Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sandy's Office

My Space, My Hideout, My Office
By Sandy Elzie

I've come a long way from sitting in a chair with a legal pad and a pen and then having to beg time on my husband's computer to type it up. He's a computer geek...even built one 30 years ago with parts he purchased from Radio you can imagine that I had to whine occasionally.

After many years writing the Barney Rubble way, I advanced into the twentieth century and got my own computer, but I was sharing space in a tight little office (10x11 bedroom conversion) with my desk facing one wall and hubby's facing the opposite wall. (Back to back they faced each other....) And we still shared a printer.

Once I got into the Twenty-first century, I also got my own laptop and recently an Alpha Smart- Neo which means I can be creative ANYWHERE, but guess what? My favorite space is my office. I write faster and longer and just accomplish more at the desk. (although if the muse is slow I notice that I'm a little tempted to check e-mails more often than I should)

When we moved two years ago I was blessed with my own space. It's an octagon shaped room with 3 windows.

As you can see from this picture, I have a resident cat who owns not one, but two cat shelves so he can have a choice of which of the 3 windows to sleep in front of. (After all, the sun moves!) It isn't just grandchildren that grandmother's spoil. (I love you, Master Jack)

I also have a chair for visitors , note the framed certificate from Break Into Fiction on the wall. Hubby likes to join me in the morning with a cup of coffee since I tend to get up earlier and start writing and he gets up around seven and makes the coffee and brings it in. (I won't say that I've got him well trained...just in case he reads this. Shhhhhh, it'll be our little secret.)

This picture is my first cover framed with the Book Signing sign from M&M (my first official book signing)

Lastly, there is a short bookcase for my TBR books and a tall bookcase that holds service awards and books on the craft of writing as well as buckets for things like spare batteries, boxes of staples, tape, extra pens & pencils, ink cartridges, envelopes, etc.

Bottom line is that it's my haven, my place to relax and be creative. It tends to be messy on top of my desk, but it works for me. Oh, and the best thing is that my office has French doors that close to make me feel shut away and cozy in my space if there happens to be any noise in the house that I want to block out.

Happy New Year!


Dianna Love said...

Sandy -
I'm envious of the octagonal shape (I like things that have more than 4 walls) and love that you framed your Break Into Fiction certificate. Mary was the one who created those - she always has the best ideas.

Isn't it fun to look back and remember the note pad in lap? Something I still do, but love having the option of a computer over that and typewriters.

Marilyn Baron said...

Your office looks lovely, especially because it captures all that sunshine.

I'm like you. I am most productive tied to my desk in my office. I have a NEO but I prefer sitting in my office when I write.


Maxine Davis said...


That is a gorgeous place to write! No wonder you turn out the pages! Well, that and you are super creative. I look forward to next year seeing several book jackets on the wall.

Love the cat. Makes me really miss Tuncie.

Happy New Year!

Sandy Elzie said...

Thanks for dropping by. (I'll have to thank Mary for the cert idea since it looks great on my wall)
One of the three windows is aimed at trees (since no one has built yet on the cul-de-sac) and I can see the golf course from the other two. Deer come out every morning to eat the corn we put out.


Sandy Elzie said...


Yes, my office gets the morning & noon sun...and Jack takes full advantage. (g)


Several more jacket covers on my wall? From your lips to God's ears!!

Thanks, Sandy

Sally Kilpatrick said...

Sandy--I've had the privilege of actually being in your office thanks to our little write in. It really is a wonderful space; I could just feel your creative energy in there.

I like the idea of framing certificates, and I think I'll get right on that. In one of my education books (Harry Wong), the author suggested that teachers frame diplomas and other important certificates because it give students a visual indication of your expertise--I think the same thing applies here.

Thanks for sharing, and I'm beginning to want a cat. Alas, I'm done housetraining both people and animals. No mas.

Carol Burnside said...

Sandy, hanging evidence of your success is a great motivator and reminder that not everything we write is crap. I've got my Maggie win framed and hung the small plaque I received from another contest win (NJ PYHIAB). I love looking at those and the clips of compliments I have from editors.

