Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bride by Command
By Linda Winstead Jones

Genre: Single Title
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN 978-0-425-22804-3

This book is a paranormal/historical world building story. I picked it up for free while in Washington at Nationals.
Emperor Jahn of Columbyana needs to take a wife, but not before he has a little freedom. Pretending to be a sentinel for the king, he travels to the home of Lady Morgana Ramsden, one of the six women he is supposes to choose a wife from. On the return trip to the castle, Jahn and Morgana fall in love. Neither knows the other has a secret. Jahn, who he really is and Morgana, that she can turn people and things into glass. At the castle, Jahn keeps Morgana in the dark by having them live in a room above a tavern. Jahn is unaware of the people plotting to kill him and their desire to control the future of his kingdom. Those plotting have supernatural powers like Morgana . Jahn and Morgana go blissfully through the days, until Morgana is threatened and Jahn moves her into the castle where she discovers he is the Emperor. Angry, Morgana refuses to forgive Jahn until she learns of the plot to kill him by her father, she has not seen in years. She shares the information with Jahn and together they save the kingdom and their future.
If you are a paranormal fan(I’m not) I think you would enjoy this read. I wasn’t as interested in the secondary characters as I should have been; I skipped over some of their scenes.

Rating(s) 3 Petit Fours and 3 Hot Tamales
Reviewer: Susan May


Sandy Elzie said...

Hi Susan,

I don't usually read...or write paranormal, but I have read a couple over the years that I found very interesting because of the world, the characters were well written.

Thanks for sharing this book. I'm sure some of our paranormal loving readers will love it...since the plot sounds intriguing.


Tami Brothers said...

Wow! I never would have suspected this was paranormal from the cover. I'm not the biggest historical fan, so I would have skipped right over it if I had seen it on the shelf.

Your review does grab my interest, though. I think I might have to search this one out.

Thanks, Susan!


Maxine Davis said...

thanks for the review. I do love historical. Wish I could get the nerve to try writing it. Not so much so with paranormal, but if this is more historical than para, I may try it.