Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What is it that you 'secretly' want for Christmas? And, do you think you might get it this year?

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JP Stone - I want an Alpha Smart Neo (used), but I know I won’t get it because I won’t tell anyone in my family. Everyone is a little strapped this year and anyway, sometimes it’s more fun to dream. 

Darcy Crowder - LOL. I don’t know that it’s really a secret, but I’ve been warning my husband I’m going to make some design changes on my office soon and this holiday (before the new year) is the deadline I set for myself. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get enough time to pull it off.

Cici Barnes - Not really a secret: I want my lovable, always-on-the- go hubby back to normal. It won't happen by this Christmas Day, but I have every bit of faith that it will be so by next Christmas. It will be the best Christmas present for the rest of my days.

Linsey Lanier - That's easy $12 million. I figure it would be $6 million after taxes. The same amount my first advance will be. Will I get it? Hmm… I'll let someone else answer that. 

Susan May - I never keep my wants secret. If I didn't share what I want I would never get anything.

Michelle Newcome - Four years ago this month both of my children were hospitalized (one for emergency appendicitis and the other for nearly poking his eye out with a marker) within two weeks of each other. Spending time in Children’s Healthcare at Christmas will change forever what you think you “need” or “want.” What I do want is for my children to remain healthy.

Tami Brothers – Okay, so it’s not exactly a secret! I’ve wanted a set of cookie sheets for TWO YEARS NOW!!! Did you hear that, honey? TWO YEARS! I’ve added them to my Christmas wish list and my birthday wish list every year for TWO YEARS! I really hope he takes the hint…

On a side note, my family is not all that creative with their wrapping. I THINK I see a cookie sheet under the tree this year. If I’m wrong, then they did one heck of a job with the wrapping. And if it is not, I’m going to the store the day after Christmas and buying my own darn cookie sheets…

Debbie Kaufman - My “secret” desire is for a Nook. Sony E-reader, or a Kindle. However, my DH doesn’t see the value/understand, so I’m pretty sure I won’t get one. I think I’ll haunt any 2010 contests giving one away! I’d have a better chance!

Sally Kilpatrick - This is a tough one. The older I get the more I understand my grandmother's repeated Christmas wish of simply having everyone healthy and happy. I did ask that I be able to sing at the Christmas service this year because I almost always lose my voice long before then. On a more materialistic note, I've been without an ipod for almost six months. I've gained almost ten pounds and written a fraction of what I wrote the first half of the year. Coincidence? I think not.

Ana Aragon - I don’t need “things.” What I’d really like is an entire two weeks where everyone in the family waits on me and that all the Christmas decorations somehow get put away without my help. And, yes, I think I’m getting it this year (foot surgery)!

Cynthia Hamer - I'd love to quit working and write full time. But the chances of that are, oh, about the same as winning the lottery. LOL!

Carol Burnside - Jewelry, but that’s what I want every year and no I better not get it this year because it’s not at all in the budget.

Nicki Salcedo - It is a writing wish, and I’m keeping it a secret. :)

Anna Steffl - A “new” car. I won’t get it this year.

Sandy Elzie - I have everything I want for Christmas. I have my family, health and love. I have God in my life to lead me and take care of me. That's all I need or want.

Marilyn Baron - My favorite holiday present was one I bought myself. For a donation of $75.00, I adopted a whale shark from the Georgia Aquarium. With it came a personalized adoption certificate, a free pass to the Georgia Aquarium, a limited edition, custom plush whale shark, a whale shark fact sheet and a subscription to Georgia Aquarium's e-newsletter. The $75 gift supports the Aquarium’s ongoing whale shark research programs. When the adoption was finalized, I received notoice that #252 was on his/her way!!!! I e-mailed my two daughters and told them their brother or sister was about to arrive.

Tammy Schubert - This issue is driving my husband nuts. I cannot think of anything that I want for the holidays this year (anniversary, Christmas, birthday and Valentine's day). The pressure to provide him with the gift request lists starts in November and doesn't end until February. No answers come to mind. How long before March comes around?

Maxine Davis - It's a secret.

Now it's your turn. What is it that you secretly want for Christmas????


Nicki Salcedo said...

My husband and I don't exchange presents. It takes a lot of pressure off of Christmas. Usually, I just want sleep for Christmas!

Sandy Elzie said...

I'll take a moment to update my "wish" list for this Christmas. I'll have my kids on the road to their I pray for safe travel. Also, our granddaughter just graduated from Navy boot camp and has been sent to Japan, so I wish for her safety and for some joy for her at Christmas even though she's so far from home. Our grandson is home safe from Afghanistan (Marines), so I got that Christmas wish early.

I wish for all our service men and women to be safe and to know we love them & are thinking about them.


Marilyn Baron said...

I really enjoyed this column. I hope all the wishes (secret or otherwise) of my blogging sisters come true.

Ana, about the surgery. I will tell you that during my recuperation from surgery two weeks ago, my husband waited on me hand and foot, I read a lot of books, watched TV, slept, relaxed and it was wonderful. I don't advocate having surgery to get those side benefits. But now it's beginning to wear thin. He's complaining about doing the dishes, the laundry, making dinner, etc. and I'm laughing because turn about is fair play. I think now he appreciates everything I've been doing.


Ana Aragón said...


I really enjoyed being pushed around in a wheelchair at North Point Mall yesterday!

On a good note, I am getting waited on hand and foot. But there's an awful lot of dust on the floors and horizontal surfaces, and the stove needs to be cleaned up, toilets know, the "stuff" that doesn't get included with their idea of "clean"!

Well, at least there aren't outside visitors expected!

Happy Holiday, all!


J Perry Stone said...

I hope you recover quickly, Ana.

And don't look at your stove. Bury your nose in a book :)


Susan May said...

I like best when all the presents are under the tree and I turn all the lights off and enjoy the lights of the tree and a quiet moment. I remember the reason for the season.

Daphne said...

For Christmas, I would love a letter that says this:


I have been reading your blog and LOVE your wit, humor, voice, and plot idea. Even though you have no novel, or even a chapter, or fully-fleshed-out characters, or much of an outline, I'd like to offer you a book deal. Attached is a contract and a check for the advance (that should be enough for you to quit your day job and afford a babysitter while you write). Can't wait to see your work! Take your time!

High Profile Publishing Company CEO

Linsey Lanier said...

I love this post, too. This was a great idea, Tami.

I hope everyone knows my wish was just a joke... I agree that our families' being healthy and happy is the most important thing to have - any time of year.

But I really like Ana's idea of being waited on for two weeks. Wish you didn't have to have foot surgery to get it. :) Get well soon, Ana. Oh, and Cynthia's wish is also one of mine...

Maybe it would be a good idea for each of us to write ourselves a letter like Daphne's.


Tami Brothers said...

Hi Everyone! I love this post, also. Linsey, I knew you were joking. Although, I am still buying my lottery ticket this week, so....

Great letter, Daphne. Talk about a wonderful idea!!!

Glad you are feeling better, Ana! I hope you heal fast.

Hi Nicki, Sandy, Marilyn, JP and Susan! Sandy, I send my best wishes to your family. I have lots of friends in the same type of situation.

See ya all tomorrow!!!


Tammy Schubert said...

This is a great post. Ultimately, health and happiness is one of the best presents along with the 100% recovery of CiCi's husband.

Daphne, great letter. You never know what may happen this year, so get as much work out there as you can.

Ana, feel better soon!

Tami Brothers said...

I second that, Tammy! Cici, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and for you taking time out of those hectic day to be a part of Petit Fours and Hot Tamales!

All of our thoughts and prayers are with you, Mercer and all of your family!