Saturday, September 12, 2009

Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love Child
By Jennie Lucas

Harlequin Presents
Contemporary Series

Hot- hunky- dark- billionaire- Brazilian Diogo Serrador takes his sweet, small town secretary Ellie to Rio during Carnival. They spent one passionate night together. Months later, Ellie discovers she is pregnant, even though Diogo had assured her he couldn’t have children. No one else will be his baby’s daddy. He kidnaps Ellie from her wedding to another man, and whisks her off to Rio. Diogo woos her into a marriage of their own. Ellie discovers Diogo has another child and insists the child live with them, creating a family. When Ellie is kidnapped by the man she was going to marrying, Diogo saves her, declaring his love.

If you like demanding, hot tropical men that live at the edge of danger, and the excitement of Rio, you will like this book. A nice fast read, with tingly moments.

3 Petit Fours and 3 Hot Tamales
Reviewed by Susan May


Tami Brothers said...

Wow! I haven't read Presents in a long time (other than Lynn Raye Harris's book). I'm not why I stopped many many years ago, but you are really opening my eyes to some of the great stories I've been missing out on. Thanks Susan!


Maxine Davis said...


Sounds like a good read and I'll certainly try it. Hot, tropical men - what's not to like?

Thanks for the review.