Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Recognize these two?

Anyone out there a Supernatural fan? If you're not, you're missing out.

My daughter and I are Jared and Jensen groupies. She's team Jared, I'm team Jensen.

(Jenson's in the foreground by the way. Sizzlin, huh?)

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Supernatural is a series on the CW. Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester, boy wonder, computer genius, sensitive, demon blooded, younger brother whom my daughter refers to as The Spice of her Life. Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester, flawed, classic rock, classic car, fast women, trans fat, pie loving older brother. I simply refer to him , with a twinkle in my cougar eye, as Hottie Mc-hotstein.

In a nutshell, the brothers are demon hunters, bent on saving the world from Lucifer and his minions.

It's a friggin awesome show if you're into hot guys, paranormal worlds and a cherry, 67, black, Chevy Impala...hey, who isn't into that?

The series has an official cast of two. The only regulars are the "Spicy" brothers Winchester. Every week, the Winchester boys find themselves in a new city or town facing a new supernatural threat, encountering new characters along the way, most never to be seen again. And that's just fine by me.

Two brothers, battling evil with a shirtless scene every so often is all I need to be supremely happy.

And given the nature of the show, it just wouldn’t work if the brothers’ lacked chemistry. Luckily, Ackles and Padalecki instantly created beautiful music together from show one. You can actually feel their chemistry when you watch. You share their sadness (these butt kicking guys actually cry. It's heartbreaking when they tear up), their frustrations and their few moments of happiness. You laugh at their pranks and jokes and in general, you believe these guys could be brothers. The actors do such a good job my daughter and I actually feel like they really are related and we hate when they fight.

From a production standpoint, this show is one of the best on the air today in my opinion. There are basically four directors that call the shots on a rotating schedule and all of them are good. They're each on the same plane, and because of this, the show is tight, well written and boasts a deep sense of continuity. Plus, the writers have done their homework. The lore and mythology of the show are based on real legends in history. This gives the series a very realistic feel. On top of that, the effects, both practical and CGI are top notch for TV. It's often bloody, scary and totally freaky, but the tendency for gore is perfectly offset by a rockin sound track, a hot car, the believable emotional struggle between the brothers and the overall story arch that continues through each season.

October is the month of ghouls, goblins, vampires and spooks. What better way to embrace the spirit of Halloween than to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa, slippers on, phone off, TV tuned, and watch this show? Plus, you might even end up bonding with your teen son or daughter while taking it all in. It's a win win.

The show is in its fifth season right now, Thursdays, 9:00 on the CW. If you're like me and can't abide starting a series from the middle, never fear, the first four seasons are on DVD and I promise, they are worth every penny. The GMC you pick up from the show alone is worth it's weight in gold if you're a writer. I'd buy it as a learning tool...well, for that and the opportunity to see Sam Winchester's abbs on screen. You can also rent the series from Blockbuster or Netflix...pick your poison.

I highly recommend you try it out. Whether you're a die hard paranormal fan or not, I believe the story of these brother's, their tragic history, their present struggle and the future battles they'll face together will keep you coming back for more.

So, all you paranormal TV fans out there, let me know if you're a Supernatural fan - what do you like about the show and are you team Jared or Jensen?

If you're not a SN fan, what shows do or did you like? Buffy? Angel? Heroes? Lost? Smallville? Fringe? Just to name a few.

Love to hear from you!

Have a great day, a happy Halloween and make time to write, write, write!



Cinthia Hamer said...

Television? Hmm, that word seems familiar somehow. I think I used to sit and watch it almost every night. Now, my life is consumed with work and writing. Is that sad or what? Favorite shows included House, Monk and Mythbusters. Haven't watched any of those in ages.

It's great that you and your daughter have something like that you can do together. Too often, as our kids grow up, they seem to grow away from us. And you're right, Jared and Jensen are total eye candy. ;)

Debbie Kaufman said...

I have watched Supernatural from time to time and do like it. I haven't watched this season because it competes with NCIS and Grey's Anatomy. I'll have to pick it up at Movie Gallery and catch up.

Barbara Monajem said...

I hardly ever watch TV. It's too distracting and time-consuming... But I do love watching Doctor Who.

