Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Be Mature Like Diane Keaton

When I saw the topic for this month’s blog I thought I don’t like that one, what would I ever write about. I’m not a fan (yet) of the mature heroine in my reading material and now that I’m fifty I’m not always a fan of being mature in my everyday life either. But the topic turned out to be one of the easiest subjects for me. I thought of Diane Keaton’s movies.

I’ve become fascinated by the parts that Diane Keaton has been playing in her movies the last few years. She plays funny, sensitive, sexy, well-dressed, interesting, successful characters that are of a mature age. I like the women she plays, enough that I would enjoy having lunch with them. They are not sitting on the sideline, waiting on a man, a life, or a career. They’re out there living and making things happen for themselves.

I think Baby Boom was the movie that made me a fan. A successful woman found that loving a small human was more important than being top dog at a job. She ended up with a hunky man, too. .
In The Family Stone she was a dying mother that loved her family and had such a strong presence in their life that she left a legacy of strength.

In Because I said So she played the mother of four girls. She wanted the youngest to find true love and was going behind her daughters back to help her . The mother manages to meet her own true love along the way, and still be a mother that was not too old to learn a lesson.

In the Father of the Bride she played the mother of the bride in the first one and the mature woman having a baby in the second. I’ve done the mother of the bride thing, and with four grown children now, I’m not going to do the baby thing again, but unlike me Diane Keaton looked great doing both. There was nothing weak about her character in either movie.

She played the wife dumped in the First Wives Club but she brings herself out of a devastating experience and grows from it.

I think Something’s Gotta Give is her strongest mature role. She has the chance to be that cougar we discussed earlier in the month but as a mature woman she knows what true love really means.

Based on the number of Keaton movies, all of which I enjoyed, mature woman are on the upswing.

I’ve heard Ms. Keaton say that she is just glad to be offered such great parts at her age. I can remember when a female was over the hill in Hollywood as an actress when she turned 40. I’m glad to see that idea is changing. If mature women and characters are moving into the movies then maybe it is time for me to give the mature woman more of a chance in my reading material.

Have you read any books with really great mature women in them lately?


Carol Burnside said...

I haven't read any great mature women lately, but I've seen all those movies and loved them. I hadn't realized until now how much I enjoy Diane Keaton in movies. She truly does portray strong, mature women in a positive light.

Marilyn Baron said...

I love Diane Keaton too and I enjoyed your post.

I'm reading An Echo in The Bone by Diana Gabaldon and I really like the heroine, Claire, although I have no idea how old she is. She's been time traveling for so long she could be any age but she seems like a mature heroine.

Marilyn Baron

J Perry Stone said...

I love Diane Keaton, particularly as she ages.

I've heard she refuses to get any plastic surgery. Given the focus of Hollywood, and the fact that she's still getting work, I think it's good sign.

Since I can't come up with any novels where the heroine was "mature," I'm beginning to think we all should flood the market.

Thing is, I prefer mature writers and can see them within their writing.

I suppose that's not enough though.

Maxine Davis said...


I really enjoyed your post. I love Dianne Keaton. I want to be like her when I grow up; oops, I just looked up her birthday. I'm knocking on that door so cancel that comment.

Baby Boom is when I discovered her. Loved that and Something's Gotta Give since those are the only 2 movies I saw start to finish (and make that seveal times).

You picked a winner!

Linsey Lanier said...

I need to catch up on some of these movies. Thanks for the reminder, Susan.

I've always thought of Diane Keaton as classy, quirky, and very talented. And as an actress, sometimes she has more talent than the role she played, imo. For example, her part in The Godfather. I'd like to see a spin-off from that character's point of view.

Cool post.


Susan May said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by. Tomorrow night one of her movies will be on. With M&M I'll miss it, but some of you might want to catch it.

Tami Brothers said...

I LOVE Dianne Keaton!!!! Thanks for reminding me of these great movies (I've seen them all!!!!).

See ya tomorrow!


Ana Aragón said...

Great post, Susan! I was trying to get my master's paper out of the way last night and didn't get a chance to come to the blog and read your post.

Big mistake on my part!

I, too, love Diane Keaton. She has such a flair for romantic comedy, at any age!

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

I was quite disappointed when Keaton took on her spokesperson role for L'oreal. Obvious plastic surgery and colouring her made her just like the rest of Hollywood. I had always admired her staying true to herself.
Guess we all have a price.