Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Saturday Review

Title: Whispered Lies – A Bad Agency Novel

Authors: Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN 1-4165-97425

Bureau of American Defense operative, Carlos Delgado, has a job to do; bring in a mysterious informant known as Mirage. When the informant doesn’t fit into any mold he had imagined, Carlos finds himself putting more than just his life on the line to keep her alive.

Gabrielle Saxe has been hiding from a killer for more than a decade; all the while, searching for those responsible for her mother’s death. During that time, she’s used her high IQ and exceptional computer skills to aid agencies around the world by sending anonymous messages to help track down international criminals. When she receives a cryptic message from a friend who is suppose to be dead, she can’t help but put her identity on the line to unravel this new secret. Her inquiry makes her a target for more than the killer she’s alluded this long. Now she’s on the run from multiple agencies who want to know how she’s discovering their secrets.

Whispered Lies is incredible! I’m serious when I tell you I was exhausted when I finally read the last page of this book. Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love did a stupendous job of creating a whirlwind adventure that is a life and death race to find the bad guys before they kill our hero and heroine. Whispered Lies is filled with computer hacking, espionage, grenade launchers, hellish torture and a helicopter vs Jeep chase scenes; all wrapped around a love story that barely has a chance of surviving. This book literally has it all. I was on the edge of my seat as Carlos and Gabrielle raced the clock to untangle the clues to some missing teens as they stayed one step ahead of a secret organization that would stop at nothing to keep the world from discovering who they are. Their love story is touching and believable. I got chills when Kenyon and Love described the tenderness in Carlos’s touch when he was trying to convince the killers that Gabrielle was his girlfriend and not the informant they were looking for.

If you want a high-stakes, fast-paced read that leaves you fulfilled (and exhausted) in the end, Whispered Lies is the book for you. Carlos and Gabrielle’s story is just one part of the BAD Agency series. I was thrilled to see characters from previous stories and enjoyed the update on what was happening in their lives. Of course, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to guess which ones will eventually get their own HEA. This was a GREAT read, but now I’m left waiting on the edge of my seat for Kenyon and Love’s next BAD Agency release.

Reviewed by: Tami Brothers
Rating(s): 5 Petit Fours and 4 Hot Tamales (Hot!)
(I actually met both Dianna Love (top picture with Annie Oortman) and then Sherrilyn Kenyon (bottom picture) at the M&M Writing Conference this past weekend. Both are AWESOME!!!)


Dianna Love said...

Tami -

Thanks so much for that beautifully written review. We get so involved in writing a story it's hard to see it through fresh eyes. Readers are gifts from God for sure. I've been one all my life and had no idea how much it touches an author to hear that someone enjoyed their book.

Back to work finishing our edits on Hunter's story that comes out April 2010. I'm sending you an early copy as a thank you for this lovely post.

Dianna Love said...

oops - friend of mine read the blog and told me I didn't finish my sentence. I meant - I didn't realize how much it touches an author to hear that someone enjoyed their book...until I became an author. thanks!

Ana Aragón said...

Great review, Tami! I got the book and am treating myself once I finish my rewrite of Strike Three so I can send it to Harlequin!

I can't wait to read it!


Tami Brothers said...

YAY!!! Oh my Gosh!!! Hunter's story. Now I'm really on pins and needles. Thanks a ton, Dianna! You guys rock! And I can't wait to read the new one!

(she with the overuse of !!!!)