Friday, November 27, 2009

Adventures in Shopping

Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. This day kicks off the traditional holiday shopping season, and the quest for perfect gifts for those special people in our lives.

Kids run around in excitement. Holiday music and decorations create a festive atmosphere. The happy holiday season kicks into high gear. Sales abound, and everyone knows the best deals are found during the early morning hours. Through all of this shoppers must deal with long lines, crowds of people – some pushy and rude while others deliver basic, free gifts through their acts of kindness.

Can you feel the increasing stress level? Doesn't this make online shopping much more appealing?

We have all heard news stories related to adventures in shopping:

  • People trampled to death
  • Fights over parking spaces, toys, etc.
  • Acts of good will and charity
  • Secret Santa's spreading a bit of cheer

What kind of shopping stories do you have to share? Are they funny, sad, adventurous, or full of action or a touching incident? Please share your experiences with us.

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

- will be driving back up the coast of Florida today and it will probably be less stressful than shopping. I heard that some stores are open at midnight. I prefer a more relaxing shopping atmosphere so I'm glad I won't be shopping today. Good luck to everyone.Don't get trampled.

Marilyn Baron

Linsey Lanier said...

We try to avoid stores today, especially Walmart and the malls.

I did like the commercial of the family having Thanksgiving dinner in front of Sears to get a head start, though. LOL.

Have a good one, everybody.


Maxine Davis said...


Your post brings back many memories. I'm a "used to" girl. Years ago, a few of the anchor stores at the mall opened at 7 am and Penny's opened at 6:30! The others turned on lights and welcomed people at 8 or 9 - still earlier than their 10:00 opening time.

I would get there about 6:15 armed with my list, get a choice parking spot, and be finished with my shopping about the time "the world" decided to arrive. I would then gather my packages by my side and sit with a cup of coffee and a roll watching and relaxing, the envy of many.

Now, I hear one store is going to be open 24 hours and one at 4 am. I am no longer one of the Friday shoppers. I try to buy early. Too, the family decided to draw names of all 18 and over. Fantastic idea!

I admit, years ago it was fun. Now it wouldn't be. Isn't it great how things work out?

Excuse me, I hear another cup of coffee calling.

Tammy Schubert said...

The outlet mall by my house opened at midnight. Traffic was backed up on the highway into the next county. Just unbelievable. No parking to be found and long lines waiting to get in.

In the news this morning, a couple in Michigan, who met outside a Best Buy this time six years ago, tied the knot while waiting in line this morning before the store opened.

Have fun today and be safe!

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Ladies!!!

No black Friday for me. I cannot stand the lines and crowds all trying to get something. So far I haven't found anything I just can't live without. So far...grin...

Thanksgiving was awesome! The food was great and I even used Carol's Sweet Potato Delight. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Have a great day, everyone!


Susan May said...

No shopping for me today. Auburn playing Alabama is the big thing in our house today. I used to do all my shopping in October and be none by now. The last few years I've gotten lazy. Internet is the way to go now. I forget the reason for the season if I get to involved in buying too close to Christmans.

Pam said...

There is NOTHING I want badly enough to stand in line for at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving. It's online shopping all the way! But I might grab my Neo and head over to Starbucks to do a little writing over an eggnog latte later this afternoon.


Carol Burnside said...

No Black Friday shopping for me either. Can't stand the crowds, lines, etc. I do more online shopping these days.

Ana Aragón said...

I used to be the one who started at midnight Thanksgiving night. No more! I stayed home and cleaned and decorated. Had friends over for Mexican tonight and had a great time.

Three years ago we did the run to the outlet mall in Dawsonville just before midnight. The tail lights were all you could see for about a mile. I decided that I wanted to take a shortcut and got into the left turning lane, or so I thought. I was waiting to make a left turn when my son said, "Mom, you're on the wrong side of the highway!"

Yes, I was in the passing lane of the traffic going south on 400! Thank goodness, there weren't many cars going south and the ones that were were awake! I had to pull into the median and try to get back into the northbound traffic.

I still have nightmares about that one!

Cinthia Hamer said...

Unless it's a bookstore, garden center, cooking gadget store or office supply, I absolutely LOATHE shopping. Breathing all that recycled air along with twenty zillion of your closest, virus-laden friends. Eeww.

No touching incidents to report, but no horror stories, either. I'll just sit back and watch the chaos around me. LOL!