Sunday, September 6, 2009

We've All Aged Another Week, Haven't We?

Here's who's up next week. Let's all be mature and tune in to see what they have to say, LOL!

By the way, if you haven't participated in our poll yet, we'd love to get your feedback. Scroll down on the right sidebar to see our questions.

Also, some of our readers said they weren't aware of Aspen Expose, PF&HT's group novel. It's also on the sidebar, below the questions. You'll find links to all nine chapters. Enjoy! (And look for a new book out early next year...)

Monday, September 7: J Perry Stone Couger Done Right
Tuesday, September 8: Anna StefflSwine Flu and the Mature (Hacking Cough) Heroine
Wednesday, September 9: CiCi Barnes -
Thursday, September 10: Debbie KaufmanThe Mature Romance
Friday, September 11 Guest Chef:

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