!!!). And, Tammy, thanks for the luck! I send it ten folds back at you..(g)..

You guys are great!

Also, I forgot to mention the really cool program Nicki and Michelle started with our GRW group. Lose a pound for each chapter you write! How cool is that? They have a forum going over at GRW's website for any of our readers who happen to be GRW members. Definitely check it out!


Dianna Love said...

Tami - I didn't get by yesterday so your blog sent me back to check out Nicki's - another good one. You're right about "outting" your intention to do something. Once it's known you think about it every time you see someone who knows. This should turn them into cheerleaders for you, though I'm not convinced any of you need to lose weight. You're all adorable the way you are.

Maxine Davis said...

YOU want to lose weight?!? You look great! Tips: super-glue your lips, tape disgusting pictures to the potato chip sack, lock the fridge and lose the key. Oh, hey, who am I fooling? If these are my tips, you know why I haven't lost.

It makes me feel good that my hub says he loves me just like I am, but I would love for him to be able to throw me over his shoulder without a catastrophic doctor bill.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Dianna! Thanks for stopping by. We love having you over here.

That's my intention with this "outing" bit. I also use this with my writing. If I tell someone I'm writing a YA Time travel story (which I am...(g)...), then the next time I see them and they ask how it's going, I'd darn well better have something to tell them other than well...geee...aaahhhh....

Hey Maxine! You are a hoot!!!! I'm writing this tips down for future reference. Hope your birthday was a blast. And I can totally see your hubby throwing you over his shoulder.

See ya later. Off to walk some stairs as I head to my Spanish class.


Linsey Lanier said...

Fun post. Good luck with losing weight, Tami. I struggle like the rest of us. My husband had weight loss surgery a year and a half ago. He lost over 200 lbs, but now he's struggling. I am always struggling, LOL. His doctor has a support group for his patients, which we attend. That's always inspiring. And the methods are simple. Lower your carb intake, eat regularly so you don't get hungry, and exercise 45 minutes 3 times a week. Easier said than done. :)


CiCi Barnes said...

Can't say that I understand why you need to lose weight. I'm with Maxine.

Anyway, drink lots of water - best drink on earth - along with green tea. Eat fruit, veggies, protein. Nix the bread and the sweets and go way low on the carbs.

I've done this for the past two years and lost 50 pounds. It's slow, but that's the best way to lose.

Every once in a while, I treat myself, just for a day. If you don't, you'll eventually binge.

We're all in this together, writing and weight-management. Together, we make a formidable foe against all forces of evil.

Oh, and during conferences, give yourself a small break.


Pamela Varnado said...

Okay, I'm outing myself also. I plan to lose five pounds by M&M. I've tried to lose in the past but failed miserably everytime. This has been so discouraging for me because I was athletic in school and had a great body. And while I don't want to get back down to a size six I do want to enjoy shopping again. My first short term goal is to stop drinking Pepsi. Like most people drink coffee for an energy jolt, I guzzle lots of Pepsi. Not good.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Linsey! Thanks a ton for these tips. Carbs are the hardest for me. Have I ever mentioned my love affair with Boston Crème Donuts??? Hmmm. Probably shouldn’t put that out there…hehehe….

Good luck to you!

Hey Cici! Thanks for the water tip. I do drink a lot (now that I’ve given up my other “friend” Mr. Coke… Ohh how I miss him….)

I totally agree on the treat day and conference time. I wonder how Nicki will handle conference weekend? She is such an inspiration. I think I’d feel guilty if she was eating another peach while I was snarfing down that Boston Crème…

Yeah, Pam!!! Welcome to the club… We can all do this together. I know how hard it is to give up that soda. I had the hardest time not stealing the bottle from the guy who sits beside me in my Production and Operations class. Talk about temptation.

I know you can do it, though!

Good luck everyone. I’ll check back here when I get home from work. Have a good day!


Tammy Schubert said...

Hi again,

With all my fellow writers chiming in, I'm starting to feel guilty about bringing two dozen donuts to the last Write In :) Please forgive me. Ladies, you have my word that I won't do it again.

Marilyn Baron said...

I'm with the people who are surprised that you need to lose weight.

