Thursday, October 29, 2009

October - Scary, Spooky, Witches, Ghosts and Goblins, oh my!

The month is almost gone. You know what that means - just a couple more nights and Trick or Treat! Then it’s candy time. About the only thing scary about that are the pounds that seem to go along with each delicious bite of Milky Way, chocolate kiss, or cinnamon ball. (And always remember the cardinal rule of Halloween: always buy the candy you don’t mind being stuck with!)

This October we have celebrated all things associated with Halloween. We have read some wonderful stories in the ‘Pumpkin Patch’ this month. They made me hungry, made me drool, made me think of a first date, and want pumpkin-flavored anything. Not to mention the hot males that the lovely ladies of the P4Ht invented. Did I say drool? Oh, yeah!

Whether or not it’s Halloween, one thing that is always scary to a writer is not finishing that WIP!

Here is a snippet from a WIP, Full Moon and Foul Play

The three boys were stone-still, the soccer ball rolling down the sidewalk. Their eyes were big and their mouths open. All of them stared at the tall man who had approached them. His request would have sounded so reasonable to the average bystander. “Can you boys tell me which house is the Franklin House, the Bed and Breakfast?”

Sammy got his voice first. “Mister, are you sure? You’re really talking about the Frankenstein . . . uh, the Franklin House?”

Gerald, the leader of the group and natural skeptic, turned his head slightly toward the house, narrowed his eyes and took a step forward. “Nah, you don’t want that Bed and Death house. You want to go on out of town to the Motel 6. My Dad says it’s okay for one night.”

The six-foot-two Taylor Gordon was perplexed. Now it was his turn to narrow his eyes and to wonder just what the boy meant, or rather what his dad meant. He cleared his throat. “Yes, I’m sure. I want the house owned by Miss Dahlia Franklin that is a Bed and Breakfast, and I plan to stay a little longer than one night.”

Taylor looked at Danny. “Son, you haven’t said anything. What do you think about the Franklin House?” He couldn’t resist teasing him a little. “Am I making a mistake staying there?” His smile showed genuine amusement and not a little curiosity after hearing the responses of the other two boys.

The boy shrugged and cocked his head. As he walked away, he said as nonchalantly as an eight-year-old could, “Don’t make no never mind to me. You’ll end up dead. She might be the prettiest witch around, but I wouldn’t eat anything she cooked.”

Trick or Treat! Catch a broom, scare somebody, and eat some candy! What is your favorite treat for Halloween? Now, there you go again, clean up those thoughts!

Maxine Davis


Cyrano said...

Great snippet. I'd like to meet the owner of the spooky Franklin Bed and Deadfast. And even though I love my short husband to peices, I love reading about tall (6'2) heroes. MMmmmmm
I have a tremendous sweet tooth. Too big actually. But my favorite candy is almond joy and reeses peanut butter cups (the big cup) Love those things!!!!
Great post.
Have a lovley Thursday!

Debbie Kaufman said...

Hey Maxine:
How funny that the house we renovated (1800's) and lived in for years was known in the community as the Franklin House for the family that built it!
Candy corn! I love candy corn. Of course I love it year round.

Sandy Elzie said...

Good morning Maxine,

Fun snippet, (I love self-assured, mouthy books).

Let's see...peanut clusters...the ones with the caramel and nuts covered with chocolate. Darn, I can't resist those things. Also love English Toffee. But why get fancy when there's something almost sinful about just a piece of really good creamy milk chocolate that just melts in your mouth...and flows to your hips. (g)


Linsey Lanier said...

Nice excerpt, Maxine. I wonder what will happen next.

I love anything with dark chocolate - any time of the year. I think I gained a few pounds just reading your intro. :)


Maxine Davis said...

Tamara, Thank you. I was thinikng, one time, about making one of my heroes short. I'd love to read about one.

Debbie, I'm w/you on candy corn. Ummm. Maybe I'll buy that for Trick or Treat - except we never have any T or T'ers.

Sandy, Loved your comment, "melts in your mouth and flows to your hips." I can vouch for that.

Linsey, I wonder what happens too. Actually have very little of that written.

Have a great day, ladies

Susan May said...

Makes me want to read more. I love popcorn balls at Halloween. oh,ya Snickers are always great.

Sally Kilpatrick said...

Thanks for the snippet.

I'm partial to Dove dark chocolate. I'm getting really picky because Ghiradelli is nice, too.

Marilyn Baron said...

Love your snippet. What a great concept.

As far as candy, what is a cinnamon ball? I love cinnamon, so I need to go out and look for that.

Peppermint patties, English toffee is good too. And you're right. I always buy what I like to eat because we always have leftovers.


Dianna Love said...

wonder what happened to my original post?

I enjoyed the excerpt, especially to references like bed and dead. "g" I liked the last line about 'she may be the prettiest witch around but I wouldn't eat anything she cooked.'

Too funny.

Tami Brothers said...

I love this, Maxine!!! Really good story idea and I, too, love the mouthy kids.

My favorite candies are the Dove chocolates (not that I would give them away for Halloween!!! I'd keep them for myself.). I actually had my hubby buy some Skittles for the trick-or-treaters (then had him hide them in the spare bedroom so I wouldn't eat them before Saturday. Sigh... So little willpower....).

Thanks for making me hungry! Now I think I might go in search of those skittles...


Maxine Davis said...

Susan, Oh, yes, popcorn balls!!Thanks.

Sally, I'm with you. Dove dark chocolate. I don't feel as guilty if it is 'dark chocolate.'

Marilyn, Thank you. Cinnamon balls? Oh, they're just the red hard candy balls. Sometimes have a small white stripe and says cinnamon balls. Love 'em.

Dianna, Thank you. I appreciate the comment.

Tami, Tell you what, you can have my Skittles. - not my fav. But I'll take the dark chocolate. Thanks.

Ana Aragón said...

I love mouthy kids! Great premise.

My favorite treat for Halloween? I don't think I can mention that on this blog!

Have a great weekend!


Anna Steffl said...

Great title AND sample! How cool. Sorry I'm a day late ;-(

Favorite Halloween treat? Mounds Bars.