Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leap Year

Amy Adams
Matthew Goode
Romantic Comedy PG

I’m going to say it right up front that I’m a fan of Matthew Goode. I’m a member of his fan club. He is my favorite up and coming actor, so this review will be biased because he is the romantic lead in this movie.

Amy Adams, cute in anything she does, plays the female lead to the handsome Matthew Goode. As Anna Brady, she is the in-control yuppie girl from New York that can’t get her boyfriend of four years to propose. With her boyfriend gone to Dublin to attend a medical meeting, Anna’s father reminds her of the leap year tradition in Ireland of the female proposing. Anna makes plans to be in Ireland to propose on leap year day.

Bad weather brings her plane down in England where she gets a boat to Ireland but still needs to make her way to Dublin, which is all the way across country. Enter Declan, (Matthew Goode) a pub owner that she pays to take her to Dublin. He doesn’t want to go because he thinks there is nothing good in Dublin, because his ex-girl is there. When Anna offers him enough money to save his pub, he agrees to take her. After many mishaps and adventures, the two make it to Dublin. Each has learned something new about themselves along the way. Anna returns to American with her husband-to-be but realizes that she has left what she really needs in Ireland.

She returns to Ireland to propose to Declan.

This is a sweet movie. There are beautiful pictures of Ireland and the scene where Amy Adams climbs a large hill over wet ground to a castle in four inch heels is impressive. This is not the best romance I’ve ever seen, but it is a good one. At the risk of repeating myself, Matthew Goode is worth the trouble. I will buy the CD on the day it comes out.

Reviewed by: Susan May
4 Petit Fours & 1 Hot Tamales


Maxine Davis said...


I do plan to see the movie. I love the HEA romantic comedy genre. Thanks for the review.

Tami Brothers said...

Okay, you sold me. And I think I'm quickly becoming a Matthew Goode fan, too!!!

I really want to see this movie and you made me want to go now!!!

Thanks for sharing this, Susan.


Cyrano said...

My daughter and a few friends saw this movie and loved it. I'm looking forward to checking it out with her. She wants to see it again.
Great review!
Have a wonderful day,