Tuesday, October 27, 2009


By: Sandra Elzie

Since today is my blog day as well as the day that my Treasure Hunt story is “up” on my website…(a shameless plug, but what the heck?) I thought I’d take today and just enjoy some of the lighter side of Halloween. Come on! Let’s share some fun moments!

As you can see from the attached picture, I’ve looked better…and worse…but it was all in fun. The picture was taken by one of my staff back in 1982 when the Accounting office hosted the Halloween Open House. (Each year a different department was responsible for providing the party and it was our year).

I had some dedicated Halloween fans and they strung webs all over the office, complete with my second most dreaded thing…black spiders. We all baked and about 200 people came throughout the day to admire our work and get a ‘treat’…candy or a cookie.

The following year there was a costume contest and I won the prize because I had spent the first hour of the day going around handing out apples and no one recognized me. Finally one of the administrators tracked me down in the hall and told me that if I didn’t belong in the building that I’d have to leave. I gave myself away when I started laughing…no, not a witch’s cackle, but a Sandy laugh. I was very surprised that I had been able to keep my true identity a secret for so long. (I had called in sick so they wouldn’t be expecting me at the office)

I’ve gone to work dressed in pajamas…my whole section did…(and I was only 21 and dumb enough to do it), a cowgirl with much-used boots and a paramedic, complete with a stethoscope hanging around my neck.

Like our kids, I always enjoyed any excuse to have a good time on that one day of the year. One year hubby and I went to a party as Natasha and Boras. Partway through the evening he donned a black cape and stuck in vampire teeth. Okay, I’ll admit that I married a man willing to step outside the box and have fun. (Vampires don’t have to talk, they just bite necks, so he was quietly right at home)

So, share your funny costume or party stories with us and then click on my name in the sidebar to the right and hop over to my website to read my entry in the Treasure Hunt contest. Be sure to answer the question at the end of the story and save it…along with the answers from the stories before mine and be eligible for a fantastic prize. (It’s bigger and better than any prize we’ve ever given since we’re making you work for it!)

Share your experiences and then enjoy the story at my website.

Happy Halloween!!!!!


Marilyn Baron said...

I enjoyed your post. I'm glad you told us that was you in the picture because I wouldn't have recognized you.

I just wanted to make a comment about how few trick or treaters have been coming by lately and see if you all have had similar experiences. Of course, I live at the top of a big hill and I can barely walk up and down the hill every day to get the mail. But every year we buy a lot of candy and then at the last minute my husband says, "We're not going to have enough. I'd better go out and buy a few more bags."

The year before, only a few people came and last year it was the same turnout. When my kids were growing up, we used to have tons of kids trick or treating. We do have a neighborhood Halloween party but I'm wondering if this is a trend.

A sign of the times?


Sandy Elzie said...

Hi Marilyn,

My, you're up early. I'm leaving in a couple minutes to head to north GA with a group of Senior Citizens to enjoy the apples and leaves and lunch.

I now live in a gated community, so I don't know if that will increase our numbers, but a lot of the churches around me do Harvest parties and a lot of the kids go there since they can dress up, get candy and there's prizes and games to boot.

Over the past few years we've seen a huge drop-off of kids, but guess it's just a sign of the times. Too bad.

I'll come back later today and answer everyone, so don't forget to check back in later this evening.

Thanks in advance to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment.


dianna said...

Fun, fun post and I didn't recognize you either.

My story isn't about the costume exactly. My husband and I stay on the go a lot, but he loves to dress up and hand out candy at Halloween. Two years ago was a particularly busy year. When my husband answered the door to trick-or-treaters their dad - our neighbor - look real surprised and said, "we all thought you'd moved."

That's when you know you've been on the road too much.

Sally Kilpatrick said...

Hey--great post, Sandy.

One of my best costumes to date was when my hubby and I went as Mulder and Scully--I even dyed my hair red for that one. We thought about going as Castle and Beckett this year, but he didn't want to shave. I've been a gypsy, a Greek goddess, Dorothy, Marilyn Monroe, Snoopy, and this year I'm going to be some Peter Pan/Robin Hood hybrid--don't ask.

The year I was Dorothy, Ryan went as Steve Spurrier--we were a diametrically opposed pair!

To answer Marilyn, I've seen a drop in trick or treaters over the past few years. I think a lot of people are going to parties or they stick with the newest and best subdivisions so they can hit a lot of houses at once. Now that we're not in one of the newest subdivisions, I mainly see kids from the neighborhood.

HAve a great day, ya'll


Cinthia Hamer said...

Good morning everyone...fly by post here.

Sandy, that was a great pic of you! I had no idea who it was until I read down. But you never told us exactly WHO you were supposed to be. Or am I just dense?

Halloween has never been a big thing for me or my family. When the girls were little they dressed up and a few times we took them trick-or-treating, but mostly we took them to school functions. I guess it just made me, as a mom of two young girls, feel safer. Especially with so many creeps around.

One year when I worked for a software company, the cubes got decorated and we all dressed up. I donned a blue satin evening gown, glittery high-heels and did my hair and makeup. I walked around clutching a golden statuette that looked something like Oscar. It was fun.

Okay, gotta scram...lots of writing to do in the next two hours before work.

You all have a wonderful day!

Cyrano said...

I love Halloween.
Believe it or not its my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is second (the food) Christmas is third (the stress) LOL.
I adore dressing up. In fact, if I could, I'd dress up the whole month of October. But I'd probably be carted away to the looney bin. I don't think many people would find a costumed soccer mom fit to mingle among society.
Let's see...I've been Cher, a Fembot, a dead prom queen, a corpse bride, a vampire huntress, a 70's diva, Kelly Osbourne, a witch, Peter pan, and this year I'm gonna be a flasher (fake boobs and crotch wig. (that's for an adults only party. Don't worry, I don't plan on handing out candy looking like a naked nut!)
I loved reading everyone elses costumes and traditions. And I loved that no one recognized you at work. You, my dear Sandy, are a lady after my own Halloween lovin heart!
Great post!
Have a lovely Tuesday,

Debbie Kaufman said...