And I'll watch the The Mentalist if I happen to come into the room when it's on, because the male lead is so manipulative that I can't resist seeing what he'll do next.

Anna Steffl said...

Hum, looks like something to rent when I have time alone. My dude wouldn't appreciate the drool.

Cyrano said...

Hey Cinthia,
I'm pretty busy too, but I love, love, love my DVR. It's one of my favorite things!
I program all my favorite shows and watch them whenever, like when I can't sleep, or early in the morning before the kids go to school.
I watch entirely too much TV. I'm one of those people that have it on even when I'm not watching. The background noise is nice and soothing to me.
I love House. He's so scrappy and grumpy, just like me.
And yep, I love being able to share something like Supernatural with my daughter. She insists she's going to marry Jared Padalecki, and that's fine by me. Wouldn't hurt to have a star in the family!
Thanks for the comment.
Have a sunny day,

Cyrano said...

to tell you the truth, I just heard about Supernatural. When the series started I was a die hard Angel fan, so I didn't want to bothered (that and the fact that I didn't have a DVR yet kept me from a lot of great shows.)
Pam Varnado turned me on to SN last year. I didn't want to start in the middle so I rented the series. My daughter and I would do weekend SN marathons and watch 4 to 8 episodes in one sitting.
We're caught up now and I'm sad. I want more!!!
Thanks for the comment.
Have a happy, sunny day,

Marilyn Baron said...

I am one of those who has no idea what you're talking about. But, hello, after seeing the photo, okay I could watch that! Jared looks pretty cute. It sounds like a good concept.

But reading Debbie's comment, if it conflicts with NCIS and Grey's then I watch both of those. As far as the other shows you mentioned, I don't watch them. I used to watch Lost then I stopped following it. I do watch a lot of TV, but shows like CSI Miami, The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, Monk, Ugly Betty, etc.

However I love True Blood. So if it's as good as that show, I would watch it.

My daughter and I used to watch 90210 together. I don't know if she watches your show but I'll ask her.

I enjoyed your post.


Dianna Love said...

I finally have started a list of things I want to rent. My hubby and I like to rent an entire season and watch it all at once. This one's on the list.

Please keep sharing book, movie and tv suggestions. I get no time to watch tv unless I rent it, but then I don't know what to rent - vicious circle. "G"

Carol Burnside said...

I have a long list of things I watch, but I've never tuned in to Supernatural. Maybe because I suspect I'd like it and then it would be one more on the list. (sigh)

Cyrano said...

Wow, been busy today ladies.
Sorry I'm not getting back to you until now.
I totally understand about conflicting shows. Hate when two things I love are on at the same time. That's why we have three DVR's in the house. (Yes, we're nuts!)
I don't watch any of the other shows you mentioned, but I hear they're good.
I do, however, watch TRUE BLOOD. Great, great show. But I like Supernatural better. It doesn't have group demon possesed sex in it, colorful sailor language or Jason Stackhouse, but it's friggin awesome just the same.
Glad to hear from you.
Have a great afternoon.

Cyrano said...

I'm chock full of TV knowledge, glad to add something to your list.
I rent movies too. I go through Blockbuster and type in actors that pop into my head. I look at the movies they've made and wa-la, I find new and interesting things to watch.
Thanks so much for the comment.
Have a lovely afternoon,

Cyrano said...

It's probably a good thing you don't get to that long list. You can get so much more writing done when you're not glued to the TV.
I had to make a promise to myself to turn the boob tube off from 9 am until noon or otherwise I wouldn't get anything done around the house.
Maybe one day you'll experience the glory that is Sam and Dean Winchester. Until then, I feel for you.
Thanks for the comment!
Have a wonderful afternoon,

Cyrano said...

I feel for you.
If possible, let yourself take in the demon slaying duo otherwise known as the Winchester boys. You owe it to yourself to watch an episode or fifty. If only to get some good writing fodder. The GMC in the show is great. The characterization superb. The abbs...luscious!
But I agree, TV certainly takes up too much time.
I should be writing!
Thanks for the comment!
Have a great afternoon.

Cyrano said...

