Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The End

That title, The End, conjures a few images in my head. Especially now when 2009 is quickly drawing to a close.

The end of the year.

It's been a good one for me.

My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, her third child, second son.

My other sister, ten years my junior is pregnant with her second child. She wants a girl (cross your fingers)

My own children are healthy, thank God for that and I've been blessed, so far because they are also good kids. The pesemist in me says, so far. They're teenagers, 16 and 13 and I'm always wondering when they might start acting out, dye their hair green, peirce something, open a Meth lab in the basement.

But...So far, so good. No green hair, no nose, navel or tongue peircings, and thankfully, no Meth.

I have a wonderful family, sweet, funny, children, a devoted, loving husband and for that I am truly thankful.

To me, The End also means this...


Five years ago I came up with the idea for this novel. I started it like I do all of my books, with eagerness and excitement. But then in true Tamara form, the story fell by the wayside after another idea popped into my mind. So after only a few months of writing, I set aside my novel and started another.

A few times over the five years I revisited Sophie White (my heroine). I'd write a page or two, maybe a chapter and much to my critique partner's chagrin, I'd go weeks without handing anything in for them to read. I'd bounce back and forth, working on two or three novels at a time, not really putting much effort into finishing any of them.

For those of you who know me, I've mentioned this many times. 9 partially finished manuscripts languish in the darkest corners of my laptop's electronic brain.

So in September I decided that was enough. I'm going to finish Sophie White and enter her in the Golden Heart.

Half done, I was sure I could make the deadline.


I didn't.

I missed the date without really having tried hard to make it.

I was so close though, more than half finished. So I decided to keep plugging along and complete the novel for GRW's finish the book contest.

I wrote everyday for 2 weeks. I even turned off the TV for hours and hours. (I have the TV on in the house even when I'm not watching. I'm a shameless boob tube lover)

The final week before the Georgia Romance Writer's annual Christmas party I shifted into high gear and wrote 115 pages in 4 days.
And then I actually did it. I finished Sophie White, a book I truly love, with characters I truly adore.
2009 is coming to an end, but I'm excited. 2010 will be a brand new year. Full of goals and hopes and dreams that I plan on fulfilling. In those last four days before the GRW party I showed myself, proved to myself, that I can do it. I can finish something.
Sure I finished one novel before, but I'd always thought of it as just a fluke. But it wasn't. This second completed manuscript is next in line, number 2. One of many to come.

The words, The End don't have to be negative.
They can be positive too.
Like with the end of 2009. January first will brings with it the birth of a new year and the bright future it holds for each one of us.
And of course the end of a novel brings closure, accomplishment and true joy.

Meet 2010 with open arms. Look at this new year as the beginning of something amazing so that you too will be able to write...The End.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Keep writing, keep dreaming and keep doing your very best.
Have a brilliant, productive day,


Carol Burnside said...

Congratulations on finishing your novel. I knew you could do it and look forward to hearing you say you did it again next year.

Sandy Elzie said...


We all knew you could do it. Of course, "The End" is never the end for a writer. It just means that another of the ideas in our head can now have it's turn at being written.

Can't wait to read your book and stand in front of you while you sign it for me.


Cinthia Hamer said...

Tamara, congrats on finishing Sophie White.

2009 has been a memorable year for me, too. Hubby and I are officially empty-nesters now that DD(the eldest) has a home and hubby of her own. I found out that I'm going to be a grandma, and this year also marks the end of a decade for me. My odometer rolls over to the big 5-0 in 2010

Anyway, congrats again on the book. I'm glad Sophie wasn't consigned to one of those dark corners. :)

Cyrano said...

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I look forward to writing, THE END again too.
It was exilerating!
Have a great morning,

Cyrano said...

Can't wait to be in that author's chair either. How cool will that be? And you're already there. It must freel soooo wonderful.
Thanks so much!
Have a lovley morning,

Cyrano said...

Congrats on the baby! And congrats on the empty nest. I love my kids, but it will be kinda cool when Dusty and I have the house to ourselves.
And woman, you're a great lookin' 5 OH! I love the odometer reference.
Thanks for the comment.
Have a lovely morning,

Maxine Davis said...


So happy for you!! It's a great feeling. Do send it out! I love the name Sophie White.

Now, as soon as Christmas shopping is over, I bet you'll be on the way to finishing another!

Christine said...

Tamara, congratulations!! It's a great feeling to have the book finished. Now you can start the new year off with fresh ideas and more. Woohoo. And you can enter your golden pages next year in the GH.

Way to go!!

Cyrano said...

You got that right Maxine.
Christmas is a hard time to get things done. I'm in edits right now so I've given myself the gola of Jan 1st to send it out. Wish me luck.
Thanks so much for your comment.
Have a fantastic morning,

Dianna Love said...

Tamara - Huge congratulations on sticking to it and finishing your novel after missing the GH deadline. I've seen too many target that deadline - which is a good motivator - then just stop when they miss it. It's hard to continue during the holidays, but you will face deadlines that require writing during November and December, just like working any other job in those months so this is great practice that you followed through on like a trooper.

There's nothing like writing those two words when you finish.

Linsey Lanier said...

CONGRATULATIONS, TAMARA! I am so proud of you, girl. I knew you could do it. You're right. 2010 is going to be a productive year for all of us.

Don't worry about the GH. There are plenty of other contests to submit to. Go for it!


EC Spurlock said...

Congratulations Tamara!! So glad you stuck with it, and proved to yourself that you can do it. Proud of you, girl! Now here's hoping that 2010 will be THE END of being unpublished for you!

And I know what you mean about the teenagers; I've got one 19 and one 14 and SO FAR no major issues, although we've had some schoolwork bobbles and this year the usual traumas of starting high school for the younger one. We keep praying that it will stay minor!

