Thursday, December 10, 2009

Made Progress

I’m a fan of goals. I set them for the year, for the month, even for the day. My biggest problem is I tend to set my goals too high. This year’s bar wasn’t any different.

Two thousand and nine was an interesting year for my family and me. In March, my youngest son had heart surgery again. We fully expected him to die, thankfully he did not, but he did put a kink in my goal plans. Six weeks after my son came home my husband had back surgery. I had turn from a writer into a nurse, fighting the job change all the way. In May, my daughter graduated from college and in August got married. Oh, I forgot, the child with heart problems got a pacemaker in June. My writing life didn’t really get started for the year until September.

Now, that I’ve shared all my excuses, I can tell the truth. No, I didn’t reach my goals. They were pray more. Can we ever do enough of that? Write two romances. I will have one of those finished by the time you read this. Sell one romance. I’ve not sold, but I did receive a request for a full manuscript and will be send it to London in January. Sell another nonfiction. I haven’t done that, but I do have the proposal written. I plan to polish it and send it out in January. Lose 60 pounds. If anything I’ve gained weight. Hospitals and worry are not conducive to weight loss.

I’ll be keeping the same goals for the new year, possibly adding a few more. Maybe 2010 is the year that I reach one of my goals, or if the stars a line, the family gets it together, I give up nursing and I just ignore anything that gets in my way--I can say I reached all my goals.

At least I have a plan.


Carol Burnside said...

Susan, a plan is a good thing. However, you need to amend the 'sell' goals to 'submit' goals. That you can control. You can't control whether you sell a book or not.

Maybe we should have a weight loss acountability group. :) I'd join.

Good luck with your 2010 goals, and may your family stay healthy!

Christine said...

First of all--so sorry for all the life hijackings in 2009! They happen and they do slow us down. I think you should pat yourself on the back for getting one book finished! That's a huge accomplishment amidst all the pressure you're dealing with.

I agree about changing the "sell" to "submit." I was very focused this year on trying to get an agent. Now my focus is on "submitting to agents and publishing houses."

I managed to meet most of my goals in 2009 because life didn't interfere. 2010 is looming with a terminally ill FIL, and a dear husband needing a hip replacement (scheduled Feb 4). I plan to use Feb as a first draft month--easier to pull out and move back into a story going forward than to revise. No end goal in sight.

Congratulations on being a great wife, a great mom and a writer who has a full out there. Great year!

Carol Kilgore said...

I'm glad your family is healing. Real life got in the way of my goals this year, too. It's a learning curve to accept that real life does that from time to time. But family is more important.

Stephanie J said...

Life gets in the way! I wouldn't look at it as not meeting goals at all. You pushed through a lot last year and then completed a novel on top of it. Woowoo!

I'm sure you'll be successful in your 2010 goals and it sounds like you have some very good things ahead of you. Healthy wishes for your fam.

Carol Burnside said...

I didn't mean to sound blunt and uncaring before. Hope you didn't take it that way. We've talked privately, so you know I admire your tenacity. I think your accomplishments during adversity are awesome! Faced with what you went through, a lot of people would have curled up into the fetal position and stayed that way. You have a lot to be proud of in 2009.

Sally Kilpatrick said...


Keep on keeping on. The older I get, the more I realize that the only thing we can do is to keep plugging along. You're way ahead of me, and I haven't had as much family stress.

Never give up, and never surrender!


Susan May said...

Ladies, Thanks for the pat on the back. I will keep on moving forward.

Carol, I knew what you meant. You'r right about the submit vs sale. Thanks for your support always.

Ana Aragón said...


I'm impressed you still get up in the morning! What you've been through would have cut down some of the best...and you got a full out there, finished a proposal, and wrote one more book. A heck of a lot more than I did this year!

I'm going to take Sally's advice--keep on keeping on! I'm with you there!

Have a great weekend!


Tami Brothers said...

Susan, you are the givingest person I know. You truly rock and I totally believe that Karma comes back to those who give as much as you do/have. I've got my fingers crossed and my prayers being said for a fabulous 2010 for you!!!

Love ya, girl!


Susan May said...

I have big plans for 2010 and hope you all do to. Those things you want the most are the ones you work the hardest for and are the most rewarding.

Darcy Crowder said...

Susan, I agree with everyone here. You've had more than your fair share of trials and tribulations this year...and still not let it get the best of you. Every time I see you you're smiling from ear to ear and full of life and energy. You're amazing and a wonderful example of how to "keep on keeping on". Thank you.

Linsey Lanier said...

Getting a manuscript written with everything going on in your life is an amazing feat, Susan. You should be proud.

Good luck on the request going to London. I've got my fingers crossed for you!