I am struggling with the same thing. As I said yesterday, my doctor said the only way to lose weight is to stop eating.

I've tried to cut out any drinks but water (boring) and eat less sweets. I shouldn't eat any sweets.

In the past I ate what I wanted and now it's getting harder and harder to lose the weight. I'll do well and then go on vacation and gain it right back.

So I'm trying to consciously look at what I eat.

I wish you luck. We love you just the way you are.

Marilyn Baron

Michelle said...

You know what I think? I think you are smart to tackle this before the pounds really creep up. I'm on the anti-denial bandwagon, though. I still think you are beautiful, but if you are not feeling so soigne' then you should do something about it. My only tip? Forget the "weaning." That never works. It's the wussy way. Step. Away. From. The. Soda. Eat a salad with every meal. Drink water. Move your body. Get in there and go for it. I've found that even doing the right thing has made me feel better - 38 pounds to go and all. You can do it. Heck, girl, as much as you do in your life this should be totally within your ability.

Anna Steffl said...

Here's what my Dr. told me to do lose ten pounds:

Eat 1000 calories a day for two weeks.

Yup. It worked.

Five years later, I need to do it again, though.

Good luck.

Susan May said...

Oh, Tami in need to lose as much weight as I am old. I was the large pink ballon that floated down the aisle at my daughter's wedding. My trick is not to go through the back door when I come home. Coming into the kitchen triggers my hunger. I try to come in the front door instead.

Nicki Salcedo said...

Tami, you are awesome. I like those online calorie intake calculators (based on you age, gender, weight) and I also like the weight loss trackers. It is nice to see progress.

For the people who are surprised, be supportive. I think everyone (even skinny people) can improve their health. I am proud of you, Tami! Keep it up. :)

Ana Aragón said...

Hey, Tami,

You're right to get started now...if you're like me, I could always eat what I wanted and still stayed skinny. But every five years brings another five pounds that I can't seem to get rid of. All the suggestions above are great. I lost 20 pounds on Weight-Watchers and kept it off for a year, but then I got "sassy" and thought I could do it on my own. Not.

Outing yourself is what Weight-Watchers is all about. Anything that keeps you focused on your goal and around others with the same purpose works.

Of course, you still have to cut down calories and move!

Good luck with your goal and I will try to join soon as I finish this great big piece of peach pie a la mode.


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Tammy. I think you are good. Sometimes we all just need a donut (remember to make mine Boston Crème next time….hehehe).

Thanks Marilyn. The really eye opening thing is that I’ve gained 18 pounds since last years M&M. That and the fact that I now have a “Sit down job,” is a huge reminder that I need to get my butt in gear and get active. If not, I’ll really need to start stressing…

Hey Michelle! Thanks for the pep talk. I really need that sometimes. You guys are doing a great job of getting your messages out there that I found myself inspired. Okay, so the Coke is out. Gone. Finished. I really don’t want one. Well, not really. At least not right now. (Do I sound convinced yet?) I’m working on that salad thing and like both you and Cici said, I’m focusing on that water. I may have to buy some of those flavor packets, but I am going to do this!

Hi Anna! 1,000 calories a day. It took me a week to keep it under 2,000. Now I’m working on 1,500. Occasionally, I’m able to get down to 1,200, but I usually mess that up after my 8 pm classes when I’m starving and break down and eat something (that’s usually not the best before-bedtime-food). But I am working on that. Two weeks, huh? I might have to give that a try.

Hey Susan. Good idea about not going in through the kitchen. Of course, that’s exactly where our garage opens into. I’m sure you looked great in pink walking down that aisle. I can’t wait to see pictures. With you in charge, I’m positive your daughter’s wedding was beautiful!!!

Hi Nicki! How is Philly treating you??? I hope you are having fun up there. I’ll definitely take a look at that. I did buy a calorie book to keep in my car. Of course this was after I had passed up the 520 sandwich at Arby’s and ate the 830 calorie Italian salad and dressing. When I found out my mistake, I was really bummed that I had given up the “good” meal that I really wanted. I’m also taking your advice today (on your blog) about keeping an apple with you. I think taking one to work with me each day will help a lot.

