Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Cabin in the Woods...

My writing space is a downstairs guest room that we’ve converted into an office. The family computer is located elsewhere, so I’m very lucky to have this room all to myself. I’ve decorated with earth tones and warm textured fabrics. One of my favorite things is the very large bulletin board that I covered with heavy placemats (for texture) and then framed. I painted the heads of upholstery tacks to look like ladybugs, to use as pins. You can see it on the wall in the background. You may also notice a few other ladybugs here and there. I can't help it, they have a very special meaning to me. Hint: Have you ever seen the movie Under the Tuscan Sun? I also have shelves full of books by favorite authors, new books to be read, and books on craft. My favorite how-to's I keep handy on the credenza next to me for quick reference.

My desk has a glass top to keep the room from feeling too closed in, and underneath is a small floral print rug that my little Bichon, Cooper, loves to lay on while keeping me company. We live in the woods and I have a window to one side and another across from me, so I’m able to look off into the trees, surrounded by sights and sounds that inspire me as my mind searches for that perfect turn of phrase.

I also have a part-time job that allows me to work from home, so I keep those necessary papers and files in a designated area out of my line of sight as much as possible so it doesn’t interfere with creativity. One thing I’ve done is print out a copy of my dream book cover for my current work in progress and have it framed, sitting on my desk for inspiration. I believe in the power of visualization.

When it comes to writing, I’m most creative when I light a candle (I love the warm glow, not just the scent) and turn on my playlist. I create a playlist of songs for each manuscript, mood setting music and lyrics that get me into my story pretty quickly. I take a few minutes to listen while I set up my candle, take a sip of hot tea, breath deeply a few times and put fingers to the keys. Nothing feels better than when the music fades to the background and the words in my mind spill out onto the page.


Carol Burnside said...

Hey, I see that ever-present cup of tea sitting on your desk, too! Very nice space, Darcy.

Dorthy said...

oh, nice. I will have to try lighting a candle next time I sit down to write.

I LOVE the cover for your current work in progress. Very beautiful.

Marilyn Baron said...

Your office space looks very cozy and inviting. Your view out of your back window looks similar to mine. I spend a lot of time looking at the deer out of my window. I love your dream book cover. That's a great idea you had to get it framed.

Marilyn Baron

Maxine Davis said...

What a perfect office! and I love the vase of gardenias(?). I would probably just sit there and admire it!

Under the Tuscan Sun is also one of my favorite movies!

Susan May said...

Nice spot. Great place to get work done.

Michelle said...

Very nice,Darcy! Your space has all of your well-thought touches and really looks like a reflection of the lovely person you are.

Darcy Crowder said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Carol - Yes, I forgot to mention that I'm never without that cup of tea...unless it's coffee! LOL. Thanks, I think you've got a pretty cool space too.

Dorothy - You should definitly try the candle thing. There's just something about that flame, I don't know, what can I say, we love having a fire in the fireplace all throughout the winter. I guess it feels romantic.
The book cover was fun to make. I'm sure I heard the idea in one of the many writing workshops I've taken.

Hi Marilyn. I do feel cozy here, especially in the winter when the sun shines in the window and warms the room up so nicely, like this morning. I will admit I get a bit antsy sometimes and wander into a few other spots in the house to get fresh pages written.

Maxine! Thanks. The flowers are silk, I'm not sure what they are, but I picked them out because they remind me of my book cover pic and I love the color. Oh, and UTTS is one of my "feel-good" movies, you know, the kind you want to watch after a really crummy day. I'd love to travel there someday.

Susan, thanks. You'd think I could get a lot more accomplished having the room to myself.

Michelle, what a sweet thing to say. Thank you.

Sally Kilpatrick said...

Wow, Darcy. You've even painted the thumb tacks to look like lady bugs? That is a really beautiful space, and I think I might steal your idea of printing out a book cover.

That is a special space that you are quite lucky to have!

Darcy Crowder said...

LOL. Yeah, I painted the thumbtacks, but only about a dozen. :)

Ana Aragón said...


You live in the mountains? Waahhh! That's where I'll live in my next life.

Beautiful space. Love the idea of your framed book cover and the bulletin board. I may add a bulletin board (and love the significance of the ladybugs...)

When I grow up I want to be you.


Tami Brothers said...

Very nice, Darcy!!! I love it. It feels warm and inviting…
I also LOVE the cover of your book. Excellent idea and one I might just have to copy. Very inspiring.

Thanks a ton for sharing your workspace with us. I love it!


Sandy Elzie said...

Beautiful space..it seems so much like you...calm and inviting to be with.

Great post.


J Perry Stone said...

Wow! That's gorgeous. And I, too, do visualization techniques. Good call.

Linsey Lanier said...


I love your workspace. Makes me feel like writing just looking at the picture.

That book cover is just gorgeous, too. Hope I see it on the store shelves soon.

Next time I feel blocked I'm going to re-read your lovely post.


Darcy Crowder said...

Ana! Thanks. Yeah, not quite the mountains, but certainly the foothills. Heck, forget about me, I want to be you, you're so talented. :)

Hi Tami (waving madly) Thanks. This has been a fun idea, glad you thought of it. You're such a great blog mama. :)

Sandy, that was a sweet thing to say, thank you. I wish I had your exuberance though, calm can be misread so easily.

Hi JP. You know, I think we have quite a bit in common. Looking forward to your upcoming post.

Linsey, you all are so sweet, but trust me, it's just those log walls that give it that warm glow...cabins have their downsides too. :) I did have fun with the book cover - took me awhile to find a picture I liked, but it was really cool typing my wip title with my name at the bottom. :)