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Author Lori Handeland Tells Us What's So Great About the Apocalypse

Petit Fours and Hot Tamales is excited to welcome author, Lori Handeland. Lori Handeland is a two time RITA Award winner and the New York Times Bestselling author of the paranormal romance series, The Nightcreature Novels, as well as the urban fantasy series, The Phoenix Chronicles.

Lori lives in Wisconsin with a husband, two sons and a yellow lab named, Elwood. Check out her website at

What's So Great About the Apocalypse?

In real life, not much.

In fiction, everything. Danger, heartache, conflict, the end of the world, will we or won't we survive?

It's all about the stakes, baby.

And in Apocalypse Happens (released November 3), they're HUGE.

Elizabeth Phoenix is one of a select few with the power to battle those who have escaped from the darkest level of hell—demons bent on destroying humanity and reclaiming earth once and for all.

Liz is determined to stop yet another Doomsday. But this time, it’s going to be more difficult than ever because someone she thought was dead isn’t dead anymore…and is bound and determined to destroy Liz and everyone she loves in the upcoming Apocalypse.

I've always been fascinated with tales of the end of the world. Revelation, the Mayan Calendar, it's all so interesting to me. And when I read the tale of the Nephilim (the offspring of the original fallen angels known as the Grigori) a story began to form. That story became the basis for my urban fantasy series, The Phoenix Chronicles.

I love writing stories where ordinary people are pitted against extraordinary odds. In The Phoenix Chronicles I went a step further and pitted extraordinary people against Apocalyptic odds. It was as much fun as I thought it would be.

Here's a taste of Apocalypse Happens.

They are free.

Those words had whispered through my head only a few weeks ago. Taken out of context, the phrase should be uplifting.

Freedom’s good. Right?

Unless you’re talking about demons.

The earth is full of them. They’re called the Nephilim. They’re the offspring of the fallen angels—or Grigori--and the daughters of men.

Yes, the angels really fell. Hard. Their story is a perfect illustration why everyone should toe the proverbial line. Piss off God, wind up in Tartarus-a fiery pit in the lowest level of hell.

Word is God sent the Grigori to keep an eye on the humans. In the end, the angels were the ones who needed watching. So God banished them from the earth—bam, you’re legend--but he left their progeny behind to test us. Eden was a memory. We’d proved we didn’t deserve it. But I don’t think we deserved the Nephilim either.

Fast forward a million millennia. The prophesies of Revelation are bearing down on us like runaway horses. Perhaps four of them? No matter what the forces of good do to prevent the end of the world, nothing’s working.

And that’s where I come in.

Elizabeth Phoenix, Liz to my friends. They call me the leader of the light. I got dropped into the middle of this whole Doomsday mess, and I’m having a helluva time getting back out.

For reasons beyond mine or anyone else’s comprehension, Tartarus opened; the Grigori flew free, and now all hell has broken loose.


Join Liz and her former lover the dhampir (half vampire, half human) Jimmy Sanducci, along with Sawyer, a Navajo shaman and shapeshifter who is Liz's mentor, among other things, as they try to thwart another apocalypse. They're accompanied in this task by Summer, the annoying rodeo fairy who also loves Jimmy, and Luther, a shapeshifting lion cub they found along the way.

How do you choose your books? Do you prefer regular people and incredible odds? Incredible people, incredible odds? Or something else entirely?

Have you read any apocalyptic fiction and if so, let's hear the titles. I'd love to read them too!

Lori is generously giving away an ARC of her new release Apocalypse Happens, so get to commenting folks!


Maxine Davis said...


Good morning and thank you for posting with us today. I enjoyed the taste of Apocalypse Happens. (love that title)

Haven't read any appocalyptic fiction, but I think this will be my first. Sounds very interesting.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Nothing jumps to mind because it has been so long since I've read any apocalyptic fiction. EXCEPT for the first two books in the Phoenix Chronicles. I do like the way the stakes keep getting upped in the first two books. It will be interesting to see how they go higher in Apocalypse Happens. Thanks for being with us today, Lori!

Sandy Elzie said...

Thanks for joining us today! I also love studying about the end of the world as we know it. I look forward to your book...I'm sure my husband will even want to read it.

I like people (normal or "special") pitted against evil, regardless of the situation. I love to read how man will always rise to the occasion, (at least in books and in history) showing an inner strength that he might not have known he possessed.

