Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Afternoon and Evening

Wow! (I keep saying that, don't I?)

This afternoon was a KICK!!!!!

The panel discussions were awesome. I took two pages of notes for each of the two. Tami Cowden definitely sold me her book with the wonderful information she gave in her workshop.

I had only a short time to change clothes before coming downstairs to the Welcome Genre Mixer with Dianna Love. That was great! Dianna Love is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge with us and I can't say enough how terrific she is.

Right after the mixer, I attended a dinner and was extremely fortunate to be able to sit with Dianna Love, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Barbara Vey, Annie Oortman and Darlene Buckholtz. Again, WOW! Dianna shared some really great tips on making time to write in our hectic lives.
Then, she surprised me by reminding me of the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales Workshop that was getting ready to start and then recruited the whole table to attend.

Fellow PF&HT, Sally Kilpatrick, put on a smokin hot workshop about Storyboards and Sounding Boards. She had the whole group putting little yellow sticky notes on manila file folders in 3 different acts. This was a whole different way of looking at our works in progress and I totally think I'm going to give it a try. She said we are going to attempt to post the Power Point slides she did on the Georgia Romance Writers website sometime after the conference. Definitely keep an eye over there for more information on that.

Okay, now for the BEST part of the whole night. The PF&HT ladies hosted a small (ha) get-together up in the M&M suite. We had tons of food, lots of great drinks and the best of friends any writer could ever ask for. Barbara Vey created a fabulous video that she plans to post on her blog soon. You have to check that out!

Sally got some lessons from DehMajisha Sigee (a fellow writing sister from Tennessee) on how to get her groove on (am I totally dating myself here?) for the Maggie party tomorrow night. Scroll down and check out the rest of the ladies that showed up. My head hurts and I'm doing a terrible job of putting names to faces. BUT please know that we love you all and thank you for making this night AWESOME!!!!

Okay, going to bed now. Tomorrow is coming way to soon.


(ps - sorry but there are a TON of pictures to follow. I just had to share them, though.)


Carol Burnside said...

Looks like you're all having a great time. :)

Linsey Lanier said...

Oh, Carol. Wish you could have been here. Everything was fabulous this year.


Amanda said...

Great post, Tami. That Petit Fours party was really fun. I loved the pictures.

Marilyn Baron

Mary Marvella said...

Looks like you ladies had a great party!

Dianna Love said...

You are ALL THE BEST!!!! I was up late at night with my fav group of PFHT gals so I didn't get online this weekend. But we had a blast at M&M and...NICKI WON A MAGGIE!!!

Love you all. :)

Sally Kilpatrick said...

Oh, the stanky leg. The memories.

Maxine Davis said...


Wow, you worked so hard and blogged too!

Love the pictures!

Missed you Carol.

Ana Aragón said...

Thanks for the pictures, Tami...I forgot my camera!

The party was loads of fun...especially following a super workshop by the PFHTs...