Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Looking back at 2009

By Carol Burnside

Last year, when we started the behind-the-scenes work for this blog, I could barely see tomorrow, let alone a year ahead, so I never posted my goals on the blog. However, I do set goals and keep up with them during the year. I have a whole spreadsheet devoted to it.

Due to the move, large chunks of the first six months were set aside for getting settled in my new house, unpacking, painting, and decorating until it was to my level of ‘livable’, so I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d hoped. It seems I’m always shooting for impossible goals and fall short, which is demoralizing.

That said, I have accomplished some things, which I’ve listed below.
• Feb. – received ‘pass’ on submitted full.
• Completed a novella that grew up to be a novel.
• I submitted 2 manuscripts in 3 contests and finaled in all. So far, the results are: 3rd place with a requested full from an editor; Revised that manuscript according to the editors notes and submitted it; 2nd place with notation from agent on what to revise. Gotta love that! and the last contest is yet to be determined.
• Submitted a short story to Glimmer Train – they passed.
• Participated in the October Treasure Hunt on this blog
• Began another novel (25% finished)
• Added 184 pgs to various short stories I have in the works. (My writing ADD kicking in here.)

I haven’t yet determined exactly what I’ll shoot for in 2010. I do know that it will include more submissions and more realistic goals. I would like to
• complete more pages than I did this year,
• finish another novel
• finish 1-2 of those short stories/novellas I have in the works
• blog more on my personal blog and
• enter more contests.

So, what do you think? Sound realistic and reachable to you?


Debbie Kaufman said...

I think it sounds very realistic and reachable, Carol. Get it down on that spreadsheet and go for it!

Sally Kilpatrick said...

That all sounds awesome, Carol! As someone who's entered who knows how many contests and never finaled, I think you're on a great start. As for Glimmer Train, I want to say from my shaky memory that it would have had to have been a really strange or really depressing story to have made it in. : )

Great work in 2009

Cyrano said...

I think it sounds very do-able.
I love that you got so much achomplished this year. and huge congrats on the contest finals and the revision requests!
I hope you reach and exceed your goals for 2010 Carol.
And I hope I have as much success as you did this year in the next.
Happy Wednesday,

Linsey Lanier said...

What? "I submitted 2 manuscripts in 3 contests and finaled in all."!!!

You must be doing something right, Carol. But then, you are a terrific writer. Hope one of those (or more) turns into a contract, soon.

Your goals sound very reasonable and reachable for 2010 (unless an editor calls and changes them all for you. Hope one does!) :)


Carol Burnside said...

I'm working on it, Debbie. :)

Sally, you're so right about GT. The story I submitted is a departure for me and dark so I thought maybe, but wasn't surprised that it didn't make the cut. Oh, well.

Carol Burnside said...

Thanks, Tamara, but I feel like I should have done so much more. There's always next year...

Carol Burnside said...

Linsey, love your new avatar! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I'd be okay with an editor changing the direction of my year as well. :-D

Anna Steffl said...

All I can say is WOW! What a great year. You should be so proud. I hope 2010 brings you even more of the good a multi-book contract. You can handle it!

Carol Burnside said...

Oh, Anna, thanks. I think I'd have a small heart attack if that happened.

Stephanie J said...

Whoa you rock, and on top of getting settled in a new house! I bow down to you.

Your goals sound completely reachable and I look forward to seeing you accomplish them. :)

Carol Burnside said...

Oh, wow. Thanks, Stephanie. That's really nice to hear. I was actually feeling sorta sheepish about not getting much done this year.

Susan May said...

Sounds like you are on a roll. You had a lot of success last year, build on it. I'm proud of you.

Darcy Crowder said...

Carol, I won't be surprised if you make all your goals for next year and then some. Reading the comments, you're being too hard on yourself. You've done a lot, as usual. :) Here's to an even bigger and better 2010!

Christine said...

You've had a great year. It's hard to set goals that are manageable, but sometimes I think if I set the bar high, then I accomplish more. I cheat--I break the big goal down into little goals so I can check them off my spread sheet. Every visual cue helps me get back in the chair... not today--Christmas Chaos abounding...

Carol Burnside said...

Aw, Darcy and Susan, you're the bestest! Thanks. :)

LOL, Christine. I certainly understand the chaos bit. Some days are like that. Breaking the goals down into managable pieces is a great tool too.

Tami Brothers said...

Yay, Carol!!! You rock!!!! I'm rooting for you, girl!

(she who is the queen of !!!!)

Ana Aragón said...


Sounds to me like you're off to a great start! You're so, so close! 2010 has gotta be the year!

Have a great Christmas!