Thursday, December 24, 2009

What is your favorite Holiday memory?

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Susan May - A white Christmas. I woke up at grandmother's house that was built in 1900 on Christmas morning with snow on the ground.

Michelle Newcome - Caroling with my neighbors. There’s nothing quite so magical as seeing people open their door to a ragged group singing their hearts out and seeing the holiday spirit fill them as they stand in their doorway. It’s so rarely done these days and is such a fun thing to do.

Tami Brothers – I have two favorite memories. My first one is when I was a kid. We were not very well off and my parents had to work very hard to provide all of our Christmases. The best one I remember was when they bought all of us girls brand new bicycles. I knew they couldn’t afford them and I honestly don’t know how they actually did it. But I have a picture of that day with all three of us sitting proudly on those bikes with smiles as big as Cheshire cats.

My second favorite Christmas was my son’s second Christmas. I remember Christmas Eve with him playing in a box while all those terrific toys sat untouched to the side. The next morning Santa had a shiny silver scooter sitting by the tree with a colorful array of Tele Tubbies lined up on top of them. What did my wonderful son do? He went right back to that big ol’ box and climbed inside it. That Christmas immediately reminded me of my first favorite Christmas and how my parents always knew just the right thing to get us and how much we always loved those items. It also reminded me that no matter what I think I can afford to buy for my son for the holidays, it’s more important to keep him grounded and understanding the true meaning of Christmas.

Debbie Kaufman - I know that my kids would think that it was one of their first Christmases, and indeed, all of those were very special. But actually, it was the first Christmas my husband and I had together. As a child, most of my Christmas gifts were strictly necessary things under the guise of presents that a beloved Aunt provided. There were no “wants” or “desires” under the tree. But, on that first married Christmas, my new husband bought me several books that I had been wanting. He had been paying close attention to my browsing habits on our visits to the bookstore. For the first time since I was six, there were things under the tree that were picked out with just my desires in mind. I still remember the book titles some thirty-two years later!

Sally Kilpatrick - This question is almost impossible to answer, but, as I thought about it, I realized that almost all of my memories involve food which could explain so much. I wouldn't trade anything for Christmas Eve with my Aunt Mae and Christmas Day with my Granny Rowlett. Those were days when the family gathered in around the table and laughed and ate everything in sight. We also have fondue on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed; it's really special to be able to share Christmas with both sets of parents at the same time because both my husband and I are only children. Of course, I'm hoping we're creating wonderful memories for our children. Last year Lorelai started putting princess dresses over her pajamas, and I still remember Connor's wide-eyed look when he asked for one train from Santa only to get the train and the train table, too.

Ana Aragon - I’ve already given that in my blog this month—having a baby daughter in December!

Cynthia Hamer - For each daughter's first Christmas, my dad built them toy boxes and burned their names and the date into the wood. I love that they both have these enduring gifts from their grandpa.

Carol Burnside - It’s more like a collage of memories through the years, standout gifts given and received, sweet moments remembered that melt my heart, smells that never fail to evoke more memories and a feeling of familial love.

Nicki Salcedo - This happened one Christmas when I was about 12 years old. My family opened all of our presents in the morning, and then we had family and friends around for Christmas Dinner. Around 8pm , my mom realized that she forgot to wrap and give me my “big” present because she had hidden it so well. It was an awesome microscope kit. What can I say, I’m a science nerd. It was a wonderful surprise, and my Christmas had already been wonderful even without it!

Anna Steffl - In front of my in-laws, my husband gave me a set of Tupperware. I’d asked for it, but still, jeesh, just Tupperware? Then he asked, “Didn’t you leave laundry in the dryer?” The dryer is in the was my “new” red Volvo S70. I screamed and jumped up and down like I was on the Price is Right.

Tamara DeStefano - I definitely think the above Thanksgiving fiasco of 2002, as we fondly call it, is my favorite holiday memory. Even though it was a battle between snarling waiters and fiery Italians, and even though we were escorted from the premises, we found another restaurant, KILLER CREEK (they have awesome food and service!!) they tool us in last minute, gave us a huge warm room even though the restaurant was packed and fed us until we burst. We had a great time. And they didn't once call the police on us!

Sandy Elzie - One year we bought the three kids bikes and then sent them on a scavenger hunt through the house and ultimately into the garage to find their gift.

Marilyn Baron - My mother frying potato latkes for a family Hanukkah celebration.

Tammy Schubert - Christmas Eve has always been my favorite day. The excitement and festivities reach a high, and all the kids can't wait until morning.

Maxine Davis - Christmas with family was always special. Sort of the storybook version. Happy family, happy times, good food and good fellowship.

JP Stone - We once dressed my darling sheltie, Nessie (RIP, precious girl), in reindeer antlers and Santa boots Christmas morning. They were in her stocking. She looked like she was walking in quicksand—a high step and shake of the leg x 4--so we immediately took them off … but not before suppressing very painful laughter. Poor baby.

Darcy Crowder - Well, we’ve been blessed to have a lot of family around every holiday and most all of my memories are happy ones. But if I had to pick one that stands out, one that I cherish, I’d have to say the last Christmas we shared as a family with my mother-in-law. She’d been battling cancer off and on for many years and this time, we knew, would be our last Christmas all together. Everything we did, said, felt, was so much more poignant, yet there was so much joy. I think about her all the time, but especially at Christmas and how strong a woman she was.

Cici Barnes - 1) Getting TWO dolls for Christmas when I was six. 2) Spending two blessed days with all of my family, relating stories about each other, eating, snoozing and watching the kids' eyes light up.

Linsey Lanier - The first holiday season I spent with hubby right after we were married. Young love. Sweet memories.

Good times. Good times. We'd love to hear about your favorite Holiday memories!


Dianna Love said...

Oh, those are great memories. My childhood ones were sweet but we had very little money so they were a bit meager. My favorite memory was the year my husband and I moved into the first house we built. It was in Marietta and the year of the white Christmas. We took that as a good omen. Our first Christmas together was memorable, too, because of our little black and tan cocker spaniel (I'd had her four years but she was small). When we pushed her gifts to her, she put a paw on top and started slowly pulling off ribbon and wrapping, never hurting the box. I'd never seen her do this before having Christmas with Karl. We kept giving her boxes (even ours) and she carefully opened every one of them. That became a tradition since she loved doing it. The great thing was she'd never touch the gifts until that morning when we gave them to her.

Thanks for a great year of posts. I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and a New Year filled with great moments to celebrate.
Love, Dianna

Marilyn Baron said...

I enjoyed this post and hearing all of the stories. I really like the story of Dianna's dog carefully unwrapping the presents.


Nicki Salcedo said...

I'll add this one to my memories. A holiday with new and better friends!

Tami Brothers said...

I will admit that I didn't read these as I collected them all and put them together. I really wanted to be surprised each day this week.

These stories are great, ladies! Some of them reminded me of other days and memories I loved. Thank you all for being a wonderful part of this year!

Thank you, Dianna, for sharing your story with us. This is great. I hope you got pictures.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


Cinthia Hamer said...

What wonderful stories! Dianna, I can just see your little dog opening presents. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas filled with friends, family, love and happiness.



Sandy Elzie said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I'm late on responding to the 24th post, so I'm able to tell you all that our kids, again, were too generous.

Tammy, it has been a lot of fun to read the answers to the questions you collected. Great idea and one worth repeating sometime in the future.

Now, off to make breakfast.