My trick-or-treaters have been down the last two years! Go figure. I have hardly dressed up at all since I was a young teenager. The funny halloween stuff around my house revolves around my granddaughter. She ropes her mom into dressing up in something that accompanies the costume she chooses. Her mom inevitablly ends up as the evil witch in some princess story.

Anna Steffl said...

Man, you guys are crazy. We need to have a GRW Halloween party instead of that December potluck. Okay, it would be too close to M&M...

My favorite costume was when I went as an ape from Planet of the Apes. It was one of those cheapy drugstore costumes with a plastic mask. I wore it to a Brownies party. I was the only ape among a bunch of princesses and gypsies.

Anna Steffl said...

Nice website Sandy!

Carol Burnside said...

One year DH & I went as Fred & Wilma Flintstone to a grown-up party. Lots of people were in costume and it was a lot of fun!

I don't know what to expect in the way of Trick-or-Treaters here. New house, new neighborhood, though if the preponderance of kids is any indication, I might need that caldron in the basement to hold it all. We'll see.

Cyrano said...

I TOTALLY agree with Anna on the GRW Halloween party. Hell, I'll host it next year at my house if people are in on it!!!

Sandy Elzie said...

Hi everyone...I'm Back!

Dianna, loved your comments, thanks for dropping by.

Sally, Gads girlfriend, you rock! You've been everything! I love that for one day we can throw our big-girl panties away and play like the kids...without anyone thinking we're nuts.


Sandy Elzie said...

Cinthia, Great! I can actually picture you as Miss Georgia! And yes, I can certainly agree with wanting to keep our kids safe. That's why I usually help out at our church. We usually have a couple thousand people. I like painting faces.

Tamara, Girl, you are just wild! Cher I can imagine, but a flasher? Not so much. (g)
Hope you have a great time.


Sandy Elzie said...


A few years ago a little princess arrived at our door holding on to a plastic chain that was draped over her shoulder. Attached to the other end of her chain was her teenage brother dressed (and acting the part) like the Hunchback. He was so good that we, of course, gave him treats also.

Thanks for stopping by.

Funny...love the ape costume. (even liked the movie back then).
Thanks for the website compliment.


Good luck with the little kiddies and have lots of treats...you don't want the tricks. Thanks for dropping by.


EC Spurlock said...

Halloween has always been big around our house. When we first got married DH and I used to do the Phantom and Christine every year and I would do full stage makeup on him to be authentic. When we moved into a house after living in apartments, the real fun began. We would do the whole nine yards -- fake cemetary in the front yard, skeletons, spooky music, fog machine, the works. We fitted all the outdoor lights with blacklights and dressed all in black so you couldn't see us until you were right on top of us. We even scared teenagers silly. We had everything from a little girl who ran so fast she left her shoes in our driveway to a mom who left her kids on our porch and took off running. We had people tell us we were better than the commercial haunted house on the other side of town. We measured our success by how much candy was dropped in our yard and how many people crossed the street to avoid our house.

We used to get people from all the surrounding subdivisions because there were three or four houses who all used to compete to see who was the scariest. Unfortunately, we haven't seen so much of a drop in numbers as an increase in rough, rude kids and gang members. We quit doing it two years ago when my youngest son was assaulted by a trick-or-treater. This year I'll just be dressing up for work, because my coworkers all come in costume that day and bring treats for the department.

Sandy Elzie said...

Hi EC,

Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about Halloween bringing out the mean kids. It's such a shame since it's such a fun time for little kids. (and big kids like us!)

So actually moving from trick or treat to house/church/school parties is not only safer for the little ones, but their parents as well.

Thanks for sharing.


Tami Brothers said...

I love this. You guys are awesome. I have NEVER dressed up as an adult. I think the last costume I wore was a hobo around the age of 12 (and that was only because I had to take my younger sisters around the block). I am really missing out.

We moved to our neighborhood last year around this time and it was awesome!!! I had never been anywhere where we had so many kids. My son LOVES it. He's already got the evil jester outfit and we are having friends over to watch movies, eat, and will let the boys go around the neighborhood while we kick back and relax.

Our front yard is all decked out (I have tubs and tubs of holiday decorations for almost every holiday). We have the caution tape across the front of our house (you have to duck under it to get to the porch) and lights, windsocks, headstones, skulls, pumpkins and a ghosts in the trees. I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for the fun look at what everyone is doing.


Sandy Elzie said...


Well, you've never dressed up as an adult and I've never really decorated my yard. The most we do is a pumpkin on the porch with a candle in it. Well, one year we played spooky (chain rattling and moaning) sounds from a speaker in the window, but that wasn't decorating. It's all fun.

Take care & thanks for dropping in.


Linsey Lanier said...

Sorry I'm soooo late, Sandy. I just had to tell you what a great picture that is. Sure it's you? I never would have guessed. :)


Maxine Davis said...


I hope you see my comment. I apologize, but I hopped on my book the moment I woke and dressed and worked on it until I just fell out. Will mail today.

I love your costume!! I can believe that you dress up and have a ball. I think that is wonderful.

One year I took my little brother T or T'ing and I dressed up like a hooker. All I got was some really bad looks - and a few whistles.

I bet you were a riot at work!

Ana Aragón said...

Sorry, Sandy,

Your blog post was right in the middle of my trying to finish my final paper for my master's class. It was a bugger!

My favorite costume? Trailer Trash Barbie!