Now, we can only hope we, as 21st century humans, find the inner strength to survive our current world mess.


Marilyn Baron said...

I'm not sure if I've read any apocalyptic fiction, but I am reading the new Dan Brown book, "Lost Symbol," which does refer to the end of the world (sometime in 2012).

Your book sounds really interesting.

Thank you for blogging with us.

Marilyn Baron

Lori Handeland said...

Hi, Maxine!
Hope you enjoy it!

Lori Handeland said...

Things get pretty wild in AH, Debbie!

Lori Handeland said...

Yes, Sandy. I love it when a character doesn't think they have what it takes to survive and discover their inner hero or heroine and against all odds, they do.

Lori Handeland said...

Hi, Marilyn. I'm not sure about that whole 2012 thing. My son keeps telling me that's it!
I do think he's kidding. ;)

Anna Steffl said...

I love these kinds of stories! They're among my favorites.

Lori Handeland said...

Glad to hear it, Anna!

Tami Brothers said...

Very cool! I had not heard of this series, but I will definitely be checking it (and the others in the series) out. Very good blurb to catch our interests!!!

I haven't read any apocalyptic fiction (that I know about), but I'm game to try it.

I have actually been on a book freeze while in school. Unfortunately, I "thaw" quite often (unfortunately for my budget, that is). I have been finding some awesome books through blogs like ours, as well as some really great review blogs. I can go with either regular people or incredible odds. I'm not too picky about the story line.

Lori, I'm glad you blogged with us today. I LOVE finding new authors to read and I will definitely be adding you to my list.

(Great picture of you, by the way)

Lori Handeland said...

Thanks, Tami. Hope you enjoy them!

Cyrano said...

loved the excerpt!! Thanks for sharing it with us. And thanks also for visiting PFHT today.
My WIP is about demons who dwell among humans. I have so much fun making up the different breeds, what they look like, how they live. The lore of demons is very interesting to me.
I've never read any apocalyptic fiction (though your novel is one I've put on my list) but I love the show SUPERNATURAL. The brother's Winchester are in the midst of an apocalypse right now. And to tell you the truth, I like ordinary, every day people, battling extraordinary elements!
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Have a lovley (though soggy) afternoon.
And a happy Halloween,

Lori Handeland said...

Hi, Tamara. Your WIP sounds right up my alley.

And I'm a huge Supernatural fan. Love, love, love it!!

EC Spurlock said...

Thanks for blogging with us today, Lori. I'm a big fan of your Night Creature series, and love the way your characters think of themselves as very ordinary, but when the situation demands, dig down deep to find the extraordinary within.

Growing up Catholic I heard about the Apocalypse WAY too much for my taste! But after a preview like that I think I need to check this one out.

Lori Handeland said...

LOL, EC! I suppose you did hear about the end of the world quite a bit.

I just sold 2 more NC novels, BTW. The first, Marked by the Moon, will be out next fall.

Gannon Carr said...

Love this series, Lori! As well as your Nightcreature Series---got 'em all!

I guess The Phoenix Chronicles would be the only Apocalyptic fiction I've read. Excellent way to start, don't you think?! LOL

Lori Handeland said...

HI, Gannon!!! Fancy meeting you here. :)

Tammy Schubert said...

Thanks for blogging with us today, Lori.

I'm not sure I have ever read apocalyptic fiction I enjoyed your post so much, I'm going to have to check out Apocalypse Happens.

Linsey Lanier said...

Yes, thanks Lori. Your series sounds fantastic. I haven't been into the paranormal craze, but this sounds like such an exciting adventure.

I have a book in my backlist that I wanted to turn into a time-travel slash apocalyptic story. Sans demons, though. Just some very, very bad people. :)


Lori Handeland said...

Thanks, Tammy. You'll be able to find AH next week.

Lori Handeland said...

Sounds like my kind of story, Linsey. Good luck with it!

Susan May said...

Thanks for joining us today. The book sounds great.

Lori Handeland said...

I enjoyed writing it a lot, Susan.

Linda Henderson said...

I have not read any books about the apocalypse but I would love to read your book.

seriousreader at live dot com

Lori Handeland said...

Hope you like it, Linda.

Lori Handeland said...

Linda Henderson is the winner of the ARC of AH. If you could send you address to me at I'll send that out.

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate winning your book.