Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conference Update

Wow! Everyone blew through stuffing the bags this morning. Now we are putting in the last minute additions to the registration packets before registration starts at 3 pm.

Here is a great picture of the fabulous, Barbara Vey, helping us stuff bags.

Just a quick picture of a few of us who came to stuff bags and envelopes. This is sooooo much fun!

More later....



Carol Burnside said...

Wow! I see a lot of PF&HT bloggers in that group. :D

Y'all keep me up to date on what's happening.

J Perry Stone said...

Barbara Vey is hilarious!!!

J Perry Stone said...
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Ana Aragón said...

Having a great time...and Romancing the Stone is a great movie even 25 years later! Looking forward to the weekend!


PJ said...

Will be there this afternoon. Can't wait! :)