Your space looks inviting. I, too, hope you have more book jackets or cover flats to frame soon. :)

Cinthia Hamer said...

I would love to have your octagonal room. I crave the sunshine...alas, here in Georgia, sunshine comes with horrible heat and humidity in the summer and is often hiding in the winter. ~~sigh~~

Sandy Elzie said...

Hi Sally,

Hey girl, cats are easier (and faster) to train to a potty box than a child to a toilet. (I know from experience!)

Yes, I tend to hang things. Hubby bought the frame for me to display my first cover stretched out...probably because it would show the dedication to him...and then 10 frames for just the front cover. Ten! He has high expectations for me...or a lot of faith.

I love the sunshine also. Don't forget, I've only been in GA for 3 years and I came from sunny California. (g)

Thanks for dropping by ladies.


Debbie Kaufman said...

Ten frames was a major underestimation of future need in my opinion! I mean, don't you have another one coming out in October and a third or fourth under consideration? Productive little space, girlfriend!

Cyrano said...

I think the consensus is that most of us are envious of your octagonal room. I'd love that space!
I'm a lover of light and cats too, so I'd be happy in a room like that.
How wonderful that you have your first book signing certificate framed. That's another new goal to add to my growing 2010 list...sit on the opposite side of the book signing desk this year.

Thanks for sharing the pics of your lovely home office.
Have a great afternoon,

Sandy Elzie said...

Hi Deb,
Yes, #2 will be out in October of this year and #3 (option book) is under consideration. But one of the things I'm waiting for is to be able to applaud the first book of every unpublished blog sister. (and the next book of those who are already pubbed)


I told my husband years ago that I'd know I had succeeded when 1) I had a cover framed on my wall and 2) I had done a book signing.

The only issue is that I tend to keep raising the bar as I near each goal.

Thanks for stopping by ladies.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy ~~

Thanks for sharing your space and your evolution -- there are so many aspects of writing that are a process it's fun to stop every once in a while and acknowledge that fact. Delighted that you enjoy the Break Into Fiction certificate -- you worked hard that weekend and deserved being able to say "I did this!".

Susan May said...

Way nice office. I so want the windows.

Sandy Elzie said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for dropping by. Yes, that was a tough, but valuable weekend. (and I remember that it snowed!) I have hung my cert with pride. Sandy


Thanks for the nice words about my space. I had a choice of two larger and one with the windows. Would have loved more space for bookshelves, etc, but couldn't pass up the view & the sunshine.



Linsey Lanier said...

I adore your office, Sandy. (Guess I'm not the first to say that.) I can see how you can spend hours in it. I love my office best for writing, too. It seems to have a certain atmosphere after so many hours of writing in it.

I love the framed book cover, too. Soon there will be more... We're all so proud of you. When I get my first cover, I'll frame it, too. :)


Ana Aragón said...

Definitely love the windows and view. I'm sorry I didn't get out to the write-in last year.

I would be way more productive with three views.



Sandy Elzie said...

Linsey, Thanks for commenting. Yes, my office is a haven. It's calm and I can just think and relax. When we walked through the empty house, it seemed to have my name on it. I offered to share it with hubby, but he said I needed my own space.

Hi Ana,

I'm all for another write-inn come spring. Hope you can make it. It's such a great time of productivity. Amazing how many words everyone was able to write.

Thanks for dropping by to comment.


Tami Brothers said...

Very nice, Sandy!!! I love it! And I’m so excited for that new book. October is awesome and a wonderful time to stock up for Christmas gifts (my new goal for December 2010 – buy everyone books!). I adore the cat space. I am sooooo NOT a cat person, but my husband and I have had one and even two cats at a time since we were first married. The one we have now thinks her favorite place is on my lap while I’m at the computer (did I mention I’m not a cat person????). Of course, she’s settled for the neat little window just to my right, so we are all happy…grin…

Thanks for sharing this with us, Sandy!

Michelle said...

Sorry I'm late to stop by, Sandy. Beautiful space and I love having a spot for a cat. Even though my studio is away from the house I often have two cats and our dog looking in the window wanting to come in. The dog has a special rug, but the cats sort of wander in and then like to leave again. I like having that other warm body in there with me! :)