Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Saturday Review

Bet Me

ISBN 0—375-43356-2
Random House

I’ve read a couple of Jennifer Crusie’s books and wasn’t impressed. I mention this to a friend and she suggested that I read Bet Me. So I found a copy, read it and I loved it. I’m glad that I tried Crusie again. This is an older book, written in 2004, but it is good story telling and a good story is worth reading at any age.

Bet Me opens in a bar where women are looking for men and men are looking for women. Cal Morrisey, a successful man, who always gets his way with women, is bet by Min Dobbs, ex-boyfriend that he can’t get her in bed within a month. Cal doesn’t take the bet but does agree that he can get her to go to dinner with him. Min agrees to the dinner only because she has over heard the original bet suggestion and wants to prove that she can’t be had. Dinner is a battle of wills between Min and Cal and they agree to go their own ways. As hard as Min and Cal try to stay away from each other, they continue to be drawn together.

Min is smart and accomplished but has spent years with a mother telling her she is overweight. Cal sees Min for who she really is and embraces that person. Min is nothing like the regular women Cal dates, and he finds her fascinating. Their relationship isn’t an easy one but discovering that they each fill a needed in the other makes for a fun, heartwarming and sexy story. Without giving too much of the book away, they both win the bet.

This book is made up of great writing, funny moments, snappy dialogue and extremely likeable characters. The book is a keeper and I will also use it as a guide for my own writing.

Reviewed by: Susan May
5 Petit Fours 4 Hot Tamales


Tami Brothers said...

I LOVE this book!!! I was just about to give it away with a huge stack I just cleaned off my bookshelves, BUT I think I'll grab it out of the stack and read it again.

Thanks for the review, Susan!


Maxine Davis said...


I do love to read, but this writing thing has cut into that time considerably. Haven't read Cruise in a while, might have to read this one.

Linsey Lanier said...

Thanks for reminding me of this book, Susan. It's a great one I missed. Cruise is terrific. I'll be ordering a copy soon. :)


Cyrano said...

Haven't read the book yet, but the review shure makes me want to!

Thanks Darcy. Have a great morning,