Cinthia, you really are a great looking 50! I'll turn over 55 on my odometer this year (o__0)

Debbie Kaufman said...

Hey Tamara:
I'm with Dianna on this one. Good for you to persist when you missed the first deadline. I'm so glad you did cause you have a lot of talent that just needs that little bit of elbow grease to get it out there. Way to go, girl!

Marilyn Baron said...

Congratulations Tamara! I'm so proud of you. You are a talented writer. At the GRW holiday party, when I heard you lecturing someone on the importance of finishing the book, I had to laugh.

But I wish you all the luck in the world in 2010. It is wonderful to finish the book. I finished one this year, did manage to enter it in The Golden Heart. Now, on to one of the most difficult challenges, starting a new book.


Anna Steffl said...

Woohoo. 115 pages in 4 days. Give me some of the coffee you were drinking, woman.

Cyrano said...

I totally agree Diana.
It was a huge challenge to keep writing, even like you said, during the holiday months. But it felt so good to finish and it's even more fun now knowing I'm done and doing the final edits.
hanks so much for your continued PFHT support. We love you.
Have a great afternoon,

Cyrano said...

Thanks Linsey!!
Can't wait for the new year and the new challenges that await.
I can't help thinking this is going to be a great one!
Have a beautiful, productive afternoon,

Cyrano said...

Thanks for the support. I hope to meet and excede my goals of 2010. The writer in me is suddenly feeling very optimistic about the new year, and I'm usually a pesismist.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that your teens stay good if you keep your fingers crossed for me. LOL.
Hope your year looks as bright as mine does.
Thanks for the comment.
Have a brilliant, productive day,

Cyrano said...

Your support is great elbow grease in its own right. Thanks for the sweet words. And you have a wonderful year too!!
Thanks for your comment.
Have a fantastic afternoon and keep writing,

Cyrano said...

You'll do great Marilyn, in the Golden Heart and in starting a new book. You're a talented writer. I just love reading your posts!
Hopefully I can lecture someone on being newly published next year. Wouldn't that be great?
Luv you.
Have a great afternoon,and good luck on your new novel,

Cyrano said...

No coffee here, just crazy.
Crazy, non-stop writing that is. I'm a decaf girl all the way.
Hey, if I can write 115 pgs in 4 days, me the procrastinator extraordinaire, than anyone can!
Thanks for the suppot.
Have a brilliant afternoon,

Sally Kilpatrick said...

Tamara--you know how proud I am of you. I know you are going to get positive response on Sophie White, so you just send that little lady out to everyone you can.

I feel like a godmother to Sophie even though I didn't do any of the work!

Cyrano said...

You are a fairy god-mother of sorts to all of us Sally. You're always so positive, and sooo helpful.
I don't mind you being my FGM at all.
Did you ever send out that story you had us read a portion of yet? Hope so, because it was really well done.
And soon I'll send you SWSDQ. I just need to edit it. I know, I know, you want me to send it anyway, but all though I've trained myself to turn off the TV during the day in order to write, I still haven't silenced the perfectionist in my head.
Soon though.
Thanks for the comment.
Have a very nice evening,

Dianna Love said...

I stopped by to show your blog to someone and wanted to say thanks for the nice post, Tamara. Love all of you, too. I'm always talking about the brilliant and talented Petit Fours and Hot Tamales group in GA.

Watching you all strive to reach your dream is inspiring and nothing makes me happier than your good news. :)

Cyrano said...

That's why we love ya!!


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Tamara!!! Sorry I missed commenting yesterday but I am SOOOOO PROUD of you! I remember talking to you last year about it being normal to fall into those slumps where you just don't have any creative energy and can't write a word. I am soooooo excited that you are now past that. You go, girl!!! We are all 100% behind you.

Keep it up!


J Perry Stone said...

You're my hero, T. But you know that already. It is voices such as yours--encouraging, constructive voices--that are the only ones to reach into my ennui, and make me productive.

Just want you to be aware of your influence, b (you know what the "b" stands for--said with the utmost <3)


Cyrano said...

Me too Tami.
I'm more proud of myself now than I was with the end of my first novel.
I think I've moved past my slump onto a new, productive me.
2010 look out!
No worries about commenting late. I appreciate your kind words and support no matter when they're given.
Thanks so much for being such a good friend and such a wonderful blog sister.
Have a great evening,

Cyrano said...

You're the wind beneath my wings baby, the fizz in my Fanta, the cinnimon sprinkle on top of my vanilla chai latte!!
I'm encouraging, as you say, only because I'm inspired by each one of my blog sisters, you included.
Keep writing "B" (mines with a capitol b because you're da shizle)
Keep believing you're gonna be able to sit, plot, type and finish your WIP.
You can do it!!
Thanks so much for the support.
Have a great evening.
luv ya,

Darcy Crowder said...


So sorry I missed your post on Tuesday, it's been THAT kind of week. But, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm really, really happy for you.

I've found my second wind too and hope to be putting The End on my next wip in the very near future.

I think 2010 is going to be a kick-ass year for all of us. :)

Nicki Salcedo said...

I'm glad we got to sit next to each other in Nancy Knight's class this year. That was this year, right? You are a wonderful writer and friend.

Cyrano said...

And so are you woman!
The way you evoked emotion and enviroment in the page or two you read in nancy's class made me want to try harder to be a better writer.
I feel honored to call you friend.
Keep up the good work,
Keep writing, and have a lovely (rainy) day!

Cyrano said...

No worries at all. It's the holidays, time for joy, love and...craziness.
I'm sooo glad you've found your second wind you know how good it feels to keep moving in the right direction. Very cool.
Keep up the good work!
I plan on kicking ass in 2010 right along with you.
Have a brilliant day,