Thanks, Anna! I’m definitely checking into weight watchers. My mother-in-law told me this afternoon that she is doing weight watchers. Even though it’s 1,600 miles away, it might be fun to coordinate this with someone.

Thanks a bunch everyone for commenting today. You’ve come up with some really cool ideas that I plan to incorporate into this crazy idea. I’ll keep you posted on how things are going.

Tomorrow, I’m headed to my second kickboxing class. I could barely walk after the last class, so we’ll see how tomorrow’s workout goes (my legs are still jelly). Have good night!!


Carol Burnside said...

I haven't been on the blog this week other than to check the posts at night. ;) But I had to laugh when I saw our theme is the older heroine and all the talk is about losing weight. The pounds creep up, don't they?

It's getting cooler here in the evenings. Nice weather for walking a few miles through the neighborhood. Hubby and I are putting a workout area together in the basement in anticipation of winter.

Susan said...

Tami, believe it or not, I am doing the same thing. I am simply counting everything that goes in my mouth. I am allowing myself 1,000 a, that is low, but really, we don't know the exact amount in food, so I do know that I go over that. But I also don't count things that are in a package. So, needless to say, it is working. I also do the elliptical for thirty minutes at night.

Class is a stress for me. I tend to eat. So, if I do, I pay for it with 15 more minutes on the machine!

See you next week!

Cinthia Hamer said...

Sorry I wasn't around to comment on this yesterday when it was "fresh". Two airport shuttle trips and one to the farmer's market, one to return a duplicate wedding gift for Bridezilla, and a jaunt to Target' to get a gutsucker for the wedding on Saturday.

Tami, I salute you for "outing" yourself as a dieter. I would dearly love to lose about fifty pounds. Would love to lose about twenty more after that, but I'm not going to be greedy. I'd just be thankful for any amount of fat that would disappear forever.

Losing weight, especially after THAT birthday is soooo hard. Ugh! I'd rather go to the dentist every day than play the No, You Can't Have That game.

Now, my 85 years young Aunt Sally lost forty pounds over the course of about two years. Her secret: Coconut Oil. I'm not kidding.

She says that you have to give yourself a jumpstart by consuming absolutely NO carbs for three consecutive days. Then, only whole grains (if you can cut out any type of gluten, even better)vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and three tablespoons of coconut oil each day.

You also have to drink water like a camel preparing to cross the Sahara.

Good luck to you, and if you have any small successes, please keep us posted so we can encourage you.

Sally Kilpatrick said...


Sorry I'm running late. I've been working on the weight thing for just over a year. I agree with a lot that's been said about water and calorie counting. My other suggestion is more meals and make them smaller and make sure you're getting enough lean protein--without that approach I would be nowhere. That said, I'm kinda "sassy" like Ana said--I'm looking at joining Weight Watchers as a way to get back on the straight and narrow. : )

J Perry Stone said...

Small meals. 5 of them.

And I don't know why you're doing this. You're fabulous and gorgeous.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Carol! That is funny. I never even thought about that. I can only imagine what cooling off up north means. I’m a bit jealous. I bet fall is really showing its colors in your neck of the woods. Sounds like a workout room might be a good idea.

Hey Susan! Welcome over to the blog!!! Great tips and I wish you the best with your 1,000 count a day. I am really trying to get mine down but it is definitely a hard job. See ya next week!

Hey Cynthia! Wow, sounds like you had a trip (not sure if it was fun or not, sounds like a lot of work – I love the Bridzilla reference).

THAT birthday is creeping up on me, too. So I’m really trying to get a grip on my weight now before it becomes more than I can handle. Your Aunt sounds like a neat lady. Never heard of the Coconut oil. Does she cook with it or drink it? Sorry if this is a strange question, but I’ve just never heard of it. (Coconut milk yes, but not oil)

Hey Sally. I think we are on the right track with the water and calorie thing. Let me know if you do the weight watchers thing and I’ll join ya!

Hi JP. If you say 5 small meals, then I’m on it. I want to look like you!!!!

Have a good one, ladies. Sorry this is so late, but LIFE just won’t slow down. I’m definitely looking forward to this long weekend!