Friday, September 11, 2009

Petit Fours and Hot Tamales Welcomes Blaze Author, Tawny Weber

Maturity? Who, Me?

I peeked at the blog before I wrote my guest post and had to giggle – right there above my picture was the word mature. Rarely a word associated with me, to be honest. At least, not in my own mind. And probably not in the minds of most people who know me LOL.

Of course, I did realize before I’d finished my giggle that the maturity refers to age. But again, my first thought was: “Ack, am I getting old already?” Quickly followed by: “Oh no, I don’t want to grow up.” Which I think plays in to my love of being a writer. Get this, I have a job that lets me stay up as late as I want, work in my jammies, make up tall tales and party like a rock star when my book is out.

Every kid’s dream, right?

My most recent Blaze, FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME, revolves around a 10 year class reunion. And believe me, my characters think their *so* much more mature than they were in school. And yet, as soon as they are reunited with the people they graduated high school with, the characters slip right back into the same angsts and worries they’d had a decade before. Only now, my heroine and hero are much better prepared to deal with both said angst – and their wild attraction to each other. Adding another level to the maturity theme, Zoe is older than Dex (by a year, not quite cougar status, but still...)

This is an excerpt from FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME where Zoe Gaston, my heroine, has her first ‘known’ sighting of her old buddy and our hero, Dexter Drake.

“Excuse me, Mr. Drake?”

Zoe’s head whipped around, looking for Dex’s dad. Or better yet, Dex himself. Hey, any friendly face would do.

Her eyes rounded as she stared at the gorgeous guy from the lobby. He was focused on signing something for the restaurant manager. His hair was just as untamed coffee-hued wild waves as it’d been in the lobby yesterday. His butt just as nice close up as it had been bent over that cart. And his shoulders. Oh yeah, she still wanted to run her fingers over the naked breadth of them.

Zoe pressed her hand flat against her tummy, glad now that she hadn’t eaten anything. The food would have just got in the way of the horny butterflies dancing around in there.

Had the manager called him Mr. Drake?

Hottie with the nice ass from the lobby was Dex? Her old friend Dex? No way.


At the sound of her voice, gorgeous guy turned to face her. Holy crap. That couldn’t be here old friend. Could it? Tall, toned and hot? This guy looked nothing like her geeky buddy. But the eyes, she saw for the first time, were the same. A deep intense aquamarine.

“Dex,” she repeated under her breath, her own eyes widening in shocked appreciation. He was definitely Dexter Drake, but my-oh-my had he matured nicely.

Hmmm, at least Zoe appreciates maturity *g*. How about you? Does your career or job inspire you to feel mature? Or to feel like revel in the Peter Pan feeling of never having to grow up?

I’ll give away a copy of any of my backlist books to one lucky commenter. You can check them out at


Debbie Kaufman said...

Morning, Tawny!
Welcome. Right after I scheduled your post, I ran errands and, lo and behold, I found one of your backlist books, Going Down Hard! Moved it to the top of my TBR list!

Debbie Kaufman said...

As to your questions, working international adoption for several years and consulting for DFCS made me feel too much like an adult! I've left those behind to write instead. I'm working on less maturity all the time!

Emmanuelle said...

I'm not working but I have 2 sons (3 and 9 y.o)whom I'm taling care of, so it did help me to mature with the years !!
Great excerp (if a bit short... I know, greedy, greedy me).
Can't wait to read it !

Marilyn Baron said...

I enjoyed your post and your excerpt. Sounds interesting.

I'm definitely in the Peter Pan Camp. I never want to grow up. Sometimes I have to reconcile that person with the mature, responsible, mother of two girls in their 20s. But writing does keep you young.

Thanks for blogging with us today.
Marilyn Baron

Maxine Davis said...

Thanks for joining us today on PF&HT. I really enjoyed your post and I think I'll just have to go out and get Feels Like THF. It sounds like it is great!