Find some time alone and rent the series. You'll thank me for the suggestion.
I had to force my daughter to watch the pilot episode with me because until SN she didn't really like paranormal television.
Now she's hooked. And like I said, she plans on marrying Jared Padalecki (Sam the spice of her life Winchester) So maybe I'll get a movie star son in law out of it one day! LOL
Thanks for the comment.
Have a lovely afternoon,

Susan May said...

CW is known for having shows with great characters. I'm not a big Si-fi fan, but I'll give this a shot just to see why you like it so much. You're right the looks alone aren't bad.

Cyrano said...

True Susan,
The CW does have some great characters! I'm a huge fan. In fact, I wish they would pick up the recently cancelled PUSHING DAISIES. Oh, I loved that show.
SN is actually a paranormal series, not really sci-fi. So if you don't mind demon hunting then this might be right up your alley.
I recommend renting Supernatural from the beginning. It just gives you a better feel for the backstory of these two hot tamale brothers.
Hey, thanks for the comment.
Have a lovley evening!

Maxine Davis said...


Good Lordy, I did not know they existed, but, if it conflicts with Mark Harmon & NCIS, then NCIS wins. Maybe I can rent the series - or learn to operate my 'whatever-its-name'player. Looks like that won't happen, doesn't it.

Great post. I enjoyed 'looking' and reading.

Linsey Lanier said...

Wonderful post, Tamara. This sounds like a terrific series.

My favorites shows are all of the CSI's, Criminal Minds (love Reed - guess I go for the brain :) ), Mad Men, and Breaking Bad - can't wait for season 3! There are many other shows I'd love to get hooked on, like the Mentalist. But then I'd never write anything. :)

Hubby and I used to do Soprano marathons. Those were the days. But like Tony would say, what are you going do?

Hot tamale brothers? Maybe we could get them to guest blog?


Tami Brothers said...

Holy smokes!!! How did I miss that show???? Apparently this is one of those that I missed when school seemed to take over every aspect of my life. Now that things are slowing a tad bit, I think I'm going to rent those 4 seasons. And soon!!!

Thanks for sharing!


Cyrano said...

Its funny Maxine,
This show isn't well known, but it has a cult following that's incredibly loyal.
I hope to one day have a cult following...for my books!
Glad you enjoyed the post.
Have a lovley morning,

Anonymous said...

I know that 'Supernatural' is in a killer timeslot. But they've made it through almost 5 seasons so they're a tough series to kill. 'Supernatural' is the ONLY series that I watch on a regular basis. From the first episode, it has become a guilty obsession of mine. What initially drew me in was the dynamic between the 2 brothers - simply wonderful. I've watched Buffy and the X-Files. I really do enjoy shows that tend toward the paranormal. But 'Supernatural' surpassed all expectations. No other series I've ever watched has sucked me in as 'Supernatural' has. To me, it's the perfect series. I have come to love the characters almost as family - I said I was obsessed :) All the aspects of this amazing series just struck a chord with me. Really happy you found your way to this 'magnificent' journey that is 'Supernatural'. It's a crazy ride.

Cyrano said...

I totally agree!!!!
The brothers have become so ridiculously important to me and my daughter. We've bought seasons one through four and can't wait to own the 5th.
And like you, Supernatural is the only...ONLY show I truly look forward to.
Buffy and Angel were great. I loved those shows. And Joss Whedon is so good with character, but Kripke does it even better!
Loved to hear from a fellow fan.
Have a brilliant day.

Pamela Varnado said...

I love the show and LOVE the two brothers. I must admit I sometimes get lost in the plot because I'm focusing on the brother's hard bodies too much. This is an awesome show and welcoming adventure away from vampires and werewolves.

Sally Kilpatrick said...


Sorry I'm running late. I haven't watched Supernatural yet, but I'll have to pick up the rentals and get into it.

You already know I'm all about Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. Dollhouse, not so much. I did watch the X Files back in the day up until the point it jumped the shark.

On the nonfiction side, I love Haunted History, If These Walls Could Talk, and some of the "A Haunting" shows although they're a tad too melodramatic for my tastes.

Thanks for the post. And the pictures.


Ana Aragón said...

Oh, Tamara,

It sounds like a great show that I'd be sucked into...

My favorite TV show? Anything baseball.

Oh, and Law and Order:SVU.

Great blog post!