Saturday, November 7, 2009

Title: More Blazing Bedtime Stories (Anthology)

Story Titles and Authors:
Julie Leto – Into the Woods
Leslie Kelly – Once Upon a Mattress

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
ISBN-10: 037379505X
ISBN-13: 978-0373795055

Genre: Romance

The land of Elatyria will never be the same again. At least, not for two sexy couples.

Julie Leto introduces us to Tatiana Starlingham and Jack St. Cloud in her version of a modern day fairytale, Into the Woods. Everyone has an image of what a fairy godmother is like. There are times when we all wish we had one. But do we really know what fairy godmothers have to go through day in and day out? After four centuries, Tatiana is fed up with listening to everyone else find their dreams. Now she is dead set on playing the game herself. She has but one chance to do so. With a trip to a parallel world and helping someone without the use of magic, she will finally be free of her duties. But will one man keep her from fulfilling her dream? With an opening line of “She was going to kill that elf,” how can you not be drawn into the magic?

Leslie Kelly brings us Lucas Wolf and Penny Mayfair in her story, Once Upon a Mattress. When the Princess and the Pea meets the Big Bad Wolf, fireworks erupt. Queen Verona hires Lucas to travel to an alternate world and track down a missing princess. With a marriage between this girl and her son, she will rein supreme over some “of the richest lands in all the world.” But when Lucas finds the princess, he finds his mate and there’s no way in hell he’s going to turn her over to another man. “Don’t look now, Princess, but that sexy, dangerous drink of water in the corner is eyeing you like you’re a rare burger and he’s a reluctant vegetarian dying for some meat.” Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? How can you resist that?

Julie Leto and Leslie Kelly did an amazing job of bringing some of my favorite fairytales to life. I couldn’t help but root for the underdog fairy as she forged ahead when all hope seemed lost. And I sure as hell couldn’t put the book down when the princess seduces the wolf on a motorcycle. Leto and Kelly shed a whole new light on a world I thought I had outgrown long ago. Seriously, this book is for all those little girls out there who cut their teeth on the classical world of princesses. I loved it.

Reviewer: Tami Brothers
Rating(s): 5 Petit Fours and 4 Hot Tamales (very steamy)


Maxine Davis said...


These sound really hot! I look forward to reading about Tatiana and Penny! I love the idea of a 'different' fairy tale.

Thanks for the review

Buffie said...

Man do I love a great HQ Blaze! This sounds like a book I could really enjoy. Thanks Tami!

Gannon Carr said...

Tami, I just bought this one the other day. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Fun note: Julie Leto and I went to college together and her husband was in the fraternity that I was a little sister in. Small world. :)

Tami Brothers said...

That is too cool, Gannon. Definitely small world! I loved this book, not only for the stories but because it introduced me to two new writers. I've added both of their other books to my wish list, I liked them that much...


Leslie Kelly said...

Tami,thanks so much for the great review! I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed More Blazing Bedtime Stories. Believe me, Julie and I both had a real ball writing it.

Love your blog!