Yep, I don't feel, my age, don't act my age, and if I don't look in the mirror, I don't look my age.-g-

Tami Brothers said...

Wow! I JUST picked up your book yesterday at the store and didn't realize until today that it was YOU who would be guest blogging with us this week. I thought it looked fun when I read the back cover but now after reading this blurb, I'm going to go grab it and start reading...

My job definitely makes me feel "mature" but I prefer the idea of being in the "peter pan" group. I think that's why I like to write, too. I can be whatever I want whenever I want...grin...

Thanks for blogging with us today.


Dianna Love said...

Hi Tawny -

I missed seeing you in DC this year - but it was a hectic conference. Congrats on your latest book. I so enjoyed the panel we did for the PROs a couple years back.

You have such a fun and wicked voice for Blaze - super fit. Best wishes on your continued success.

Cyrano said...

Thanks so much for visiting with us here on PFHT.
Like Emmanuelle said, your excerpt was too short, but it gave me the necessary kick in the pants to get off my rear today and take a trip to the bookstore. Can't wait to read more.
As to maturity, I'm 38, but I feel like a teenager. My 12 year old daughter accuses me of acting like a crazy 5 yr old sometimes on top of that.
But you know what, I like being goofy. It keeps me young at heart.
Have a lovely weekend.
And thanks again for your post.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Tawny. Great post. I work at a university so I feel I have to act mature for the students.

babs m said...

I'm all for noting that romance isn't only limited to hawt young things! Let's have a vote for the mature woman and the fact she's not DEAD. :)

Tawny said...

First off, thank you SO much for the wonderful welcome and for having me here on the blog :-) What a great way to spend a Friday!

Debbie, thats so serendipitous *g* I'll admit, I had a big thing for guys in cowboy hats for awhile after writing that story. Reece was, hmmm, fun *g*

I can totally see how international adoption would inspire maturity - but wow - what a wonderful and satisfying job that had to be, too. Talk about watching dreams come true on a regular basis.

Tawny said...

Hi Emmanuelle! Kids definitely have a way of maturing us! I've got two and I swear, that and paying the bills is where every drop of my maturity goes *g*

Sorry the excerpt is too short, though - I was actually worried it was too long *g* If you'd like to read more, there's another excerpt up on my website at ;-)

Tawny said...

Hi Marilyn and thank you for the welcome.

Writing is an awesome age-defiance, isn't it? I think there's something about living in the imagination that works better than any anti-aging cream on the market. Of course, late nights, squinting at the monitor and story-frustration pretty well counteract that for me most of the time LOL

Tawny said...

Hi Maxine :-) Thank you!!! I hope you do enjoy Feels Like the First Time!

Isn't there a saying about being only as old as we feel? I love that you feel so young :-D

Susan May said...

Glad you are here today. I subsitute in a high school. Most days I feel mature most of the times, but sometimes I stoop to their level and I'm very inmature.

Tawny said...

Tami, what an ode to the back cover blurb :-) I'm so glad it pulled you in and can't wait to see what you think of the story.

Yay, too, another person in the Peter Pan group. I wonder if we surveyed a group of writings if we'd all end up over here playing make-believe :-)

Tawny said...

Diana!!! Hi there :-) I missed seeing you, too. I had to skip conference this year because we were in the middle of moving, but I hear it was a ton of fun.

Thank you so much for the good wishes - and for holding my hand through that PRO workshop. It was my first ever and you made it so easy and fun :-)

Tawny said...

Goofy is great, Cyrano :-) At least, I've always thought so! I'd think having a preteen would be an excellent way of hanging on to Peter Pan. I've got a ten year old, and spend so much time playing Pokemon, etc, I'm pretty sure I'm still a kid :-D

And again, sorry the excerpt is so short. I thought it looked much longer when I sent it LOL.

Tawny said...

*g* Crystal, does that mean you really are mature or just act grown up while you're around your students?

Tawny said...

