Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Suzanne Brockman's Troubleshooter Series

Brockman's Troubleshooter Series

Publisher: Ballantine Books
Available in print and for the Kindle on Amazon.com

Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
Reviewer’s Name: Tammy Schubert
Rating(s): 4 Petit Fours, 2 hot tamales

The Troubleshooter Series begins with Navy SEAL Lt. Tom Paoletti's, return home to recover from a head injury sustained on a mission. His action-packed love story lays the foundation for the rest of the series by introducing his love interest and the initial supporting cast of characters that readers follow through the series. Starting with the second book, the reader follows SEAL Team 16 as the men live, love, train and fight terrorists. Each book centers on a couple's love story with other complimenting, supporting, interwoven plot lines. Beloved characters reappear in books that follow, and not all of the troubles faced by various characters are resolved at the end of each book. These issues carry over to the next story, which enriches the series and character development.

Later the reader finds that Tom leaves the Navy and opens his own security firm, Troubleshooters, Inc. He employs members of his former SEAL team, some who left the Navy and those who remain but look for side work during down time. Troubleshooters handles government contracts, which mean select security missions involve the sexy heroes of SEAL Team 16.

Suzanne Brockman has an amazing talent for character development and weaving together multiple plot lines seamlessly. A reader cannot help but bond with her characters. So pick up copies of the Troubleshooter Series books, find a cozy place to cuddle up and experience the lives of Troubleshooters.

Troubleshooter Series Book List

Amazon's Troubleshooter Series easy access list: http://www.amazon.com/gp/series/93387?ref%5F=pd%5Fserl%5Fbooks&edition=mass%5Fmarket&page=1

1. THE UNSUNG HERO June 2000, ISBN-10: 080411952X
2. THE DEFIANT HERO March 2001, ISBN-10: 0804119538
3. OVER THE EDGE September 2001, ISBN-10: 0804119708 – My favorite
4. OUT OF CONTROL March 2002, ISBN-10: 0804119716
5. INTO THE NIGHT December 2002, ISBN-10: 0804119716
6. GONE TOO FAR July 2003, ISBN-10: 0345456939
7. FLASHPOINT March 2004, ISBN-10: 0345456947
8. HOT TARGET December 2004, ISBN-10: 0345456955
9. BREAKING POINT July 2005, ISBN-10: 0345480139
10. INTO THE STORM August 2006, ISBN-10: 0345480139
11. FORCE OF NATURE August 2007, ISBN-10: 0345480171
12. ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT October 2007, ISBN-10: 0345501527 – Another favorite
13. INTO THE FIRE July 2008, ISBN-10: 0345501527
14. DARK OF NIGHT January 2009, ISBN-10: 034550156X
15. HOT PURSUIT July 2009, ISBN-10: 0755355539

FREE From Suzanne's Web Site

Sam & Alyssa – Short Story 2: http://www.suzannebrockmann.com/S&Astory2.htm

Readers Guide to the Troubleshooter series: http://www.randomhouse.com/rhpg/PDF/IntoTheStorm_Sampler.pdf


Linsey Lanier said...


Thanks for this list! And the links. As you know, I listen to books on CD a lot.

Recently I listened to an unabridged version of Dark of Night, read by Patrick G. Lawlor and Renee Raudman. Not only was it very entertaining, but with the male and female readers, it was a great lesson in Point of View.

I'll have to look for some more. Suzanne Brockmann is a fabulous writer.


Maxine Davis said...


Sounds like a great group of books. Have not seen them, but I think I'll put it on my 'to try' list. Thanks.

Tami Brothers said...

Great review, Tammy! I went over and read the short story and LOVED it!

Thanks a ton for sharing this with us.


Marilyn Baron said...

I absolutely love Suzanne Brockmann's books. I think I've read every one in this series or at least I hope I have. I think she is coming out with a new book, not sure if it's in this series or not,but I highly recommend it.

Marilyn Baron