Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time to Write
Kelly L. Stone
Adams Media
ISBN 1598694383
Writing Reference

Whether you need a gentle shove in the right direction or a swift kick in the pants, Time to Write is the book for you. Kelly L. Stone logically takes you through the process of how to establish a writing schedule, how to overcome those obstacles that keep you from writing, and how to utilize the strategies successfully published authors use.

Time to Write is so pragmatic you immediately want to follow Kelly’s suggestions for becoming more productive. All of the testimonials from published authors are inspiring both in the practicality of their suggestions and in how easy it is to identify with these “book stars” and to see yourself following in their footsteps. Time to Write also includes pages of resources including writing organizations, helpful web sites, and even Sabrina Jeffries’s character checklist.

If nothing else, reading this book is like watching Clean Sweep when you’re trying to Spring Clean; it will inspire you to evaluate your own writing processes and to improve them. For me, it was also a lot like listening to my mother: excellent advice and just enough of a guilt trip to get you doing what you already knew you needed to do. Whether a newbie or a veteran in the trenches, you need to read Kelly L. Stone’s Time to Write.

Reviewer: Sally Kilpatrick
Ratings: 4 Petit Fours Uh, no Hot Tamales. . . It’s nonfiction.


Debbie Kaufman said...

Kelly's tips are always valuable!

Dianna Love said...

Kelly's books on writing are wonderful gifts to yourself. I recommend Time To Write every time I meet someone who is trying to carve the time out of their schedule.

Sandy Elzie said...

This sounds like the perfect book for my daughter-in-law...but I just might peek and read it first. (g)


Cinthia Hamer said...

This book was fan-freakin-tastic! Can not recommend it enough. I sat down in her workshop at M&M and was hit with the most amazing sense of "this is just where I belong."

Just in the past two weeks, I've been able to improve not only my production but the quality of my writing because the focus is tighter. (does that make sense?)

Maxine Davis said...

I'm glad you picked this book to review. This sounds like just what I need to get in there and finish what I've started. I need to take a few minutes a day to read it.

Free Your Creative Mind! said...

Hi everybody! Thanks so much for reviewing Time to Write and for the nice comments! I didn't know this review was happening so it's been a nice little boost to my day and a reminder that I, too, need to get my rear in gear (ha, I just made that up) and get to the desk.

If you are looking for some tips on creativity, please also check out my blog at; I'm putting up weekly tips there from Thinking Write.

Thanks again!

Pam said...

I bought this book at the conference; it is in my stack of books to read (well, okay, there are actually TWO stacks). But thanks to this review, I'm going to start it TODAY.

I love you guys!

Free Your Creative Mind! said...

Thanks Pam!! Hope you enjoy it!


Tami Brothers said...

Another one I need to grab. Kelly was sold out when I saw her at a GRW book signing. When I was M&M, I totally missed it BUT I did see Kelly from across the way while I was standing in Sherrilyn Kenyon's line. I wish I would have jumped in Kelly's line first....gggrrrr...

I'll definitely have to find this book. I definitely need to find that extra time.... Hopefully this will help me.

Thanks for commenting over here Kelly!


Free Your Creative Mind! said...

Hey Tami, sorry you didn't get a copy at the conference. It's usually stocked in most bookstores. You just gotta find your writing schedule is all! :)