LOLOL Babs! I hear you - I think romance has room for EVERYONE!! (actually even the dead heroine, if we get into paranormal)

Tawny said...

Oh Susan, I admire you so much. I don't think anything could inspire me to return to high school - even as a teacher LOL.

And speaking of... Feels Like the First Time is a high school reunion story *g*.

Kim said...

Hey Tawny!! It doesn't get any better than this. One of my favorite people at one of my favorite blogs!

Mature? What the heck is that? LOL. I still giggle like mad at Kevin Smith movies.

And I don't want to talk about class reunions. My 20th is next year and I won't be able to go. *pouts*

And for anyone who hasn't read FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME-get it, read it, you'll love it!

SiNn said...

im a mommy so ill take peterpan because well see i feel if u totally grow up and become stuffy you die faster and i want to enjoy my kids and my nieces and nephews in the only way an adult can by being a kid too tawny ur works awesome i do have to say

flchen1 said...

Hi, Tawny! Just popping in to say hi! As for mature or not, I'm thankful to mostly be focusing on being a mom, so often I feel like I have to be the grown-up ;) On the other hand, having kids around reminds me of how much fun it is to laugh and to sometimes stop and smell the roses! So... both?

Can't wait to read Feels Like the First Time--everything else you've written has been fantastic!!

housemouse88 said...

Hello Tawny,

I don't have a career. I'm a housewife and loving it. When I was in the work force, I had to act mature. However, I can now be my Peter Pan self and never grow up. I like it this way a lot better. Have a great day.

Sandy Elzie said...

Hi Tawny,

Thanks for joining us today and for the excerpt. Looks like a must-read. Peter Pan? No, I don't think so. I like being mature. I can say "no" and mean boss (retired) and my time is my own. I'm spoiled.

Thanks again,


Tawny said...

Kim!!! You're one of my faves, too ;-) Thank you! and LOL on the Kevin Smith movies :-) Why can't you go to your class reunion? I understand not WANTING to go (waving hand) but can't? We need to get you there, girl.

Tawny said...

Hey there, SiNn (love the name *g*) and thank you for using awesome and my work in the same sentence!!

I'm with you - being around kids is an amazing way to stay connected to our inner child and really enjoy life.

Helen said...

Hi Tawny

Mature I try to be most of the time but where I work there is such a mixture of ages from 18 to way older so I get to feel young and immature when I want to depending on who I am with such fun.

Have Fun

Dianna Love said...

Ha - You didn't need any hand holding in that PRO workshop. You have a natural grace and wonderful presentation style.

I fell out of the womb too mature and think I'm going in the other direction these days. And I like it. "g"


Tawny said...

Awww, Fedora, you're such a sweetie. Thank you :-) I'm so glad your kids give you the nudge to stop and enjoy things like roses a little more. We all deserve those breaks and little perks that make us smile and feel great.

Tawny said...

Hi HouseMouse :-) I'm with you -I'd like it a lot better, too. There's nothing to make you appreciate the break more than having to be all grown up for awhile, is there?

Tawny said...

Ooooh, Sandy, you hit the one key benefit to maturity. Not having to listen to anyone LOL. Good argument for growing up :-)

Tawny said...

Helen :-) Thats like having the best of all worlds!!! Good for you.

Tawny said...

LOL Diana, I think starting mature and gradually working toward Peter Pan is a great direction, too!

and thank you :-)

Beth said...

Hey, Tawny! Love that excerpt *g* Feels Like The First Time is such an excellent book. I so love Zoe and Dex is to die for :-)

As for your question, it depends on the day. When I have a deadline to meet or am aiming for a certain number of pages, I definitely try to be mature. At least, mature enough to get my work done!

But there are days when I revel in the pre-writing. When I'm working on a new story idea--when I'm mostly staring off into space thinking, dreaming and sometimes talking to myself--I don't feel as mature *g*

Tawny said...

LOL Beth :-) So you're a Mature Peter Pan? Is that how it works?

and thank you!!!